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Episode #50 by Real.Dog/Box

Did you know… February is National Pet Dental Awareness Month? That’s right. It’s shocking to know that 75% of dogs and cats over the age of three have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease affects the kidneys, liver, heart and lungs. Infections start in the mouth but can travel through the bloodstream if not taken care of properly. The good news is there are many ways to prevent dental disease.

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Bigger dogs make smarter dogs. Or so a new study out of the University of Arizona says… Bigger dogs have better short-term memory and self-control than smaller breeds. Research still needs to be done as to why, but the study also confirmed that while canine brain size is associated with executive functioning, it isn’t with other types of intelligence.

Dog cancer startup raises $5 million. One Health Company just raised a $5 million seed round to make it easier for humans to treat canine cancer, which is the number one disease killer of pups. FidoCure utilizes gene sequencing to better understand the genetic mutations that cause an individual dog’s cancer. The treatment and drugs recommended are FDA approved for humans, but do have data relevant to dogs. 1 in every 3 dogs gets cancer.

Using dogs to get opioids. The U.S. opioid crisis let to almost 50,000 overdose deaths in 2017. But while lawmakers and regulators have clamped down hard on doctors' prescribing practices, one avenue for obtaining prescription opioids appears to have been overlooked. According to a new study, veterinarians are prescribing large quantities of opioids to pets, raising concern that some people might be using Fido to feed their addiction.

Answers Pet Food disputes FDA’s salmonella warning. The FDA announced on Jan. 14th that the Nebraska Department of Ag tested Answers Straight Beef Formula and found Salmonella. Lystn, (d/b/a Answers) said that one random sample by the Nebraska Department of Ag on Dec. 10 tested positive for Salmonella, but four subsequent samples of a larger quantity tested negative. "It is Lystn’s belief (as well as our science advisors) that the initial sample sent from Nebraska may have been cross-contaminated in the lab, transport or elsewhere and should not be considered a representative sample," the company said. Go Answers for standing their ground.

Seattle startup raises $772,000 seed investment to develop “smart dog toys”. Based on positive reinforcement, PupPod aims to create brain games for your pup’s mental stimulation. Users can set criteria on their smartphones for treat rewards as their dogs progress through puzzles and challenges.

Tracking down the poo-petrator. A Pennsylvania complex is requiring its residents’ canines to undergo DNA testing so any dog poop can be traced back and their owner held accountable. The testing service – which uses 16 genetic markers to identify a match and is so accurate that the probability of another dog having the same genetic profile is often as high as one in 44 sextillion – cuts dog waste by about 75%. And there are other indirect benefits such as preventing the spread of disease and keeping toxins out of the water.

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