Dogs can tune out the noise, just like people at cocktail parties. In recent experiments at the University of Maryland, scientists found that our furry companions can perceive their name spoken at the same intensity as or louder than background noise. The canines also recognized their own names when spoken by an unfamiliar voice and through a loudspeaker—suggesting they were not responding to a person’s body language, tone of voice, or other cues. This is valuable insight for people handling working and service dogs, who may need to take urgent commands from people other than their owner in a noisy environment, according to the study.

Purina creates a vet billboard it actually needs dogs to pee on. Pet food brand Purina has run a wellbeing stunt for dogs, by creating an interactive billboard that scans canine urine for diseases. The street vet stunt, from McCann Paris, was created to disrupt dog checkups and displace steep vet bills. In practice, the billboard installment uses dog pheromones to attract the pets to the ad where they, like clockwork, urinate into a drain that will take and analyze their sample.

The dog stays by the owner’s side after dying on a hike. "Without the barking of his loyal companion Daisy, we never would have located the missing man,” said the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. After a man went missing in Washington state on Thursday, a rescue team was led to his body when the man’s loyal dog, having stayed by his side, started barking and drew attention to the pair.


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