After accident, dog adapts by learning to walk on hind legs. Dexter, a 6 year old Brittany Spaniel has more than 60k followers on instagram, and 215k viewers on TikTok known for walking on his hind legs. In 2016, Dexter was sniffing for a deer at a nearby park, and darted out into the road. This resulted in a truck running over his front two legs. The vet believed Dexter had a chance, so they amputated one leg, and put pins in the other. After multiple surgeries, and physical therapy, Dexter started trying to walk on two legs, instead of using his third.

Will sheep dogs need to learn how to fly? FARM quality assurance programs could one day specify the use of drones rather than dogs or motorbikes to muster livestock, after research showing mustering with an unmanned aerial vehicle was less stressful for sheep and goats. The video shows how the drone is able to quickly and efficiently herd the sheep. One issue they have discovered is that the drone is unable to lift sheep, so they will still have to involve vehicles for some herding scenarios. So will dogs no longer be used for this task?

Robot dogs are gaining popularity in more than one department. French soldiers are using robot dogs in combat exercises, while the University of California is beginning to expand their usage for seeing eye dogs. The French soldiers used these dogs on a two day reconnaissance training exercise, once without the dogs, and once with the robot dogs. Although the results were mixed, they do plan to continue training with the dogs. In California, they are having far better results. This specific dog has mapping capabilities and successfully is able to guide a blindfolded person out of confined spaces without hassle!


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