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Episode #56 by Real.Dog/Box

Did you know… you can feed bee pollen to your dog? Although some dogs will try to eat the bees themselves (see link below for a good chuckle), there are some great benefits to feeding raw bee pollen. And before you ask, no, honey and bee pollen are not quite the same thing. But some local honey does have bee pollen in it! Read all about bee pollen here!

Please enjoy this compilation of dogs bitten by bees… because well, #itsmonday

Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late. Available until June 16th, here’s the current lineup: 🐓 Chicken Heart 🐖 Pork Liver 🐟 Whole Smelt 🦆 Duck Feet 🐄 Beef Tendon 🐖 Pig Ears 🐶 Super Chew: 🐄 Spiral Bull Pizzle

Sneak peek at the next box? We’re thinking green lipped mussels 🐚

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Iowa confirms bacterial disease transferable from dogs to humans. The Iowa state veterinarian has confirmed several cases of "canine Brucellosis" coming from a commercial small-dog breeding facility in Marion County, Iowa. "The threat to most pet owners is considered very low," the release reads, but the sickness is known to only affect dogs and humans and is spread through reproductive fluids.

14-year-old boy killed by a pack of German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. The Massachusetts boy was mauled to death by a pack of dogs that he was tending for a homeowner who was out of town. Eleven dogs were found on the property, four running freely and seven caged up. Each has been taken into custody and must be quarantined for at least 10 days. Five of the dogs were scheduled to be put down.

The federal lawsuit against Ainsworth Pet Nutrition dismissed. A federal judge has dismissed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed last year against Meadville-based Ainsworth Pet Nutrition for alleged false and deceptive advertising of its Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food. The suit sought at least $5 million in damages. It claimed Ainsworth’s labeling of Rachael Ray Nutrish as natural food for dogs was false, deceptive and misleading because independent laboratory tests found glyphosate — a chemical weedkiller — was present in the products. U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton ruled while the suit claimed the products contain trace amounts of glyphosate, it didn't claim the products are composed of unnatural ingredients. The ruling allows the case to be refiled if the complaint is modified.

Scientists find gene link to problem breathing in dogs. Breathing difficulties are most often associated with flat-faced breeds, such as French bulldogs and pugs. But a research team in Edinburgh found the mutation is also carried by Norwich terriers, which have proportional noses. So while skull shape remains a risk factor, fluid retention in the tissue that lines the airways could also make it more likely that dogs with the mutation will develop breathing problems. The results raise the possibility of genetic/DNA tests that could help vets identify animals at risk and could one day help breeders avoid producing affected pups.

DNA shows why some are “dog people” and some are not. New research from Europe suggests that's so after comparing the genetic makeup of more than 35,000 twin pairs with dog ownership. The researchers concluded that genetic variations explained more than half of the likelihood of having a dog. The study "cannot tell us exactly which genes are involved, but at least demonstrate for the first time that genetics and environment play about equal roles in determining dog ownership.”

Groundbreaking technology at Raleigh animal hospital. It's called Vimago. "It's a high definition, volumetric imaging system, so it does a 3D image like a CT scan but with better detail. A CT scan will miss areas. This doesn't. It's better technology." It takes just 30 seconds to scan and another 30 seconds to see the images. You can see much more than an x-ray and it produces less radiation so it's less harmful to the animal.

Bachelor’s Degree in dog training? A four-year program in "canine training and management" officially launches this fall at the State University of New York at Cobleskill amid a surge in demand for specially trained dogs to detect security threats and assist veterans in the wake of 9/11. While training is an important part of the degree, students also take many science courses to learn about dog health, nutrition, and genetics.

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