‘Puppy dog eyes’ evolved so dogs could communicate with us. When meeting a person’s gaze, dogs often raise their inner eyebrow muscle to make their eyes look larger and more appealing. That’s no accident, a new study says. Centuries of domestication have radically reshaped a dog’s eyebrow anatomy, making their faces—and emotions—easily readable to people. Further study is required to investigate more about our reactions to puppy dog eyes—and why we can’t resist being taken in.

Climate change could threaten dogs with diseases pushing into new parts of the US. As if this year's storms, floods, and heat waves weren't enough to worry you, some experts fear climate change is expanding the distribution of diseases that can sicken or even kill dogs. Though diseases in dogs are not tracked as intensively as those in humans, veterinary epidemiologists and biologists said Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a bacterial disease that can cause fever, joint pain, and vomiting, is moving into California and Texas. Heartworm disease is spreading beyond its traditional home in the South and Southeast and Lyme disease is affecting dogs as far north as Canada.

A new “bio-scoring” tool gives vets a clearer way to treat dog mammary tumors. "Mammary gland carcinomas are the most common tumors in intact dogs around the world," yet current prognostic tools, which provide information about the tumor stage -- how large or dispersed it is -- and grade -- how likely it is to grow quickly -- don't always give veterinarians or owners clear picture of how a tumor is going to progress, and what treatments might be most appropriate. A new "bio-scoring" system, devised by a team led by Karin Sorenmo, a veterinary oncologist at Penn's School of Veterinary Medicine, equips clinicians with a more reliable prognosticating method.


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