The electronic nose is better at sniffing out a disease killing people in Brazil. Scientists have developed a new, more accurate electronic nose designed to sniff out dogs that carry the deadly disease - Leishmaniasis - it’s a disease that kills some 3,500 people in Brazil every year. The electronic nose is an organic chemical analyzer that is 95% accurate -- researches hope fewer dogs will be unnecessarily euthanized.

Do anxious owners make for anxious dogs? A new study explores the owners of 1,681 dogs who evaluated their own personalities, and their dogs’ personalities, on standardized questionnaires. They found that dogs and their owners share personality traits. A highly agreeable person is twice as likely to have a dog who is highly active and excitable—and less aggressive—than someone who is less agreeable. The study also found that conscientious owners rated their dogs as more responsive to training and neurotic owners rated their dogs as more fearful. By contrast, “if someone is chill, their dog is chill," says Chopik.

Genes might explain why dogs can’t sniff out some people under stress. Trained police dogs couldn’t recognize stressed-out people with a particular version of a gene that’s involved in stress management. In the study, dogs had no trouble identifying the men and women volunteers when the people weren’t under stress. This may help explain why dogs can perform flawlessly in training but have difficulty tracking people in real-world situations.


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