#glmchallenge. It’s back. This time we’re making you eat your dog’s treats. Do it for the ‘gram! Or actually, do it to WIN A FREE BAG OF TREATS!

Tracking down the poo-petrator. A Pennsylvania complex is requiring its residents’ canines to undergo DNA testing so any dog poop can be traced back and their owner held accountable. The testing service – which uses 16 genetic markers to identify a match and is so accurate that the probability of another dog having the same genetic profile is often as high as one in 44 sextillion – cuts dog waste by about 75%. And there are other indirect benefits such as preventing the spread of disease and keeping toxins out of the water.

Seattle startup raises $772,000 seed investment to develop “smart dog toys”. Based on positive reinforcement, PupPod aims to create brain games for your pup’s mental stimulation. Users can set criteria on their smartphones for treat rewards as their dogs progress through puzzles and challenges.


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