AI startup is tracking lost dogs using their nose prints. Megvii, a Chinese AI startup that supplies facial recognition software for the Chinese government’s surveillance program, is expanding its technology beyond humans to recognize different faces of pets through a mobile app and registry. The company says it can register your dog simply by scanning the snout through your phone’s camera. Just like how a phone registers your fingerprint for biometric unlock, the app asks you to take photos of your dog’s nose from multiple angles. Megvii says it has an accuracy rate of 95% and has reunited 15,000 pets with their owners through the app.

Vibrating dog vest lets you talk without saying a word. Using a newly developed remote-controlled dog vest, researchers report that cues issued by gentle vibration motors are as effective as vocal commands between human and dog. This is similar to results yielded from say, e-collars, however, there is no voice or visual cue that accompanies the vibrating command. Communication with working dogs is still predominantly visual and audial, so this may be helpful to search-and-rescue or tracker dogs that often work at a distance from their handlers, that are in loud areas or even secret operations that require silence.

LSU discovers true weight loss pet food. LSU Pennington Biomedical scientists say they have developed and patented technology that lets your pet eat the same amount of food and still lose weight. It’s a restriction of an amino acid in food that results in a pet burning more calories and reducing body fat. “Low values of methonine stimulate a hormone called FGF21 and that hormone increases... metabolism.” The pet food is not yet commercially available and it will be even longer before we could see this same advancement in food for humans.


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