Candy giant scoops up another piece of the pet industry pie. Pet food company Nom Nom, which delivers fresh cooked dog food and treats, has been acquired by consumer manufacturer Mars. Despite the pandemic, the pet industry has boomed, likely due to the adoption of many “pandemic pups”. Over the last 2 years, Mars has taken advantage of this growth and acquired multiple pet-based companies including PrettyLitter Inc. and Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong Ltd.

Dog-loving Florida woman leaves estate to K9 unit. After experiencing a K9 demonstration Pamela Mobbs became infatuated with her local police dogs. Following her death, she left over $32,000 to the Volusia Sheriff’s Department. This gift is intended to provide bullet and stab-proof body armor to the K9s that she loved so passionately. The unit currently has 18 dogs that work on drug аnd explosive detection, аrrests, аnd seаrch-аnd-rescue missions.

4 legged fire evacuee rescued after almost 5 months. Russ, a pit bull mix, was separated from his owner in Northern California during the August 2021 wildfires and assumed “missing for good.” After being spotted by a skier west of Tahoe, real-life superhero team, and animal trackers, Leona Allen & Elsa Gaule snowshoed up the mountain in 5 feet of snow to find the pup. Surprised and relieved to find him alive, the pair used a sled to bring him down and straight to the vet. Russ has been reunited with his owner and needless to say they are both ecstatic!


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