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Episode #54 by Real.Dog/Box

Did you know… dogs can detect an odor humans emit during epileptic seizures? Dogs are trained to respond to and even sense epileptic seizures before they occur—though effectiveness varies widely, and there’s been little solid scientific evidence that such a thing is possible. For the first time, it’s been shown in a recent published study that humans do emit some odorous chemicals during epileptic seizures, ones that dogs can pick up on.

Want to work on nose-work with your dog? Here’s a super easy beginner’s activity you can do right at home - Springtime Egg Hunt!

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A shortage of veterinarians? A combination of factors has created an environment where there are more veterinary positions than doctors to fill them. It seems the latest generation of newlyweds is bringing home dogs instead of babies, and willing to spend on their care. And the baby boom generation of veterinarians—many of whom are used to putting in long hours—is retiring, and the younger veterinarians joining the workforce are often unwilling to put in so much time, resulting in a need for more qualified vets in the workforce.

Virtual smart fence to corral your dog wherever you go. Using GPS technology and navigation, the SpotOn dog collar allows pet owners to create a remote perimeter — from a backyard, local park or campground. Customers start by walking the perimeter of the area in which they wish to contain the dog, which is then saved as a virtual map. When the dog approaches the edge of the perimeter wearing the collar, a high-pitched, friendly tone is emitted. If the dog goes beyond the first zone, a second, more stern and commanding tone is emitted - you can also choose between a static electricity shock

Forget kibbles: US sales of fresh pet food are soaring! U.S. pet owners are increasingly feeding fresh food to their dogs and cats. Some order pre-proportioned meals of meat and vegetables or frozen raw meat online. Others find them in refrigerators at big retailers. Proponents say fresh foods preserve nutrients better than canned or dried ones, mimic ancestral diets and improve pets’ health. “Just as people have become skeptical of highly processed foods for themselves, they’re looking critically at their pets’ foods as well. “They think: How could something with a shelf life of over year be better than real, fresh food?”

Elderly residents fight loneliness with dog robots. Furry robotic pets – Lucy and Hasbro – have been brought in to reduce anxiety and loneliness in senior care facilities in the UK. The four-legged robo-pets meow and bark and wag their tails when petted by residents. The robo-cat lies on its back to have her tummy rubbed while Hasbro a Golden Retriever wags his tail when stroked.

Can dogs survive on a vegan diet? The co-evolution of the domestic dog alongside their human companions means that although dogs have carnivore anatomy, they have evolved some nifty adaptions for living alongside people and scavenging our scraps. However, dogs still need an easily digestible diet that is rich in protein so that nutrients can be rapidly absorbed into their bodies. For this reason, vegan dogs will struggle to digest the high fiber of plant-based diets and are at risk of vitamin D and B deficiencies. In one study of vigorously exercising dogs, those eating a plant-based diet showed damage to their blood. The blood remained normal in meat-eating dogs.

In the UK, cat owners who feed their pets a vegan diet could be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act - in which the punishment may include jail time.

96% of dogs relinquished to shelters have received zero formal obedience training! This is one of the main factors that hinder dogs from getting adopted. 30 Day Perfect Pup has launched a 100% free online dog training class. It comes with in-depth videos, an eBook and daily tips. It's a great resource for new puppy parents, people looking to polish some of their dog`s skills and anyone who wants to create a better relationship with their pup.

The electronic nose is better at sniffing out a disease killing people in Brazil. Scientists have developed a new, more accurate electronic nose designed to sniff out dogs that carry the deadly disease - Leishmaniasis - it’s a disease that kills some 3,500 people in Brazil every year. The electronic nose is an organic chemical analyzer that is 95% accurate -- researches hope fewer dogs will be unnecessarily euthanized.

Do anxious owners make for anxious dogs? A new study explores the owners of 1,681 dogs who evaluated their own personalities, and their dogs’ personalities, on standardized questionnaires. They found that dogs and their owners share personality traits. A highly agreeable person is twice as likely to have a dog who is highly active and excitable—and less aggressive—than someone who is less agreeable. The study also found that conscientious owners rated their dogs as more responsive to training and neurotic owners rated their dogs as more fearful. By contrast, “if someone is chill, their dog is chill," says Chopik.

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