#newyearnewtwo. That’s right! We’re bringing you the first challenge of 2019 for a chance to win some free treats! There are no limitations on the number of entries.

Guide dogs not fazed by self-driving robots. Robotics startup Starship Technologies and charity Guide Dogs are collaborating on a series of tests exploring how service animals interact with robots. So far, all of the dogs reacted appropriately and calmly to the robots, with most stopping before the robot approached, and no adverse reactions. This could mean that dogs will treat the future of robots as any static object.

The crappiest invention of 2018. Frustrated by the amount of dog poo left on the footpaths near his home in the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, a British inventor, Brian Harper, spent several years developing his dog poo-powered lamp. Ten bags of poo could give two hours of light.


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