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Episode #48 by Real.Dog/Box

Did you know… a 15-minute walk in the woods decreases stress and blood pressure? A study by Japanese researchers sent 84 volunteers to stroll through seven different forests and 84 other volunteers to walk around city centers. The forest walkers showed a 16% decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, a 2% drop in blood pressure, and a 4% drop in heart rate. Fortunately, we have our dogs to thank for getting our butts outside!

This is the perfect season for getting outdoors. Check out our favorite hiking tips as you enjoy some fresh air with your pup.

Start the year off right with real food! Available until Jan. 27th, here’s the current lineup: 🦃 Turkey Gizzard 🐄 Beef Liver 🐟 Salmon 🐓 Chicken Feet 🦆 Duck Wing 🐄 Beef Tendon 🐶 Super Chew: 🐑 Lamb Femur

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California forces pet stores to sell only dogs from shelters. California just became the first state to bar pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits unless they come from animal shelters or rescue groups. The law targets the controversial breeding facilities known as puppy mills or kitten factories, which often operate with little or no oversight and unsanitary conditions. The penalty is $500 per animal for pet stores that don’t comply.

Mars’ pet food linked to megaesophagus outbreak. A Melbourne University study has found a statistical link between the Advance Dermocare pet food and an outbreak of a debilitating and incurable illness in dogs throughout Australia. Megaesophagus causes the esophagus to become enlarged and limits the movement of food and liquid to the stomach. If dogs survive, they must be fed upright so the food does not get stuck in their esophagus.

Snapchat dog lenses are here. Much like Snapchat’s cat lenses, which launched in October, the lenses let you put photo filters on your pups, just as you would add flourish to a selfie or cute effects to a snap. We live on Instagram, but might have to try out this filter! #whatissnapchat

Noise-canceling kennel to shelter dogs from fireworks. Inspired by the noise-control technology introduced in its SUVs, Ford built a prototype kennel with a high-density cork exterior to soften loud noises that might frighten many pups. The kennel can detect the sound of fireworks and trigger a built-in audio system to send out opposing frequencies that Ford claims “significantly reduces or cancels the cacophony.”

The crappiest invention of 2018. Frustrated by the amount of dog poo left on the footpaths near his home in the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, a British inventor, Brian Harper, spent several years developing his dog poo-powered lamp. Ten bags of poo could give two hours of light.

Guide dogs not fazed by self-driving robots. Robotics startup Starship Technologies and charity Guide Dogs are collaborating on a series of tests exploring how service animals interact with robots. So far, all of the dogs reacted appropriately and calmly to the robots, with most stopping before the robot approached, and no adverse reactions. This could mean that dogs will treat the future of robots as any static object.

#newyearnewtwo. That’s right! We’re bringing you the first challenge of 2019 for a chance to win some free treats! There are no limitations on the number of entries.

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