Spot, the Robotic “Dog,” from Boston-Dynamics has received worldwide attention. Now this robot is learning to herd sheep! And the sheep are responding similarly to that of a canine. A New Zealand tech company is training Spot to herd sheep. What will this mean for traditional working dogs?

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Dogs will rescue their “distressed” owners from captivity if they were able to do so. In a recent study, 60 pet dogs were presented with their owner trapped in a box that had a lightweight door that could be opened by the dog. They presented different variations of the test, including the owner making distressed calls, and the owner reading a book. The dogs exhibited less stress (less whining and panting) when their owner was not making distressed calls for help. The researchers concluded that “even without training, many dogs will try and rescue people who appear to be in distress – and when they fail, we can still see how upset they are.”


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