Canines “outsniff” technology in detecting prostate cancer in men. New research from an international team of scientists – and two specially trained dogs – have scientifically validated the ability for man's best friend to 'sniff-out' prostate cancer in men – more accurately than the electronic nose (e-nose), an artificial sensing device used to detect odors and flavors.

How to help your dog adapt to a post pandemic world. As the humans leave home, dogs’ frustration from losing that instant owner feedback can manifest in a variety of unwanted behaviors. This can include pacing, destruction, barking, or even escaping. Owners have to give their dogs a chance to settle themselves down. A dog must experience being alone again. Training tip: try to leave at random times and expose them to being alone for different lengths of time and at different parts of the day.

Hyundai Motor’s dog-like safety service robot has been deployed for pilot operation. It is equipped with diverse technologies suitable for autonomous patrol services at industrial sites, including task management and deep learning-based vision technology. The robot was applied with artificial intelligence, autonomous navigation, teleoperation technologies, and computing payload for usage in various industrial tasks. The auto group said the robot supports late-night security patrols and creates a safer environment for workers.

Study shows that dogs really are hardwired to understand humans from birth. A recent study shows that dogs can tell the difference between their owners' accidental actions, and their deliberate ones. Another study showed that puppies raised primarily around other dogs, still understood more of our gestures than wolf pups. "Dogs' communicative skills uniquely position them to fill the niche that they do alongside humans."

Pentagon says no military working dogs were left behind in Afghanistan. Animals activists groups say that working dogs not owned by the military are in peril. The Pentagon denies photos circulating social media that claim to show military working dogs in crates left behind at the Kabul airport. In a statement, the Pentagon says that photos were not military working dogs and were instead animals under the care of a local animal shelter in Kabul.

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Cesar Millan sued for allegedly covering up his dog’s deadly attack on Queen Latifah’s dog. The lawsuit also claims that Millan’s dog attacked Lidia Matiss, a young gymnast, and severely injured her legs in 2017. After Latifah brought two of her dogs to Millan's center in Santa Clarita, California, one was attacked and killed by Junior, the lawsuit says. Staff at the center were allegedly asked by Millan to cover up the attack and were told to tell Latifah her dog got struck by a car and killed.

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Virbac announces FDA approval of new cancer treatment for dogs derived from an Australian rainforest plant. Virbac announces the breakthrough drug STELFONTA® (tigilanol tiglate injection) that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a non-surgical alternative for treating canine mast cell tumors in dogs. Australian company QBiotics discovered the biologically active pharmaceutical ingredient, tigilanol tiglate, in the seed of the Australian native blushwood tree from the rainforest of North Queensland.

Thousands of packages of frozen dog food were recalled. Wet Noses Natural Dog Treat Company is recalling about 51,000 packages of Simply Nourish frozen dog food due to elevated levels of Vitamin D. Based on an investigation, a significant reduction in the vitamin mix dosage by the vitamin mix manufacturer was “not detected or properly communicated,” resulting in a failure to reduce the dosage in the affected products.

Calls for bans on breeding short-nosed dogs gain momentum. Norway soon could become the second country to ban the breeding of short-muzzled dogs, adding weight to calls — including a campaign backed by nearly 1,500 veterinarians — for rule changes worldwide. Structurally flattened faces are associated with numerous health problems with varying degrees of severity, including brachycephalic (brak-ee-suh-FA-lik) obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS). The shape of the skull also may cause eyes to protrude, making them prone to injury and infection, and dental problems due to a lack of room in the mouth. Skin infections are common due to skin folds.

AAFCO August 2021 meeting notes. Here are a few main points from the meeting details on all of these notes can be found here.

  1. Dried black soldier fly larvae is now an approved ingredient.
  2. The FDA provided a brief discussion about a recent paper questioning the safety of copper supplements in dog food.
  3. AAFCO approved into their regulations the FDA Compliance Policy regarding prescription pet foods. This specific FDA Compliance Policy allows pet food to make a drug claim – without the legal requirement of clinical trials to prove the effectiveness.

Your dog’s light colored coat could have ancient origins. A new study has shed some light on certain canine colour patterns, including the discovery that one of these patterns originated in a now-extinct dog-like species millions of years ago. They discovered that the genetic combination for dominant yellow is shared with arctic white wolves, and based on phylogenetic analysis, originated from an extinct canid that existed more than two million years ago. Meanwhile, dogs are thought to have been domesticated only 30,000 years ago.

Need for service dogs increases for pandemic related stress and anxiety. Over the past 16 months, service dog training centers have seen an increased need for animals specialized in dealing with depression and anxiety. Service dog trainers say that if someone already suffered from depression or anxiety, working on the frontlines during the pandemic may only amplify that. If a person does something as simple as picking at their hands, dogs are trained to stop that behavior and, in turn , prevent a panic attack. Trainers with the program say they are excited to see these dogs finally serve people who have been mentally or emotionally affected by the pandemic.

Did you know…. A German Shepherd guide dog led her blind companion through the entire 2100-mile Appalachian Trail.

From friend to foe: Free-roaming dogs overrun Navajo Nation. Here on the reservation, the largest in the United States, man’s best friend has become one of its biggest foes.The dogs have become not just a nuisance but a major public safety concern. Attacks on livestock occur regularly. So do attacks on people — sometimes with deadly results. Each year, more than 3,000 people are treated for animal attacks and bites that happened on the reservation. Most of the victims are children or the elderly.

CDC banned 113 countries from importing dogs due to rabies risk. The CDC noticed a significant jump last year in the number of dogs from such high-risk countries who were ultimately denied entry into the U.S. This has included finding some fake rabies vaccination certificates. It’s important to keep any dog infected with the rabies virus from entering the U.S. Vaccination of dogs against the canine rabies virus has helped essentially eliminate this variant of the virus from the U.S. since 2007. Just one rabid dog could re-introduce the canine rabies virus variant back into the U.S. That one dog could then pass the virus off to humans and other animals such as raccoons.

Can dogs help stop the invasion of Zebra mussels in Texas? Researchers at Texas Tech University are currently studying how well dogs can detect invasive mussels in bodies of water: looking into both the dogs’ natural capabilities and bulk environmental samples like soil and water. Researcher Nathan Hall predicts both methods will work. However, he believes dog abilities to provide real-time results will prove to be more beneficial. While dogs could be a key to slashing Zebra mussel populations, the mussels also have a way of striking back at the canines. Zebra mussels feed on “good” algae in bodies of water, it gives toxic algae free reign. This algae is also known as cyanobacteria.

Virginia dog saves fawn from drowning and refuses to leave its side: he 'kept caring for it'. Ralph Dorn was looking for his Goldendoodle, Harley. Then he spotted the pup about 200 feet from shore; the 6-year-old canine was swimming with another animal that, after a few moments, Dorn realized was a tiny baby deer. Harley paddled side-by-side with the fawn all the way to shore. Dorn met the animals on land and helped the fawn up a steep ledge. After he lifted the baby deer from the water and placed her on the grass, Harley began gently licking the fawn's body.

Researchers sequence the genome of Basenji dog. An international team of scientists has sequenced and assembled the genome of the Basenji dog (Canis lupus familiaris), an ancient dog breed of central African origins that still lives and hunts with tribesmen in Congo. The genome of the Basenji, which sits at the base of the dog breed family tree, makes an excellent unbiased reference for future comparisons between dog breeds and evolutionary analysis of dogs.

Bidens’ older dog, Champ, has died; German shepherd was 13. President Joe Biden announced Saturday to June 19th that Champ, the older of the family’s two dogs, had died “peacefully at home.” The German shepherd was 13.Champ’s passing leaves the Bidens with their younger German shepherd, Major, whom the family adopted from the Delaware Humane Society in 2018. Champ, who showed his age in recent months in his graying fur and slower gait, was often a more tranquil presence.

Summer blues…. During the summer, the heat isn’t the only thing that increases. Pesky fleas, ticks, and other bugs tend to run rampant throughout most states during this time. Here’s an article that will help you keep them at bay!

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Reasons you should change your dog’s diet in hot weather. In general, there are some foods that are cooling, and some that have a heating effect on the body. It’s important to keep this in mind while giving your dog her food. Adding more 'cooling' food options, which include novel meats like Rabbit, Duck or freshwater fish such as Whitefish and Pollock fish among others. If your dog isn’t eating as much as he used to, it need not be a cause for concern. During the summer months your dog will use less energy, therefore they will need less caloric

Did you know…. The only place that dogs sweat like us is on their paws, so instead they pant to cool down. This is why it’s so important to keep your dog cool on those warmer days to make it easier on them.

Pandemic puppies returned to shelters as COVID-19 restrictions lift. Shelters are reporting high rates of returning and surrendering dogs adopted during the pandemic, as well as other pets. Some animal rescues have noted a large portion of the owners surrendering their dogs were first-time pet owners. The returns coincide with the easing and lifting of coronavirus restrictions in many states.

Dogs developed certain muscles to melt our hearts. Over a very short period of evolutionary time, 100,000 years, dogs evolved into great and loyal pets. Compared to wolves, they’re smaller with shorter muzzles and smaller teeth. They’re not likely to attack your livestock, your other pets or your children. But dogs grew some special muscles that their wolf ancestors didn’t have — eyebrow muscles. With these muscles, they can make puppy dog eyes.

Dogs understand social cues at an early age. By our side for thousands of years, dogs are masters of understanding human communication. A new study finds their ability to understand social cues emerges from an early age — without much training — and that genetics plays a key role. The study suggests dogs have innate skills and that the ability to follow social cues was actively selected by humans in early dog domestication.

BarkBox stops distributing duck-flavored chews that were attributed to a dog’s death. The maker of the chew sticks, Loving Pets, and BarkBox have said they will investigate to see if the treats caused the death of a dog named Sugar. Sugar's owner, a woman named Sarah, wrote on Facebook that her dog died about 24 hours after eating the Duck Lucky Chew Stick that was included in her Super Chewer BarkBox delivery. Sarah said Sugar ate the stick around 9 p.m. Sunday and started vomiting in the early morning hours of Monday. Sugar died at the veterinarian's office that evening.

Ancient dog DNA provides clues about canine evolution. An international study led by UNSW researchers has mapped one of the most intact and complete dog genomes ever generated. In the study, the researchers say the genome of the Basenji, which sits at the base of the dog breed family tree, makes an excellent unbiased reference for future comparisons between dog breeds and evolutionary analysis of dogs. The Basenji genome may allow scientists to more fully unravel the evolutionary history of early dogs and how humans have shaped the first dogs into the companions and breeds we have today.

Study suggests grumpy dogs learn faster from strangers than easy going dogs do. In a recent study in Hungary, researchers found that dogs with personality characteristics they had grouped under the "grumpy" heading were better able to learn from a stranger than more easy-going dogs. Some of the characteristics that make a dog “grumpy”: quick to bark, snarls or snaps when disturbed, doesn't come when called, guards food to keep it from other dogs or people, active and restless. In a recent experiment, dogs had to retrieve an object placed behind a fence. The grumpy dogs did noticeably better when a stranger demonstrated the way to get the object.

Summer blues…. During the summer, the heat isn’t the only thing that increases. Pesky fleas, ticks, and other bugs tend to run rampant throughout most states during this time. Here’s an article that will help you keep them at bay!

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Marijuana legalization is retiring police dogs. Why that’s good. Virginia is set to legalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis beginning in July. That means the “early retirement” of at least 15 drug-sniffing dogs throughout the state. Since the dog can’t discern between a large amount of cannabis and a single joint, and because a dog trained to detect both cocaine and marijuana can’t inform its handler what was detected, the only path forward for police narcotics units is to retire their drug-sniffing dogs and acquire new hounds trained only to suss out cocaine, heroin, MDMA, or other substances still part of America’s war on drugs.

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Answers pet food responds to social media stir set off by former employee Billy Hoekman. Earlier this week Hoekman posted on Instagram that he was no longer supporting the direction that Answers Pet Food was going in. Of course most of the letter is Keith Hill (CEO) stating that what Hoekman is saying is false information. You can find the full letter here, and make your own decisions about who is telling the truth.

Dog training school operator gets 10 years in prison for $1.5M fraud for GI Bill program. The Universal K-9 website said it was a non-profit that trains shelter dogs for law enforcement purposes and veteran support and provides dog handler training. According to the website, the business became a VA-approved school in 2013, allowing veterans to use funds from the GI Bill to pay for the training. Croft provided false information on applications to the Texas Veterans Commission — including names of instructors, certifications and training documents — to receive the GI Bill education benefit payments, the DOJ said. According to the DOJ, Croft filed 185 fraudulent claims for 132 veterans so that they could pay the $12,000 cost for the dog handling courses.

A statue, an ode, and now a national holiday for Turkmenistan dog breed. Turkmenistan marked a new holiday on Sunday (4/23) dedicated to its national Alabai dog breed, to which its longtime leader has already erected a gilded monument and written an ode. The new holiday took place on the same day as a festival celebrating the Akhal-Teke horse breed, which Turkmenistan also considers part of its national heritage.

Zuke’s mini naturals treats recall. All flavors. Zuke’s pulled their mini naturals treats due to potential mold growth. This issue has been going on since November of 2020. The company has yet to make a public statement regarding the allegations, but has decided to voluntarily remove the products from shelves. These products were sold primarily at Pet’s Supplies Plus- but other retailers should be aware of this issue as well. Mold can be detrimental to your dog’s health. If you’re interested in learning more, here is a great article.

The dog did it: Woman blames family dog for killing of ex husband. But what about the bullet holes? Dani Green claimed pet Jazzy attacked her ex-husband Ray Green. The story falls apart when his body is found with 10 gunshot wounds. Dani had said the family dog, Jazzy, attacked Ray, bit his throat and killed him. When authorities arrived, they found Ray Green in a tool box on the property (the one place Dani would not allow them to look). It was then discovered that Green had been shot 10 times.

NYPD robot police dog disturbs bystanders. A social media video showing an NYPD “robot dog” at the site of a recent arrest has New Yorkers doing a double-take. The arrest in question—where Spot was spotted by bewildered New Yorkers—was related to a domestic dispute involving a firearm at a NYCHA building in Kips Bay. A law enforcement source said that the robotic dog seen in this incident was just on standby and wasn’t being utilized—but the department’s Emergency Service Unit that responded to the apartment is one of the teams that are involved in the technology test.

The legendary dire wolf may not have been wolf at all. Dire wolves, which died out with mammoths and saber-toothed cats at the end of the last ice age, were long thought to be close cousins of gray wolves. Now, the first analysis of dire wolf DNA finds they instead traveled a lonely evolutionary path: They are so different from other wolves, coyotes, and dogs that they don’t belong in the genus that includes these animals. Instead, researchers argue, they need an entirely new scientific classification.

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Overfeeding? A plump dog isn't happy, and definitely isn't healthy. Almost half the dogs in America are overweight. An easy way to tell if your pup is overweight is to see if you can feel their ribs. If you can't, they are overweight. Additionally your dog should have a waistline from above. It’s very common for dog owners to indulge their dog with extra food and treats out of "love." But I guarantee, an overweight dog isn't happy, and definitely isn't healthy. Of course, doggie metabolic disorders are not uncommon, but the main cause of canine obesity is overfeeding.

Did you know…. Whiskers pick up on even subtle changes in air currents, providing your pup with information about the size, shape, and speed of things nearby. This allows your dog to better sense approaching dangers or prey — even at night.

After accident, dog adapts by learning to walk on hind legs. Dexter, a 6 year old Brittany Spaniel has more than 60k followers on instagram, and 215k viewers on TikTok known for walking on his hind legs. In 2016, Dexter was sniffing for a deer at a nearby park, and darted out into the road. This resulted in a truck running over his front two legs. The vet believed Dexter had a chance, so they amputated one leg, and put pins in the other. After multiple surgeries, and physical therapy, Dexter started trying to walk on two legs, instead of using his third.

Will sheep dogs need to learn how to fly? FARM quality assurance programs could one day specify the use of drones rather than dogs or motorbikes to muster livestock, after research showing mustering with an unmanned aerial vehicle was less stressful for sheep and goats. The video shows how the drone is able to quickly and efficiently herd the sheep. One issue they have discovered is that the drone is unable to lift sheep, so they will still have to involve vehicles for some herding scenarios. So will dogs no longer be used for this task?

Robot dogs are gaining popularity in more than one department. French soldiers are using robot dogs in combat exercises, while the University of California is beginning to expand their usage for seeing eye dogs. The French soldiers used these dogs on a two day reconnaissance training exercise, once without the dogs, and once with the robot dogs. Although the results were mixed, they do plan to continue training with the dogs. In California, they are having far better results. This specific dog has mapping capabilities and successfully is able to guide a blindfolded person out of confined spaces without hassle!

Pet dogs in Bronze Age given vegetarian diets! Do not ever try this at home, but it looks like Bronze Age dogs were vegetarians! According to a study of protein in 3,000-year-old canine bones that is. A new study published in the Journal of World Prehistory shows that in the diet of 36 dogs, 10 of the dogs whose remains were tested were omnivores, primarily fed cereal grains like millet. On the other hand 17 of the dogs showed signs of eating almost no animal flesh, which was hard to determine if this was just showing the cattle they guarded, or their diet. With no need to tear meat, Neolithic dogs evolved to have weaker jaws than their wolf ancestors, making their jaws better suited to crushing grains.

Your Dog May Get Jealous Even if It Just Imagines You Petting Another Dog. 80% owners say they experience jealousy from their dogs from time to time. Recent research is suggesting that jealousy can be triggered even if the rival for affection and attention is out of sight. "Research has supported what many dog owners firmly believe – dogs exhibit jealous behavior when their human companion interacts with a potential rival," says psychologist Amalia Bastos from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Archaeologists uncover earliest evidence of domesticated dogs in Arabian Peninsula. Researchers found the dog’s bones in a burial site that is one of the earliest monumental tombs identified in the Arabian Peninsula. The research team detected the sites by using satellite imagery and aerial photography.26 fragments of a single dog’s bones were found, alongside bones from 11 humans – six adults, an adolescent and four children. The dog’s bones showed signs of arthritis, which suggests the animal lived with the humans into its middle or old age, andwere dated to between circa 4200 and 4000 BCE. Rock art found in the region indicates that the Neolithic inhabitants used dogs when hunting ibex, and other animals.

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Hawaiian resorts are hosting shelter dogs that guests can win a stay with- “Wags to Riches”. Three luxury resorts in Hawaii have partnered with the local Humane Society to create a competition where the top 16 fundraisers will be able to win a stay with a shelter dog. The ‘Wags to Riches’ campaign includes a stay at the Four Seasons among others. Additionally the winners will get to choose the dog they get to stay the night with.

Did you know…. Stray dogs in Russia have learned how to ride the complex subway system, and get off at specific stops in search of food.

Most Wild Dogs in Australia Are Pure Dingoes. A study led by UNSW shows that all wild dogs are genetically more than half dingo. The study used more than 5000 wild DNA samples of canines from across the country. 99% of the samples tested 100% dingo or dingo dominant. Pure dingoes made 64% of the wild canines tested. While an additional 20% was at least 75% dingo. The findings challenge the view that pure dingoes are virtually extinct in the wild - and call to question the widespread use of the term 'wild dog'.

Poland plans pensions for dogs and horses under state employment. Working animals give their entire life, to save other human beings. Whether it is locating them alive, or dead. After they have served they go into retirement and are given away to citizens without any safeguard for their elderly future. Following appeals from concerned service members, the Interior Ministry has proposed new legislation that would give these animals an official status, and paid retirement to help cover the often costly care bills their new owners face. The new law would affect around 1,200 dogs and over 60 horses.

Worried about your lockdown puppy when you go back to work? Experts urge owners to prepare NOW by giving dogs 'alone time' and establishing new routines to avoid separation anxiety. Recent research revealed that three in five dogs bought in lockdown haven't yet been left alone, with 62% of lockdown pups having not even been in any environments other than their home. As a result, 71% of owners worry their dogs will suffer separation anxiety when life returns to normal. Another survey revealed that 22% of owners have observed more barking, and 29% have noticed their dog being more needy. Dog professionals are urging you to take action now, before returning to normal life.

Shortage of US working military dogs may pose security risk. A recent study conducted by the US federal government found that the US military "has faced a chronic shortage of domestically bred working dogs qualified for use by both the Department of Defense and other federal agencies." Unlike current technology, canines possess the ability to continuously adapt and provide consistent detection work. Within the document, researchers highlighted that the lack of a "robust domestic supply" of military dogs "may threaten the ability of departments and agencies that utilize working dogs to maintain readiness if the supply from foreign markets is contested or interrupted for an extended period."

Carbon pawprint: is man’s best friend the planet’s enemy? In a 2017 study, Okin estimated that the 160M domestic cats and dogs in the US were responsible for between 25-30% of the environmental impact of meat consumed in the country. That’s 64M tonnes of C02, equivalent to the annual emissions of 13M cars. Kelly Swanson, a professor in animal nutrition, disputes the findings of that study, saying the calculations were based on “a lot of inaccurate assumptions”. Geography also plays a part in this, as a 20-40 pound dog in the Netherlands will produce 4.2-17 tonnes in its lifetime. But the same dog in China would only produce 1.5-9.9 tonnes.

Grain-free dog food linked to heart problems in pets is puzzling situation for FDA. The FDA is no longer naming grain-free pet food brands that might be associated with DCM. The FDA is looking closely at legumes like dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, and peas as a possible culprit. “Legumes are in grain and grain-free diet. But there appear to be more legumes in grain-free diets,” said Dr. Andrew Empel, veterinarian. “Unfortunately, they don’t contain taurine which is essential for heart health,” said Dr. Morgan. The FDA has not requested any recalls and it is not taking any compliance or enforcement action. Instead, it’s asking for patience, time for more study.

Tennessee Man Leaves $5 Million to 8-Year-Old Dog Lulu in His Will. Martha Burton, his close friend, whom inherited Lulu expressed how much Mr. Dorris loved his dog. He left 5 million for his dearest Lulu, in a trust. Burton will have to submit the bills in order to be reimbursed, but anything “reasonably” for the dog goes.

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Did you know…. Male dogs lift a leg to pee to make themselves appear larger to other dogs. The higher up the pee, the larger the dog.

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Royal Canin Accused of human trafficking. Eleven students from Brazil and Chile have filed a federal lawsuit accusing a northwest Iowa community college, a recruitment company, a pet food manufacturer, and a packaging company of human trafficking and involuntary servitude. The lawsuit says the students were paid significantly less than U.S. employees, and some of their money was deducted from their paychecks to fund kickbacks to the college and staffing agency. The jobs were at a Royal Canin pet food plant in North Sioux City, SD, and Tur-Pak foods, in Iowa.

Some raw dog food is being recalled over salmonella and listeria fears. Performance raw dog food, which is packed by Bravo Packing Inc in NJ, has tested positive for Salmonella and Listeria. This was discovered after a routine FDA test, showed positive results for salmonella and listeria. Though dogs in generally good health are unaffected by these pathogens, they can be carriers through their feces and affect humans in close contact. Interestingly enough, the FDA allows up to 25% salmonella in grocery store meat but has a zero tolerance policy for pet food.

Popular flea collar linked to almost 1,700 pet deaths. The EPA has issued no warning. Seresto flea collars come highly recommended by many veterinarians. But how safe are they? The EPA has issued no warning on this particular product, but there have been just under 1,700 pet deaths, related to the product. Since their release in 2012, the company has received over 75,000 incident reports related to the collars. These collars statistically have the most incidents of any pesticide product on the market.

Dogs may have been tamed for the first time in one cave in Germany 16,000 years ago. Genetic analysis of bones from a cave in southwestern germany suggests that humans did domesticate dogs in the Hegau Jura area, and it could be the origin of dogs in europe. The researchers concluded that domestication happened between 14,000 and 16,000 years ago. The researchers wrote: "A recent study focusing on the analysis of nuclear genomes of various ancient dogs suggested a single origin of modern dogs, but it failed to provide a geographic location for such an event.”

Hunters kill 20% of Wisconsin's wolf population in just 3 days of hunting season. Hunters in Wisconsin have killed double the allotted amount of wolves for an entire week, in just 3 days. This forced the state to shut down the season early, as to not harm the population too much. There were 216 wolves counted by Thursday, while the expected amount was 119. The fresh snow helped the hunters to track the animals and 90% of the hunters used dogs to run the wolves down.

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Pandemic forces route change, other precautions for Iditarod Sled Dog Race. For the first time in 49 years, the Iditarod race has changed it’s route, as well as it’s distance.Traditionally the race would be 1,609 km and end in Nome, but this year it will be 1,384 km and double back into Willow for the finish line. The entry fee and the purse has been reduced by 20%, making it $400,000 instead of $500,000. Only 47 mushers will participate in the race.

Did you know…. The shape of a dog’s face suggests its longevity: A long face means a longer life.

Hill's aims to settle vitamin D case for $12.5 million. The Hill’s vitamin D recall involved approximately 675,000 cases of canned food sold between September 1st, 2018 to May 31st, 2019. The Worldwide vitamin supplier, DSM Nutritional Products Inc. had excess levels of vitamin D in the premix they sell Hill’s. Unfortunately it is unknown how many dogs died or were affected, but excess vitamin D levels can cause drooling, vomiting, seizures, or even death.

California Dog Duo Set World Record for Most Tricks Performed by Two Dogs in 60 Seconds. Border Collies Wish and Halo perform 28 tricks together in less than 60 seconds, in order to break the guiness book of world records. Their owner and trainer, Emily Larlham, led them to victory. Emily also has a youtube channel with over 350 tutorials so that dog owners can learn for free how to train their pups to do tricks, break bad habits, and stay active and happy.

R.I. House bill would allow police dogs injured on duty to reach vet by ambulance. A bill in Rhode Island would allow canine units to be transported to the veterinarian by ambulance, should the ambulance not be needed for a human. The bill calls for law enforcement K9s injured on the job to get life-saving emergency medical services while in the ambulance. The EMT may perform mouth-to-snout resuscitation, give the dog oxygen, apply pressure to stop blood loss, stabilize broken bones, apply bandages, and if necessary and the handler allows, administer Narcan to stop a drug overdose. The bill would also free the EMT from being liable for a vet bill or for mistakes in treating the dog.

Experts found a life-threatening infection for dogs from ticks in Australia. This illness, canine ehrlichiosis, is spread by the bite of the “brown dog tick” bacterium-carrying parasite. In Australia’s warm and humid areas, this disease is common, and its bite can be potentially lethal for pets. The infection is not contagious, however it is important to prevent any tick from being on your dog to prevent the spread of the disease. Being proactive and checking your dog for ticks as well as using some type of preventative is best. You should also treat your yard area for best results.

Study finds pet owner’s personality can affect canine training success. New research has shown that the trick to training your pup may depend on the owner’s personality. To better understand what it takes to correct problem dog behavior, a team at PennVet recruited 131 dog-owner pairs. Owners were asked to fill out a human personality assessment and dog behavior questionnaire at the start and again at three and six months into the study. Seventy-five pairs completed the research. They found that extroverted owners were more likely to see improvements in their dog’s fearful behavior.

New Study: Kibble Fed Dogs Produce 3 Times More Poop Than Human Grade Fed Dogs. A commercial grade, pet food manufacturer decided to fund a study regarding nutrient digestibility, and fecal characteristics in dogs fed human grade foods. The study included 12 dogs, fed 4 different diets on 28 day cycles. One being kibble, one steamed and two cooked diets. The dogs fed kibble produced 1.5-1.7 times more fecal matter than those on the steamed diet, and 2-2.9 times more than those on the cooked diet. Less waste in, less waste out.

Dogs Rescued From Illegal Meat Trade, Trafficking Arrive At JFK Airport To Meet Forever Families. The global animal welfare group No Dogs Left Behind worked with activists in China to rescue these hundred dogs from slaughterhouses, wet markets and illegal traffickers. Unfortunately the pandemic limited how many dogs they were actually able to bring over. Thankfully all the dogs are safe from the inhumane cages, diseases, and animal cruelty and are on their way to their new furever homes.

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Open Farm Joins Loop in Canada, Expanding Reach as First-Ever Pet Food Partner. Loop is a global reuse program. Consumers in Canada can now purchase Open Farm in reusable containers that will be collected, cleaned, and reused. 91% of all plastic waste has never been recycled. The pet food industry is a huge contributor to this issue. Open Farm is committed to making waste a thing of the past. Currently they are only offering it for their freeze dried product but will be looking to expand to other products in the near future.

Did you know… The Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ has a frequency only dogs can hear?

American Kennel Club Recognizes New Toy Dog Breed — Meet the Biewer Terrier! The Biewer — pronounced like "beaver" — is eligible to compete in the toy group and marks the organization's 197th recognized breed, according to a press release from the AKC. The Biewer is a long haired terrier that will only grow to be between 4 and 8 pounds! They got their name from a german couple whose puppies were born with rare white markings.

RECALL ROUNDUP: Pet food recalled after 28 dogs die of suspected poisoning. Certain lots of Sportmix dog and cat food may contain potentially deadly levels of aflatoxin. Midwestern Pet Food, Inc. announced the recall of certain dog and cat food, all with expiration dates of March 2 or 3, 2022. The recalled items include:Sportmix Energy Plus, 50- and 44-lb. Bags, Sportmix Premium High Energy, 50- and 44-lb. Bags, and Sportmix Original Cat, 31- and 15-lb. bags.The food was sold nationwide. Symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning include sluggishness, loss of appetite, vomiting, jaundice or diarrhea.

This new harness lets military dogs parachute safely and with style. A flight pod with a magnetic release helps protect the pooch—especially its legs—during a jump with its human. Prior to this innovative design, military personnel were using slings of sorts for the dogs, which posed some safety hazards with exposed limbs and all of their weight being supported by their core for long periods of time. The pod they have created is basically a military version of a dog purse. They have a magnetic closure in which the handler can activate but the dog cannot. Something important to note is that these pods do not hinder the use of their other accessories, such as goggles and kevlar vests!

Airlines will no longer be required to transport emotional support animals. Emotional support animals differ from service animals, but they have long been able to travel aboard airplanes in the same way. Emotional support animals do not have to be trained to do a specific job, which questions their legitimacy. A new rule defines a service animal as a dog that is “individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability”. This will limit service animals to be dogs only, as well as limits the number of animals traveling a person to two. While the rule will not barr the animals from the cabins, it will just allow airlines to not accommodate them. There have been many cases where emotional support animals have bitten flight attendants, as well as children.

Ben & Jerry's rolls out new line of frozen desserts — for dogs. Later this month, the popular ice cream brand will be bringing out frozen desserts in 4 ounce cups for our four legged friends. They will be made with the same ingredients as the nondairy line they have, and there will be two flavors: Peanut butter with pretzels and pumpkin with cookies!

Wolves make great foster parents. In an effort to save some of the last wolves in Europe, scientists have begun to explore wolves' willingness to help others of their kind. In Scandinavia,8 wolves were removed from their biological parents at 4-6 days old and placed with new packs. There were 35 cubs left with biological mothers as a control. Not only did the mothers take the new cubs into their pack, they also moved their cubs to a new den, likely to keep them safe. There was also an increase in survival rate (73%) for those that were fostered. The typical survival rate for wolves in captivity is 63%.

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New dog collar uses AI tech to analyze barks and tell dog owners how they’re feeling. A South Korean company is beginning to use artificial intelligence to give your dog a voice. Petpuls, compares your dog’s bark to a database to tell how your dog’s emotional wellbeing is. The database has more than 100,000 samples from 50 breeds of dog in four sizes to compare from. It will categorize the bark into one of 5 emotional states: happy, sad, anxious, relaxed, or angry. As your dog wears the collar, it will become more accurate as it accumulates data about your specific dog.

Did you know…. Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic - Two Pomeranians, and a Pekingese.

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Did you know… Yawning is contagious—even for dogs. Research shows that the sound of a human yawn can trigger one from your dog. And it’s four times as likely to happen when it’s the yawn of a person he knows.

PetSmart, Chewy to be unleashed as separate entities after recapitalization. A group led by New York private equity firm BC Partners Inc. is looking to split up Phoenix-based PetSmart Inc. and Chewy Inc. amid a major recapitalization plan. The deal would recapitalize PetSmart with $1.3B in equity and $4.6B in debt, making this a $6B deal. PetSmart acquired Chewy back in 2017 in a record breaking online acquisition, but separated Chewy from it’s other businesses in preparation of the IPO. The move triggered a lawsuit, but that was settled back in 2019. By doing this PetSmart is decreasing their debt load, which they are in dire need of due to their brick and mortar retail footprint.

Scientists Use Ancient DNA To Explore History of Dogs. Frantz and his colleagues sequenced a total of 27 ancient dog genomes from Europe, the Near East and Siberia, the oldest of which dates to 10,900 years ago. Their results demonstrate that dogs had already diversified into distinct populations prior to that time. Five separate lineages can be distinguished in the data: Arctic, American, Near Eastern/African, Asiatic and European. The European lineage, to which the great majority of today‘s most popular breeds belong, is the result of hybridization between the Arctic and Near Eastern/African lines.

FDA walks back from update correlating DCM and certain pet diets. On Sept. 29, scientific experts from academia, industry and veterinary medicine came together to participate virtually in a scientific forum hosted by Kansas State examining potential causes of non-hereditary canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. The director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), acknowledged that the “complex scientific messaging” on DCM and diet has contributed to misinterpretation about the safety of a grain-free diet. The FDA furthered that by saying there is no known causal relationship between diet, specifically grain-free foods, and canine heart disease.

Tyndall Air Force Base’s new technology comes in the form of four-legged robots. Primarily being used as perimeter defense currently, these robotic dogs could become a key part of our military in order to keep our human, and K9 soldiers safe. They can be fitted with gas sensors, thermal sensors, night vision, as well as cameras. These units are also able to roam by themselves or be piloted by a controller.

Researchers have identified a new species of Rickettsia bacteria that may cause significant disease in dogs and humans. This specific bacteria is part of the spotted fever grouping of Rickettsia. These bacteria cause the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF), and are transmitted by ticks, which may also transmit over 25 other forms of Rickettsia. This particular unnamed disease may cause you or your dog fever, lethargy, weight loss, and symptoms related to vascular inflammation, like swelling, rash, and pain.

What to feed and what not to feed this holiday. Foods you should watch out for before Thanksgiving dinner.

Sniffing out the virus: Dogs in France can be retrained in weeks to detect COVID-19. Scientists in France and Finland are exploring the idea of retraining service dogs, to sniff out COVID-19. Within two weeks these dogs are performing with an accuracy rate of 94%. They use the sweat from COVID patients, as their samples produce a different odor than that of someone healthy. It’s not the virus directly, rather the chemical produced when the virus infects cells and is released by the body.

Did you know… dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses? Compared to only 6 million in our noses? When we inhale, we smell and breathe through the same airways. Dogs have a fold of tissue just inside their nostrils, so when they inhale, they can actually separate smelling and breathing. And when dogs exhale, the spent air exits through the slits in the sides of their noses, allowing dogs to sniff almost continuously.

CrittEar Dog Earplugs Offer Relief For Your Anxious Dog This Holiday Season. CrittEar has produced the first patented in-ear dog earplugs that provide hearing protection for dogs–called Calm. Calm features revolutionary sound quieting technology, matched with an ergonomically-perfected design to provide dogs sleek, custom-fit hearing protection. Calm allows dog owners to protect their dog’s sensitive hearing while they also provide a sense of ‘calm’ and comfort during anxiety-provoking situations.

Petco no longer sells shock collars; encouraging positive reinforcement training. Petco announced on Oct. 6 it has stopped selling specific electronic “shock” collars. The pet retailer intends to act as an industry leader in pet health and wellness by encouraging positive reinforcement training methods and creating "real change.” They are also calling on the rest of the pet industry to sign a petition regarding new guidelines for the sales of shock collars.

Your dog’s nose knows no bounds- and neither does your dog’s love for you. You have probably heard about dogs who sniff out bombs, drugs, or even coronavirus, but recent studies suggest that your scent means something to your dogs too. When a dog is deprived of food, and their owners, the dog will always choose to greet their owners before going to eat their food. Additionally, when we make eye contact with our dogs, both the handler and dog’s brain will release oxytocin (the “cuddle hormone”). These studies suggest that spending quality time with your dog, means more to them than giving them a tasty treat!

Army’s push for augmented reality goggles might extend to dogs, too. The Army has started making big investments in things like augmented reality, but not just for humans. Working K9s already wear goggles to protect their eyes from things like sand and shrapnel, but now the Army has started attaching cameras to the goggles. This would allow soldiers to give commands to the K9 from a remote area, keeping the soldier out of danger.

Dog brains do not prefer or relate to faces. Unlike human brains, dog brains do not contain face-sensitive areas. Even though dogs gaze into man's eyes, dog brains may not process faces as human brains do. A new study suggests that the canine visual system is organized differently: the face network found in primates may not extend to all mammals.

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Did you know… In an interview in 2013, Paul McCartney said that he added a frequency only dogs can hear to the end of the Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’. So watch your dog when you play the song! How’s that for an amazing dog fact?

Spot, the Robotic “Dog,” from Boston-Dynamics has received worldwide attention. Now this robot is learning to herd sheep! And the sheep are responding similarly to that of a canine. A New Zealand tech company is training Spot to herd sheep. What will this mean for traditional working dogs?

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Dogs will rescue their “distressed” owners from captivity if they were able to do so. In a recent study, 60 pet dogs were presented with their owner trapped in a box that had a lightweight door that could be opened by the dog. They presented different variations of the test, including the owner making distressed calls, and the owner reading a book. The dogs exhibited less stress (less whining and panting) when their owner was not making distressed calls for help. The researchers concluded that “even without training, many dogs will try and rescue people who appear to be in distress – and when they fail, we can still see how upset they are.”

Walmart wants to be a one-stop shop for pet owners. It’s no secret that Millenials spend a lot of money on their dogs, but young pet owners are looking towards more affordable vet care for their pets. Last year, Walmart launched their own Pet Pharmacy and opened at least 100 vet clinics at the end of 2019. According to the senior vice president, Walmart claims they are going to bring down the cost of pet ownership by offering more affordable options.

Fearlessness and Anxiety as Genetic Factor for Dogs: A university research group conducted a study with 120 Great Danes that provided more evidence to support their hypothesis that anxiety and fearfulness is a hereditary trait in dogs. The study has identified a genomic region that underlies fearfulness and “includes several candidate genes associated with brain development.” While this development is important to understanding anxiety in dogs, it is noted that the environment still plays a very large role in traits in dogs. This study excluded puppy socialization which has already been found to significantly impact fearlessness.

Keeping your pet safe during a pandemic does NOT look like a lysol bath for your dog! The LA Times broke down what it does look like, which is: wiping down leashes and harnesses after walks, wearing a mask when you walk your dog, and limiting/restricting encounters with other dogs. Because dogs do not play a significant role in transmitting the virus, the best way to keep your pet safe is to follow the guidelines that would keep you safe!

Spot, the Robotic “Dog,” from Boston-Dynamics has received worldwide attention. Now this robot is learning to herd sheep! And the sheep are responding similarly to that of a canine. A New Zealand tech company is training Spot to herd sheep. What will this mean for traditional working dogs?

Curbside Grooming during the COVID-19 pandemic has been blowing up! Many states have allowed for groomers to open with curbside service because they recognize the need for grooming as part of preventive health care for pets. In Pennsylvania, a senator even proposed a bill that would allow for groomers to reopen under CDC guidelines. Sessions can include haircuts, nail trims, ear cleaning and teeth brushing.

Raised By Dogs founded by Ruby of @realdogbox, Zoe Sandor of @packmethodprep, and Tammy Ahn of @dogdayssd. We talk about everything about dogs. Ruby, Zoe, and Tammy offer a unique perspective on dog care coming from respective professional backgrounds in nutrition, training, and behavior. Join the live discussions weekly at 5:30 pm PST, or catch up on the past discussions via the @raisedbydogs_live Instagram.

Did you know… more and more pet owners are choosing to feed real food? Dog food delivery is becoming is more popular as pet owners transition to feeding fresh food. Forbes highlighted the best dog food delivery services, and We Feed Raw made the shortlist. It's great to see that raw food is hitting the mainstream! If you are wanting to save some dollars, you can always prepare your dog’s raw food at home!

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Domestic USPS service delivery windows are now being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic situation. USPS Priority mail and First Class Package Service two and three day delivery windows will now be three and four days, respectively. We are so sorry for the inconvenience. As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this time!

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Did you know… Dogs don’t need Vitamin C?! While humans are increasing their Vitamin C intake to support our immune system during these troubled times, dogs can synthesize their own, and do not need an external source or supplement. So before you decide to share an orange with your pup- DON’T! Not only are sources of natural Vitamin C unnecessary for dog’s basic nutritional needs, they are down-right dangerous. Oranges are high in sugars and can cause GI upset.

Spring has sprung, and some pet owners are noticing symptoms in their dogs with seasonal allergies- so much so that local news are even covering it! We have the scoop on how to help with seasonal allergies: BEE POLLEN! You may want to invest in some local bee pollen and honey and support your local beekeepers. Bee pollen has been proven to reduce allergic reactions, and improve immune function.

Can’t stay away from Tiger news lately… A tiger at the Bronx Zoo, NYC, tested positive for COVID-19. The good news is there is still no evidence of transmissions from pets to humans. “According to the most recent data, the spread of COVID-19 occurs only via human-to-human contact.” The tiger is expected to fully recover! There is no evidence that animals can spread COVID-19 to humans. As we have already learned, there are so many unknown factors around the new coronavirus, that it is best to be cautious.

Why would I need a dog-cam, when I’m home all the time?! . Well hopefully, you won’t be soon.Furbo is unrolling a new technology that will differentiate a sad bark, from an “I’m Hungry” bark. They have been using the data that they have been collecting from users to develop software (though users can opt out of sharing their data). Before the coronavirus pandemic, pet parents were heavily relying on these devices, and according to the general manager of the company that makes Furbo, “the average Furbo user would check on their pet more than 10 times a day during the workweek.”

How do you teach an AI dog new tricks? Have it learn from a real, living dog! Google researchers are teaching AI dogs to have more fluid, life-like movements to navigate the real world. Instead of manually coding the robot dog’s movements- they incorporate motion data from a real dog to construct simulations in the AI dog. “Using reinforcement learning, it then learned to stabilize the movements and correct for differences in weight distribution and design

Austin startup Televet raises $2 million. Televet operates a platform that gives veterinarians and pet owners more ability to communicate between visits. The startup, which was originally called Horse Facts, was founded in 2015. Televet’s technology won’t eliminate visits to a veterinarian’s office, but is said to supplement those visits. The platform can be used to check on how an animal is doing post-visit or to share a diagnosis and treatment plan, lets vets receive and schedule virtual consultations, connect via text, call or video chat.

Washington law to end breed-wide bans on 'dangerous' dogs. The legislative bill grants dog owners the choice to avoid this ban if their dog successfully completes the American Kennel Club’s Canine Citizen program or a similar test determined by the city or county. The program tests whether an animal will react aggressively to strangers, being petted, and interacting with other dogs. Local jurisdictions may still enforce breed bans but have to exempt dogs that pass the test.

Blockchain for dog breeders. is the first initiative of FattorePet, a digital marketing agency specializing in the Pet Care sector, which aims to establish an independent canine registry based on Blockchain, a simple, effective and economic technology that allows you to enter the network data unalterable over time, with a certain date and an owner identifiable by digital signature. The technology can be applied to any animal identifiable by microchip or other identification system, helping to counteract phenomena like abandonment, clandestine trade, genetic diseases and mistreatment.

From poop to powder. Last decade’s invention that never made in mainstream: A renowned Israeli biotech inventor came up with a dog pooper-scooper that gathers dogs’ droppings and turns them into odorless, sterile powder within seconds. All the dog-walker has to do is push a button to release an activation capsule from the cartridge inside the unit. Paulee CleanTec developed a patent protected exothermic oxidation process which converts human and animal feces into a pathogen and odor-free fertilizer in minutes… but oddly, it never reached the market.

Nosework makes dogs more optimistic. New scientific research by Dr. Charlotte Duranton (Ethodog) and Dr. Alexandra Horowitz (Barnard College) finds that dogs who participate in nose work have increased optimism compared to dogs that took part in heelwork instead. Importantly, both activities involved perambulation, as well as food rewards as positive reinforcement. The difference is that in nosework the dog has the opportunity to use their nose and to exercise choice in what they are doing.

Café in Japan holds play dates for ROBOTIC dogs. The Penguin Café invites hardware canines and their owners in for a play date every Sunday morning before opening to serve drinks and other treats to the public. The event, called 'Aibo World' after Sony's robot dog, started a few months after the owner of the establishment purchased his own Aibo. Dozen of robotic dog owners attend, dressing their hardware friends up for the occasion - many arrive wearing bows, hats or ties.

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Bhutan government looks to technology to control dog population. The project is part of the National Dog Population Management Strategy to reduce birth of free-roaming dogs and encourage adoption of stray dogs. In the ‘70s, strategies of controlling dog population in the country included killing due to rabies outbreak, and illegal translocation, but were met with failure due to poor animal welfare and coverage across the nation. This new program issues a microchip to be embedded under the skin of pet dogs and quick response (QR) code around a dog’s neck to help locate dogs and monitor initiatives.

Did you know… up to 30% of people who are allergic to dogs are actually allergic to one specific protein that's made in the prostate of a dog? While the protein was identified years ago, a reliable blood test for the allergen was only approved by the FDA last May. If you're allergic to only that specific protein in the male dog, you may still be able to tolerate a female or a neutered dog.

Speaking of allergies: Allergy vs Intolerance - do you know the difference?

The first study on human-grade dog food finds fresh food to be highly digestible. Researchers tested six commercial cooked dog foods (not raw, not kibble) formulated using human-edible ingredients, such as rice, carrots, broccoli, chicken, lamb, and others, in a kind of casserole, supplemented with human-quality vitamins and minerals. The researchers determined the chemical composition of the six diets, as well as their nutrient and amino acid digestibility and energy content and found the cooked fresh food diets were highly digestible. The study was funded by Justfoodfordogs to test its own food, but nonetheless, the results speak for themselves.

The U.S. Stops sending bomb-sniffing dogs to Egypt after deaths. After an investigation disclosed that several dogs in both Jordan and Egypt died because of mistreatment and neglect, triggered by a whistleblower complaint and eventual State Department report. There are about 135 U.S.-provided bomb-sniffing dogs overseas in Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Nepal, the Dominican Republic, and Afghanistan.

Military dogs need hearing protection too. Hearing loss or damage isn’t only a problem for soldiers in the midst of a cacophony of explosions and associated sounds of combat. The Canine Auditory Protection System has been developed through an Army Research Office initiative with Zeteo Tech, Inc. and a retired Navy officer turned professor at the University of Cincinnati using lightweight, high-quality acoustic absorption materials to block unwanted sounds. It uses flexible materials that conform to the dog’s head, giving better fit and protection with proper sealing around the ear, unlike conventional canine hearing protection.

The Real Petfood Company vs Real Pet Food Company. Remember when we used to be “Real Pet Food”? Well damn, did we dodge a bullet? UK pet food manufacturer The Real Petfood Company has successfully opposed an attempt by VIP Topco to register the trademark of a company of the same name from Australia in the UK. Truth be told, we changed our name because we wanted our members to know that our focus was on DOGS and not just “pets,” plus we aren’t too keen on the word “pet” for some reason.

Another Hill’s Pet Nutrition lawsuit. A Texas breeder who lost 16 dogs becomes the latest to sue Hill's. The new litigation, which defendant Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. on Thursday moved from state court to federal court, joins a list of 30-plus lawsuits from California, Florida, New York and other states that are being consolidated in a multidistrict litigation action in Kansas. In January of this year, Hill’s recalled canned Prescription Diet dog food because of excessive vitamin D levels - many dogs exhibited symptoms of excessive thirst, drooling and lethargy before ultimately dying.

The better conversion of dog years to human years. Researchers say they have a new formula to convert dog years to human years, based on a relatively new concept in aging research: that chemical modifications to a person’s DNA over a lifetime create what is known as an epigenetic clock. All dogs—no matter the breed—follow a similar developmental trajectory to humans. A 7-week-old puppy would be equivalent roughly to a 9-month-old human baby, both of whom are just starting to sprout teeth. The formula also nicely matches up the average life span of Labrador retrievers (12 years) with the worldwide life expectancy of humans (70 years).

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Which table scraps are safe to feed? It’s that time of the year where begging snouts around the dinner table are nearly unavoidable. The good news, if you and your family are eating fresh, real food, you can share most things with your pup! Our advice - skip the starchy, high carbs (potatoes) and overly seasoned foods. Dropping bits of cooked meat, raw or cooked veggies, or raw bones is totally safe and healthy!

Bone cancer genome in dogs could help decipher disease in children. A new scientific study has shown that there is a genetic similarity between human osteosarcoma (OS) and bone cancer in dogs. Although OS is rare in children, it is quite prevalent among dogs and is an aggressive form of cancer that tends to spread to the lungs. The similar genomic features and clinical expression of the illness in both species allow us to use comparative oncology to share potential new treatment options.

FDA approves Clomipramine Hydrochloride for separation anxiety in dogs. Clomipramine hydrochloride is a tricyclic antidepressant typically used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in humans. The FDA has recently approved the generic version of Clomicalm for dogs. According to the FDA, “Pet owners whose dogs have been prescribed clomipramine hydrochloride should be aware that it is not for use in humans, and they should keep the product out of reach of children, and seek medical care if ingestion occurs. Clomipramine overdose in humans can cause effects such as convulsions, irregular heart rhythm, and elevated heart rate.” So yeah, that’s scary.

Dogs spayed or neutered are more likely to be overweight or obese. A recent paper on about 2,800 golden retrievers enrolled in a lifetime study also found that dogs fixed before they were 6 months old had much higher rates of orthopedic injuries, and that keeping dogs lean didn’t prevent those injuries. Spaying and neutering do have some clear health benefits for dogs (testicular and ovarian cancers are moot), but researchers say the reproductive hormones controlled by the removed sex organs have important systemic roles. They influence muscle mass and tendon and ligament strength, and they tell bones when to stop growing.

Helping Robot Dogs Trot Like Real Animals. Researchers at Virginia Tech are developing a way to use computer algorithms and sensors to help robot animals move more naturally like their real-life counterparts. They believe that even state-of-the-art machines still cannot exactly mimic the agility of animals, such as dogs, cheetahs, and mountain lions. There seems to be a fundamental gap between the locomotion seen in robots and those seen in their biological counterparts. With these features, researchers hope that the robotic dogs would be able to act accordingly to their environment.

White House Secret Service Dog honored with a medal of devotion of duty. Hurricane, a black Belgian Malinois, is a Special Operations Canine. During the night of Oct. 22, 2014, an intruder scaled the north lawn fence at the White House. Hurricane leaped at the intruder, past the last guard who had the intruder at gunpoint, and took him off his feet, eventually pushing him back to the perimeter fence. "It was very hard to watch," said Miraichi in a video posted by the charity. "I've never had to see my dog get hit like that, slammed like that, kicked, punched. He was cut up pretty good from the fight. I knew it was bad. Hurricane went in and did that so we didn't have to."

Technology that helps dogs learn how to talk with humans. The FIDO Project at Georgia Institute of technology is currently working on nose-activated vests and touchscreens that can be used by our furry friends to summon help for their handlers and so much more. The research includes testing wearable devices and a way to interpret what is being conveyed by a dog’s variety of barks.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition expands its recall and nobody is talking about it. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive, is expanding a recall they said in January was for food sold last year and therefore probably not still on sale. The products, including Hill’s® Prescription Diet® i/d® Digestive Care Chicken&Vegetable Stew Canned Dog Food, has now expanded into a different level of concern.

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Did you know… When the colonists first came to the New World, they used pumpkin seeds for curing kidney ailments and urinary issues, healing wounds and for parasitic treatment on humans? In most recent years, herbalists have found that pumpkin seeds are an effective agent in deworming for humans and dogs as well. What makes pumpkin seeds successful with deworming is the amino acid they contain called cucurbitin. Check out this quick recipe on preparing ground pumpkin seeds as a natural dewormer.

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Owners think raw pet food is safe. Despite heated debate within the vet profession, an international survey has found that pet owners do not consider raw food to considerably increase infection risk in their own households. A total of 16,475 households from 81 countries responded to the internet-based survey conducted by the University of Helsinki. Yet, only 39 (0.2%) reported having had a transmission of pathogen from the raw pet food to a human family member during the time raw feeding had been used in the household. Respondents had been feeding their dogs and cats raw diets from months up to 65 years.

Wood-derived yeast as protein? Agricultural bio-tech company, Arbiom, announced Sept. 10 it has successfully concluded a trial of its SylPro alternative protein ingredient for dog food. The 26-week trial (as required by AAFCO) compared the nutritional effects of SylPro to that of conventional chicken meal in a dog diet. SylPro is a single-cell protein derived from yeast, fermented using wood-based material, then processed to fulfill nutritional and functional requirements for animal food.

Helping Robot Dogs Trot Like Real Animals. Researchers at Virginia Tech are developing a way to use computer algorithms and sensors to help robot animals move more naturally like their real-life counterparts. They believe that even state-of-the-art machines still cannot exactly mimic the agility of animals, such as dogs, cheetahs, and mountain lions. There seems to be a fundamental gap between the locomotion seen in robots and those seen in their biological counterparts. With these features, researchers hope that the robotic dogs would be able to act accordingly to their environment.

Obesity in dogs mirrors that of their owners. A new study from the University of Copenhagen reports that the prevalence of overweight dogs is markedly larger among overweight owners than among normal-weight owners. Previous studies have shown that on average, heavy dogs live 1.3 years less than dogs on restrictive diets and that part of the explanation may be an earlier development of osteoarthritis with the heavier weight. The study also shows that neutered male dogs have three times as high a risk of being heavy or obese compared to intact dogs. On the other hand, the study demonstrated that sterilization has no impact on weight in female dogs.

Japan tech company releases a strap-on dog mood sensor. The Inupathy wearable device uses HRV (heart rate variability) – it continually takes your dog’s pulse – and uses analysis to give you feedback on its mood as flashing colors on the back of the harness. Everything from happy and alert to concerned and stressed is covered, though there’s no color for ‘annoyed by harness’. Before you ask, it’s too big for cats.

Face a $2700 fine for failing to walk your dog. Under a new legislation, dog owners could be fined up to $2700 for not walking their dog. This is the first jurisdiction in Australia to recognize animal sentience, where there’s a huge push to improve animal welfare. Owners must provide basics like shelter, food and water and cannot confine their pups for more than 24 hours without a walk. Sounds fair to me.

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Science confirms dogs can recognize a bad person. A recent study conducted by Kyoto University, Japan, concluded that dogs can detect bad individuals. The primary agenda of the research was to detect the ability of dogs to trust lying individuals and see whether dogs judge people depending on the way the treat their owners. For instance, if a person was rude to their owner when they needed help, the dog wouldn’t take the treats they offered, but they would easily warm up to people who treated their owners nicely.

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AI startup is tracking lost dogs using their nose prints. Megvii, a Chinese AI startup that supplies facial recognition software for the Chinese government’s surveillance program, is expanding its technology beyond humans to recognize different faces of pets through a mobile app and registry. The company says it can register your dog simply by scanning the snout through your phone’s camera. Just like how a phone registers your fingerprint for biometric unlock, the app asks you to take photos of your dog’s nose from multiple angles. Megvii says it has an accuracy rate of 95% and has reunited 15,000 pets with their owners through the app.

Vibrating dog vest lets you talk without saying a word. Using a newly developed remote-controlled dog vest, researchers report that cues issued by gentle vibration motors are as effective as vocal commands between human and dog. This is similar to results yielded from say, e-collars, however, there is no voice or visual cue that accompanies the vibrating command. Communication with working dogs is still predominantly visual and audial, so this may be helpful to search-and-rescue or tracker dogs that often work at a distance from their handlers, that are in loud areas or even secret operations that require silence.

LSU discovers true weight loss pet food. LSU Pennington Biomedical scientists say they have developed and patented technology that lets your pet eat the same amount of food and still lose weight. It’s a restriction of an amino acid in food that results in a pet burning more calories and reducing body fat. “Low values of methonine stimulate a hormone called FGF21 and that hormone increases... metabolism.” The pet food is not yet commercially available and it will be even longer before we could see this same advancement in food for humans.

Why Mars Petcare is becoming a venture capitalist. The pet care arm of the CPG (consumer product goods) business, which makes an estimated $18 billion in revenue from pet care annually, created the “Companion Fund” last March with a dedicated $100 million investment pot, part of which it has used to back corporate-wide investments in 20 startups. DTC (direct to consumer) brands are the envy of CPG businesses like Mars. They move fast, have leaner structures and generate reams of data from selling directly to people. If progressive DTC startups take Mars Petcare’s investment, it can pay off in two ways: Mars profits from its ownership stake in a startup that eventually floats on the stock exchange, or the CPG business could acquire a startup it has helped grow, as it did when it bought “Fitbit for dogs” Whistle in 2016.

ICYMI: Answers Pet Food filed a lawsuit against AAFCO, FDA, and Colorado State. Answers are challenging the lawfulness of the FDA’s actions, in cooperation with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) in adopting their nationwide, zero tolerance standard for salmonella presence in pet food. In its lawsuit, Answers argues that the standard is not compliant with federal laws, it’s unsupported by science and beyond the powers delegated to the FDA by Congress. This is a huge battle for the fresh pet food community.

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Trupanion dog insurance fined $100,000 over sales tactics. Washington state regulators fined Trupanion for failing to ensure that its producers are properly licensed and affiliated; for giving pet care providers gifts for referrals, and for knowingly accepting insurance business from unlicensed producers. Trupanion CEO Darryl Rawlings acknowledged that the company had erred. This is the second fine incurred by Trupanion in Washington within the past 3 years. The state previously fined Trupanion Managers $150,000 for selling nearly 3,300 pet insurance policies through unlicensed call center employees.

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Did you know… 84% of veterinary clients feeding raw diets have a college education? In a recent Fetch dvm360 conference lecture, Dr. Donna Raditic dove deep into the raw food and homemade diet dilemmas that veterinary practitioners face daily with clients. The consensus? There is no perfect diet. “Raw and homemade diets are here to stay... It’s better to approach this on an educated basis and try to build trust with clients,” Dr. Raditic says.

What’s the Buzz about Raw Meat?

‘Puppy dog eyes’ evolved so dogs could communicate with us. When meeting a person’s gaze, dogs often raise their inner eyebrow muscle to make their eyes look larger and more appealing. That’s no accident, a new study says. Centuries of domestication have radically reshaped a dog’s eyebrow anatomy, making their faces—and emotions—easily readable to people. Further study is required to investigate more about our reactions to puppy dog eyes—and why we can’t resist being taken in.

Climate change could threaten dogs with diseases pushing into new parts of the US. As if this year's storms, floods, and heat waves weren't enough to worry you, some experts fear climate change is expanding the distribution of diseases that can sicken or even kill dogs. Though diseases in dogs are not tracked as intensively as those in humans, veterinary epidemiologists and biologists said Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a bacterial disease that can cause fever, joint pain, and vomiting, is moving into California and Texas. Heartworm disease is spreading beyond its traditional home in the South and Southeast and Lyme disease is affecting dogs as far north as Canada.

A new “bio-scoring” tool gives vets a clearer way to treat dog mammary tumors. "Mammary gland carcinomas are the most common tumors in intact dogs around the world," yet current prognostic tools, which provide information about the tumor stage -- how large or dispersed it is -- and grade -- how likely it is to grow quickly -- don't always give veterinarians or owners clear picture of how a tumor is going to progress, and what treatments might be most appropriate. A new "bio-scoring" system, devised by a team led by Karin Sorenmo, a veterinary oncologist at Penn's School of Veterinary Medicine, equips clinicians with a more reliable prognosticating method.

New app to identify vicious dogs? Sounds legit. Police are using a phone app to verify their suspicions of “banned dog breeds” in Gallatin, Missouri. After receiving a complaint of a neighbor owning “pitbulls” which is banned dog breed in Gallatin (along with Rottweilers), police officers took photos of dogs and ran them through a doggy facial recognition app called “Dog Scanner”- they were identified as pitbulls and taken from their home. Although the town law allows for these restricted dogs breeds to be euthanized, they say they spent months to rehome these pups elsewhere.

Dogs saving habitats by finding rare turtles. A retired schoolteacher has trained his hunting dogs to find rare turtles at risk for extinction. Counting the creatures will help conservationists manage the land better. Once the dogs track them down, volunteers scoop the turtles up and check for ID markers, track the turtles and hold on to some for further research. Over three days, the dogs can find a total of 137 turtles. While this may seem like a lot of effort for a relatively minor species, conserving them provides habitat and food for other animals in our ecosystem and slow the spread of pests and diseases.

If you’re chronically stressed, your dog could be too. According to a new study of stress hormones in dog owners and their pets, owners that experience long-term stress and anxiety can pass it on to their pups. The study recruited 33 Shetland sheepdogs and 25 border collies, and their owners. To discern stress levels in both species over a period of several months, the team measured concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol in the dogs’ hair and fur. The result was an owner with a high amount of cortisol in their hair also had a dog with a high amount of cortisol.

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Did you know… the FDA just approved the first genetically engineered fish? Massachusetts-based AquaBounty Technologies has said American supermarkets could begin selling the much-debated fish by the end of next year. The company modifies Atlantic salmon with added genes from other fish to grow about twice as fast as conventional salmon. AquaBounty's salmon is the first genetically modified, or GMO, animal to be approved for human consumption and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has signed off on the fish as safe to eat. The genetically modified salmon is also approved for sale in Canada.

We’re not sure what the means for dog food, but we do know that omega-3s are essential to add into your dog’s diet for healthy skin and coat.

Bachelor’s Degree in dog training? A four-year program in "canine training and management" officially launches this fall at the State University of New York at Cobleskill amid a surge in demand for specially trained dogs to detect security threats and assist veterans in the wake of 9/11. While training is an important part of the degree, students also take many science courses to learn about dog health, nutrition, and genetics.

Groundbreaking technology at Raleigh animal hospital. It's called Vimago. "It's a high definition, volumetric imaging system, so it does a 3D image like a CT scan but with better detail. A CT scan will miss areas. This doesn't. It's better technology." It takes just 30 seconds to scan and another 30 seconds to see the images. You can see much more than an x-ray and it produces less radiation so it's less harmful to the animal.

DNA shows why some are “dog people” and some are not. New research from Europe suggests that's so after comparing the genetic makeup of more than 35,000 twin pairs with dog ownership. The researchers concluded that genetic variations explained more than half of the likelihood of having a dog. The study "cannot tell us exactly which genes are involved, but at least demonstrate for the first time that genetics and environment play about equal roles in determining dog ownership.”

Scientists find gene link to problem breathing in dogs. Breathing difficulties are most often associated with flat-faced breeds, such as French bulldogs and pugs. But a research team in Edinburgh found the mutation is also carried by Norwich terriers, which have proportional noses. So while skull shape remains a risk factor, fluid retention in the tissue that lines the airways could also make it more likely that dogs with the mutation will develop breathing problems. The results raise the possibility of genetic/DNA tests that could help vets identify animals at risk and could one day help breeders avoid producing affected pups.

The federal lawsuit against Ainsworth Pet Nutrition dismissed. A federal judge has dismissed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed last year against Meadville-based Ainsworth Pet Nutrition for alleged false and deceptive advertising of its Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food. The suit sought at least $5 million in damages. It claimed Ainsworth’s labeling of Rachael Ray Nutrish as natural food for dogs was false, deceptive and misleading because independent laboratory tests found glyphosate — a chemical weedkiller — was present in the products. U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton ruled while the suit claimed the products contain trace amounts of glyphosate, it didn't claim the products are composed of unnatural ingredients. The ruling allows the case to be refiled if the complaint is modified.

14-year-old boy killed by a pack of German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. The Massachusetts boy was mauled to death by a pack of dogs that he was tending for a homeowner who was out of town. Eleven dogs were found on the property, four running freely and seven caged up. Each has been taken into custody and must be quarantined for at least 10 days. Five of the dogs were scheduled to be put down.

Iowa confirms bacterial disease transferable from dogs to humans. The Iowa state veterinarian has confirmed several cases of "canine Brucellosis" coming from a commercial small-dog breeding facility in Marion County, Iowa. "The threat to most pet owners is considered very low," the release reads, but the sickness is known to only affect dogs and humans and is spread through reproductive fluids.

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Did you know… you can feed bee pollen to your dog? Although some dogs will try to eat the bees themselves (see link below for a good chuckle), there are some great benefits to feeding raw bee pollen. And before you ask, no, honey and bee pollen are not quite the same thing. But some local honey does have bee pollen in it! Read all about bee pollen here!

Please enjoy this compilation of dogs bitten by bees… because well, #itsmonday

Dogs can tune out the noise, just like people at cocktail parties. In recent experiments at the University of Maryland, scientists found that our furry companions can perceive their name spoken at the same intensity as or louder than background noise. The canines also recognized their own names when spoken by an unfamiliar voice and through a loudspeaker—suggesting they were not responding to a person’s body language, tone of voice, or other cues. This is valuable insight for people handling working and service dogs, who may need to take urgent commands from people other than their owner in a noisy environment, according to the study.

Purina creates a vet billboard it actually needs dogs to pee on. Pet food brand Purina has run a wellbeing stunt for dogs, by creating an interactive billboard that scans canine urine for diseases. The street vet stunt, from McCann Paris, was created to disrupt dog checkups and displace steep vet bills. In practice, the billboard installment uses dog pheromones to attract the pets to the ad where they, like clockwork, urinate into a drain that will take and analyze their sample.

The dog stays by the owner’s side after dying on a hike. "Without the barking of his loyal companion Daisy, we never would have located the missing man,” said the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. After a man went missing in Washington state on Thursday, a rescue team was led to his body when the man’s loyal dog, having stayed by his side, started barking and drew attention to the pair.

Could robot therapy dogs be 'substitutes for live animal companions'? Therapy pets may help patients cope with loneliness, anxiety, and stress, but caring for a live/living animal isn’t easy. There’s some evidence that robotic companions can do the same. “Jennie” is a prototype robot therapy dog, barks and wags her tail just like a real dog. The synthetic fur for the robot-dogs was created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop, which produces The Muppets. The robots are expected to go on the market next year for about $450.

Trump calls working dogs 'the greatest equipment in the world'. The Trump family has broken with tradition -- by not having a pet at the White House -- making them the first pet-free first family since before Thomas Jefferson, who kept a mockingbird and a couple of bear cubs. Trump lived with a poodle, Chappy, with his first wife, Ivana, who wrote in her memoir that "Donald was not a dog fan." But he praised drug-detecting dogs at the US-Mexico border at the Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit, calling working canines "the greatest equipment in the world."

Beards can be dirtier than dog fur. A survey claims bearded men carry more germs in their facial hair than dogs carry in their fur. The sample size of the study in question was small – 18 men were tested against 30 canines of varying breeds – and other studies have found evidence to the contrary (the faces of bearded health workers tend to harbor fewer dangerous bacteria than clean-shaven faces, found one). Pro tip: You should wash your beard hair like you wash the hair on your head.

Tech tools to help US postal carriers from dog bites. The U.S. Postal Service reports that around 6,000 letter carriers will be attacked by dogs every year. Every April, USPS raises awareness for Dog Bite Prevention Week. USPS released an interactive map of all reported dog bites nationwide in 2018 so carriers know which houses have dogs. They identify the addresses where dogs live and put that information into the scanner and the GPS keeps track of it. Along with GPS warnings, letter carriers have other tools when an aggressive dog attacks, including dog repellant and a horn.

What Scotland’s dogs looked like 4500 years ago. First of all, where the heck is Orkney? I had to look it up - turns out it’s an archipelago off the northeastern coast of Scotland. Scientists have recreated a 3-D face of a dog from skulls discovered at Cuween Hill. Just as they are treasured pets today, dogs clearly had an important place in Neolithic Orkney, as they were kept and trained as pets and guards and perhaps used by farmers to help tend sheep. But the remains discovered suggest that dogs had a particularly special significance for the farmers who lived around and used the tomb about 4,500 years ago. Maybe dogs were their symbol or totem, perhaps they thought of themselves as the 'dog people'.

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Dog Parks… yay or nay? When I first got a dog, I thought dog parks would be an easy way for my dog to get out some pent up energy and socialize with other dogs -- turns out there were many factors I hadn’t considered that had a detrimental effect on my young pup’s growth and behavior. If your dog is a dog that struggles with confidence, is reactive, or is an overly dominant dog, dog parks may not the best choice. Here are a few things to consider.

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96% of dogs relinquished to shelters have received zero formal obedience training! This is one of the main factors that hinder dogs from getting adopted. 30 Day Perfect Pup has launched a 100% free online dog training class. It comes with in-depth videos, an eBook and daily tips. It's a great resource for new puppy parents, people looking to polish some of their dog`s skills and anyone who wants to create a better relationship with their pup.

Can dogs survive on a vegan diet? The co-evolution of the domestic dog alongside their human companions means that although dogs have carnivore anatomy, they have evolved some nifty adaptions for living alongside people and scavenging our scraps. However, dogs still need an easily digestible diet that is rich in protein so that nutrients can be rapidly absorbed into their bodies. For this reason, vegan dogs will struggle to digest the high fiber of plant-based diets and are at risk of vitamin D and B deficiencies. In one study of vigorously exercising dogs, those eating a plant-based diet showed damage to their blood. The blood remained normal in meat-eating dogs.

In the UK, cat owners who feed their pets a vegan diet could be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act - in which the punishment may include jail time.

Elderly residents fight loneliness with dog robots. Furry robotic pets – Lucy and Hasbro – have been brought in to reduce anxiety and loneliness in senior care facilities in the UK. The four-legged robo-pets meow and bark and wag their tails when petted by residents. The robo-cat lies on its back to have her tummy rubbed while Hasbro a Golden Retriever wags his tail when stroked.

Forget kibbles: US sales of fresh pet food are soaring! U.S. pet owners are increasingly feeding fresh food to their dogs and cats. Some order pre-proportioned meals of meat and vegetables or frozen raw meat online. Others find them in refrigerators at big retailers. Proponents say fresh foods preserve nutrients better than canned or dried ones, mimic ancestral diets and improve pets’ health. “Just as people have become skeptical of highly processed foods for themselves, they’re looking critically at their pets’ foods as well. “They think: How could something with a shelf life of over year be better than real, fresh food?”

Virtual smart fence to corral your dog wherever you go. Using GPS technology and navigation, the SpotOn dog collar allows pet owners to create a remote perimeter — from a backyard, local park or campground. Customers start by walking the perimeter of the area in which they wish to contain the dog, which is then saved as a virtual map. When the dog approaches the edge of the perimeter wearing the collar, a high-pitched, friendly tone is emitted. If the dog goes beyond the first zone, a second, more stern and commanding tone is emitted - you can also choose between a static electricity shock

A shortage of veterinarians? A combination of factors has created an environment where there are more veterinary positions than doctors to fill them. It seems the latest generation of newlyweds is bringing home dogs instead of babies, and willing to spend on their care. And the baby boom generation of veterinarians—many of whom are used to putting in long hours—is retiring, and the younger veterinarians joining the workforce are often unwilling to put in so much time, resulting in a need for more qualified vets in the workforce.

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Did you know… dogs can detect an odor humans emit during epileptic seizures? Dogs are trained to respond to and even sense epileptic seizures before they occur—though effectiveness varies widely, and there’s been little solid scientific evidence that such a thing is possible. For the first time, it’s been shown in a recent published study that humans do emit some odorous chemicals during epileptic seizures, ones that dogs can pick up on.

Want to work on nose-work with your dog? Here’s a super easy beginner’s activity you can do right at home - Springtime Egg Hunt!

China’s first cloned police puppy starts training. Kunxun, a two-month-old female Kunming wolfdog, was bred using DNA from an award-winning police sniffer dog. Earlier this month she began training at Kunming Police Dog Base in China’s southwestern Yunnan province. The puppy was born after scientists took a DNA sample from a seven-year-old female named Huahuangma, who has won a string of awards for helping to crack multiple cases. “Currently, police dog cloning is still in the experimental stage. We hope in the next 10 years, once the technology becomes more sophisticated, to mass-clone exceptional police dogs.”

Rover offers $2500 scholarship to UNM students. To apply, students must write a 400-500 word essay focusing on technology and the impact of technology in the community. Essays will be judged based on 50% thoughtfulness of response, 30% relevance to prompt, 15% quality of composition and 5% grammatical accuracy. Rover is also leading a $7 million funding round for DogHero, a pet care marketplace based in Brazil. What do you think they’ll do with the information they collect?

Failed drug-sniffer excels as a conservationist’s assistant. Train, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, sniffs out the scat, or poop, of elusive wild animals like jaguars and oncillas in the name of conservation. It might sound like an unsavory task, but these scat samples are goldmines for researchers like Train's owner, conservation biologist Karen DeMatteo. Train, alongside a border collie named April help researchers, determine which wilderness areas should be prioritized in conservation efforts in Argentina.

Technology brings the Iditarod race to a global audience. Technology has increasingly made the 47-year-old race more immediate to fans and safer for competitors. Volunteers and race contractors monitor the dog teams through sleds equipped with GPS trackers that allow fans to follow them online in real time and organizers to ensure no one is missing. Some serve as aircraft dispatchers for a cadre of pilots who ferry supplies as well as mushers and dogs that drop out. Others process live video streamed from checkpoints along the rugged trail, using satellite dishes. Long gone are the days where some race updates came through amateur radio and faxes.

Are iPhones the future of pet care? Smart dog (pet) solutions are predicted to be a $22B industry by 2025. Fitness trackers to monitor vitals, activity, and behavior are on the rise - this data allows pet owners to gain deeper insights into the pet’s health and they are more likely to notice when irregularities in health occur. These apps or systems will also help identify symptoms owners may not know to look for, as it integrates machine learning, AI and veterinary expertise to help predict and treat many health problems.

Mark Cuban invested $550,000 in a vegan dog treats. On Sharktank last week, the co-founder of Wild Earth was seeking $550,000 in exchange for 5% of the company. Wild Earth is a tech startup that has developed vegan protein treats (no fillers or fats) for dogs. The main ingredient in its treats is "koji" (a fungi superfood), which is its lab-grown protein. Sharks asked how he could value the company at $11 million if they hadn't even released the product commercially yet. The company has taken in a total of $4 million in investments so far, including one from billionaire Peter Thiel.

Darwin’s claps back. Darwin’s Natural Pet Products disputed an FDA warning regarding pathogens in its raw pet food. The FDA tested three lots of Darwin’s poultry meals, produced in October and November of last year, and claimed to find the presence of Salmonella in them. Darwin’s stated that the warning was inappropriate, as there is no inherent public health risk, and that customers were already aware of the situation as a result of the company’s own communications. Further, the FDA informed Darwin’s that it was issuing the warning because Darwin’s refused to turn over customers’ personal contact information which the FDA demanded to receive.

Real food is simple. Available until April 22nd, here’s the current lineup: 🦃 Turkey Breast 🐄 Beef Liver 🐟 Alaskan Pollock 🐓 Chicken Feet 🐑 Lamb Ear 🐄 Beef Backstrap 🐶 Super Chew: Pig Trotter

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Did you know… between 2004 and 2017 the number of seniors with dog-walking related fractures grew from 1,671 to 4,396? Researchers on this first study of its kind found an uptick in the number of fractures associated with walking leashed dogs for older Americans. Most of the injuries are to the hip and upper extremities and are happening most often among women and 30% require hospitalization. Here’s why you may want to ditch that retractable leash.

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The electronic nose is better at sniffing out a disease killing people in Brazil. Scientists have developed a new, more accurate electronic nose designed to sniff out dogs that carry the deadly disease - Leishmaniasis - it’s a disease that kills some 3,500 people in Brazil every year. The electronic nose is an organic chemical analyzer that is 95% accurate -- researches hope fewer dogs will be unnecessarily euthanized.

Do anxious owners make for anxious dogs? A new study explores the owners of 1,681 dogs who evaluated their own personalities, and their dogs’ personalities, on standardized questionnaires. They found that dogs and their owners share personality traits. A highly agreeable person is twice as likely to have a dog who is highly active and excitable—and less aggressive—than someone who is less agreeable. The study also found that conscientious owners rated their dogs as more responsive to training and neurotic owners rated their dogs as more fearful. By contrast, “if someone is chill, their dog is chill," says Chopik.

Genes might explain why dogs can’t sniff out some people under stress. Trained police dogs couldn’t recognize stressed-out people with a particular version of a gene that’s involved in stress management. In the study, dogs had no trouble identifying the men and women volunteers when the people weren’t under stress. This may help explain why dogs can perform flawlessly in training but have difficulty tracking people in real-world situations.

Dogs bred to scare bears away—to protect them. Karelian bear dogs are a new, non-lethal tool for wildlife agencies concerned with ursine visitors getting too comfortable around humans. In 1996, the Wind River Bear Institute was founded to train a special breed of dogs to be “bear shepherds”—to bark and scare away bears when they get too close to human settlements and to condition them to steer clear. “Bears are naturally afraid of canids… [b]ecause packs of coyotes can steal cubs,” so they take off and don’t come back. Win-Win.

Estonians rescue wild wolf from ice thinking it was a dog. Kind-hearted Estonian workers rushed to rescue a dog in distress from a freezing river on Wednesday - unaware of the fact they were actually about to bundle a wild wolf into their car. The wolf had low blood pressure when it arrived at the veterinarian's office, which may have explained its docile nature after the men carried it to their car to warm it up.

Meet the dogs of the 2020 presidential race. Our current commander in chief may be the only president in office without a dog for the last 100 years, but candidates for the upcoming election have revealed their “secret (four-legged) weapon.”

Stone-age peoples shared graves with their dogs. Stone age communities in the Iberian Peninsula (today’s Spain) buried dogs alongside humans - mainly in circular graves, together or near humans. The burials may have been sacrificial or religious in nature - “found in an area of cultural influence that gives a symbolic value to the dog during that period.” These dogs were also fed a diet very similar to that of their owners and their proximity to their owners’ burial suggests the important role they played in the lives of Neolithic populations.

Are home-based pet sitters hurting the doggy daycare industry? Both sides have launched vigorous lobbying efforts. State laws governing kennels were largely written decades ago; they did not anticipate the rise of app-based sharing services - interesting to see how this affects traditional kennels. "All these dot-com websites, and all the people that advertise on Craigslist, they’re taking away from the commercial boarding industry... affecting our daily living and income."

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We asked a few of our members what canine enrichment looked like to them. Peep the video and post and tag us in how you bond with your pups by adding in some mental work to your routine this month!

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How are those new year’s resolution’s going? Most of our members #sharedresolutions were to more active and do more things to keep their pups learning and engaged. What better way than to join a local Packwalk? With the help of Hannah, mama to Maggie and Orbit, we host a packwalk 3 times a month to help our dogs learn to peacefully co-exist in a pack without direct interaction. Are you near San Diego? We’d love for you to join us.

DHS wants to outfit dogs with wearable tech. The agency’s Science and Technology Directorate on Tuesday announced a roughly $200,000 contract with HaloLights to prototype a sensor-equipped harness that monitors dogs’ heart rate, body temperature and other vitals. In addition to health data, the harness would also track each dog’s GPS location and monitor environmental factors like air temperature and humidity.

Dog museum opens in New York City. The AKC Museum of the Dog reopened in New York City on Friday, after spending decades on the outskirts of St. Louis. Located in midtown Manhattan, the museum's collection includes a terracotta dog paw print that dates back to the Roman empire, a dog-pulled cart from the Victorian era and an extensive array of canine fine art.

New app lets dog lovers swipe right for perfect pet match. “It is like Tinder, but with dogs.” Animal lovers in Lithuania have created a mobile application, called GetPet, inspired by the popular dating app Tinder to match up dogs in local shelters with new owners.

Dog owners claim 'toxic' vitamin D levels in recalled Hill's Pet Nutrition dog food killed their dogs. Due to a number of foods with elevated levels of vitamin D. When vitamin D is consumed at very high levels it can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction. In some cases around the country, veterinarians have recommended Hill’s Pet Nutrition “Prescription Diet,” but within days, their pup’s health rapidly deteriorated without explanation. The comments on Hill’s FaceBook page say a lot. A class action was filed this week.

Military Dog Stamps. USPS announced in a statement that one of their 2019 forever stamp collections will honor the "nation's brave and loyal military working dogs." The stamps will feature four breeds that are commonly used to serve in the armed forces -- German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Belgian Malinois and Dutch shepherd. The colors represent the American flag and patriotism.

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Did you know… February is National Pet Dental Awareness Month? That’s right. It’s shocking to know that 75% of dogs and cats over the age of three have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease affects the kidneys, liver, heart and lungs. Infections start in the mouth but can travel through the bloodstream if not taken care of properly. The good news is there are many ways to prevent dental disease.

We also asked our members to take some before and after photos to monitor their pup’s progress. Check out these dental success stories.

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Tracking down the poo-petrator. A Pennsylvania complex is requiring its residents’ canines to undergo DNA testing so any dog poop can be traced back and their owner held accountable. The testing service – which uses 16 genetic markers to identify a match and is so accurate that the probability of another dog having the same genetic profile is often as high as one in 44 sextillion – cuts dog waste by about 75%. And there are other indirect benefits such as preventing the spread of disease and keeping toxins out of the water.

Seattle startup raises $772,000 seed investment to develop “smart dog toys”. Based on positive reinforcement, PupPod aims to create brain games for your pup’s mental stimulation. Users can set criteria on their smartphones for treat rewards as their dogs progress through puzzles and challenges.

Answers Pet Food disputes FDA’s salmonella warning. The FDA announced on Jan. 14th that the Nebraska Department of Ag tested Answers Straight Beef Formula and found Salmonella. Lystn, (d/b/a Answers) said that one random sample by the Nebraska Department of Ag on Dec. 10 tested positive for Salmonella, but four subsequent samples of a larger quantity tested negative. "It is Lystn’s belief (as well as our science advisors) that the initial sample sent from Nebraska may have been cross-contaminated in the lab, transport or elsewhere and should not be considered a representative sample," the company said. Go Answers for standing their ground.

Using dogs to get opioids. The U.S. opioid crisis let to almost 50,000 overdose deaths in 2017. But while lawmakers and regulators have clamped down hard on doctors' prescribing practices, one avenue for obtaining prescription opioids appears to have been overlooked. According to a new study, veterinarians are prescribing large quantities of opioids to pets, raising concern that some people might be using Fido to feed their addiction.

Dog cancer startup raises $5 million. One Health Company just raised a $5 million seed round to make it easier for humans to treat canine cancer, which is the number one disease killer of pups. FidoCure utilizes gene sequencing to better understand the genetic mutations that cause an individual dog’s cancer. The treatment and drugs recommended are FDA approved for humans, but do have data relevant to dogs. 1 in every 3 dogs gets cancer.

Bigger dogs make smarter dogs. Or so a new study out of the University of Arizona says… Bigger dogs have better short-term memory and self-control than smaller breeds. Research still needs to be done as to why, but the study also confirmed that while canine brain size is associated with executive functioning, it isn’t with other types of intelligence.

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Did you know… February is National Pet Dental Awareness Month? That’s right. It’s shocking to know that 75% of dogs and cats over the age of three have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease affects the kidneys, liver, heart and lungs. Infections start in the mouth but can travel through the bloodstream if not taken care of properly. The good news is there are many ways to prevent dental disease.

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Robot delivery dog might put mail carriers out of work. German automotive manufacturing giant Continental AG has unveiled a solution to autonomously deliver packages to your front door through robot delivery dogs. Their vision includes a robot dog jumping in and out of a driverless vehicle to bring you your latest online order.

How treats can calm an anxious dog. Marin County humane society uses sniffing exercises to help anxious dogs relax. Twice a week, Shelter Scents comes to the shelter and lays out various boxes and containers for a K9 nose work search. Nose work gives pups a rewarding outlet for stress and boredom, and can even help with behavior modification.

Dog breeds really do have distinct personalities. In a new study, looking at behavioral data for about 14,000 dogs from 101 breeds and their DNA, researchers found 131 places in a dog’s DNA that may shape 14 key personality traits, explaining about 15% of a dog breed personality. The research cannot link a breed’s specific behavior tendencies to any one gene, but the findings suggest certain behavior is guided by the same genes in many species -- meaning, it’s the same gene affects anxiety in both canines and humans.

CES showcases the first smart dog toilet. INUBOX has created the first device that automatically captures, processes and contains dog was. Your dog must step on the platform to handle his/her business. Once finished, the station closes the platform and starts the cleaning cycle in less than one minute. All solid and liquid materials are passed through a solidifying process and contained in a closed bag. Once full, it delivers a sealed bag for disposal.

TSA gets more floppy eared dogs. TSA officials say the agency is increasingly replacing retired pointy-eared dogs, like German shepherds and Belgian Malinoises, with floppy-eared sorts like Labrador retrievers. The recruits have a friendlier look and doesn’t scare children, officials say.

Using counter-terrorism technology to take down puppy mills. Pet detectives in Ireland are using counterterrorism technology to shut down illegal puppy mills. Named Project Capone, the software scans websites that puppies are sold from, tracking down similar images, phone numbers, and addresses to identify puppy farmers, who often use fake names and multiple phone numbers to cover their tracks.

Hey Alexa: Activate guard dog. Alexa has added a new feature to keep your keep your home safe from burglars when you’re away. When you enable the Guard Dog skill, Alexa will make sounds of growling and barking dogs periodically through the Alexa device. You can play "Guard Dog" in any room where there's an Echo device.

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Did you know…New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for humans anymore? 61% of pet owners have made a resolution for their dog or cat, according to new research. The most common resolutions for pets? Exercising more (56 %), trying a new activity (49 %), losing weight (49 %), better hygiene (47 %) and more playtime (44 %). The good news is -- you can accomplish just about all of these by adding some fresh food into your dog’s diet. Feed better and #feedreal

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Guide dogs not fazed by self-driving robots. Robotics startup Starship Technologies and charity Guide Dogs are collaborating on a series of tests exploring how service animals interact with robots. So far, all of the dogs reacted appropriately and calmly to the robots, with most stopping before the robot approached, and no adverse reactions. This could mean that dogs will treat the future of robots as any static object.

The crappiest invention of 2018. Frustrated by the amount of dog poo left on the footpaths near his home in the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, a British inventor, Brian Harper, spent several years developing his dog poo-powered lamp. Ten bags of poo could give two hours of light.

Noise-canceling kennel to shelter dogs from fireworks. Inspired by the noise-control technology introduced in its SUVs, Ford built a prototype kennel with a high-density cork exterior to soften loud noises that might frighten many pups. The kennel can detect the sound of fireworks and trigger a built-in audio system to send out opposing frequencies that Ford claims “significantly reduces or cancels the cacophony.”

Snapchat dog lenses are here. Much like Snapchat’s cat lenses, which launched in October, the lenses let you put photo filters on your pups, just as you would add flourish to a selfie or cute effects to a snap. We live on Instagram, but might have to try out this filter! #whatissnapchat

Mars’ pet food linked to megaesophagus outbreak. A Melbourne University study has found a statistical link between the Advance Dermocare pet food and an outbreak of a debilitating and incurable illness in dogs throughout Australia. Megaesophagus causes the esophagus to become enlarged and limits the movement of food and liquid to the stomach. If dogs survive, they must be fed upright so the food does not get stuck in their esophagus.

California forces pet stores to sell only dogs from shelters. California just became the first state to bar pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits unless they come from animal shelters or rescue groups. The law targets the controversial breeding facilities known as puppy mills or kitten factories, which often operate with little or no oversight and unsanitary conditions. The penalty is $500 per animal for pet stores that don’t comply.

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Did you know… a 15-minute walk in the woods decreases stress and blood pressure? A study by Japanese researchers sent 84 volunteers to stroll through seven different forests and 84 other volunteers to walk around city centers. The forest walkers showed a 16% decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, a 2% drop in blood pressure, and a 4% drop in heart rate. Fortunately, we have our dogs to thank for getting our butts outside!

This is the perfect season for getting outdoors. Check out our favorite hiking tips as you enjoy some fresh air with your pup.

Top dog names of 2018. Did your pup make the list? Popular names include Cardi B, Harry and Groot! In 2018 we’ve seen plenty of pups named after sci-fi characters and superheroes, with names pulled from Guardians of the Galaxy, Rogue One, Wonder Woman and Black Panther.

Dogs are not as smart as we think. A new study in the journal Learning & Behavior compares canine cognition to other carnivores, social hunters and domestic animals and concludes that overall, dog cognition is just not “exceptional". They're not particularly great at physical cognition (interacting with and understanding objects around them), but dogs seem to be at least average, when it comes to social cognition, especially when they taking cues from humans.

VCA hospitals introduce voice command pet care. Pet owners can now receive their pets' healthcare reminders and book appointments through Amazon Alexa. VCA also launched the myVCA pet owner app earlier this year which offers personalized pet care advice and tips, 24/7 live chat capabilities with an on-call veterinarian and access to healthcare reminders and medical records.

Raw dog food study finds diet is safe and nutritional. The study took over 2 years to complete and involved an extended food trial protocol developed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The study concluded that raw meat, raw bone and raw vegetable alone (species-appropriate) met both the FEDIAF & AAFCO nutritional guidelines without the need for additional, synthetic supplementation.

South Korea closes largest dog meat slaughterhouse. A move hailed by animal rights campaigners as a major blow against the country's canine meat trade. South Korea is the only country in Asia where dogs are routinely and intensively farmed for human consumption. "Its closure is a historical event, and hopefully may trigger the closure of other illegal dog slaughterhouses throughout the country."

Chinese city bans daytime dog walking. After a publicized fight between a dog owner and a bystander, the city of Hangzhou has implemented a dog walking ban from 7am to 7pm Additionally, officials vowed to confiscate or kill dogs that were not properly licensed, fining negligent owners between $720-$1,440. Dogs found outdoors outside of the curfew would also be “detained temporarily” and their owners could be fined.

Can facial recognition be used to identify lost pets? Finding Rover is an app that claims to use real-time facial recognition technology to help identify lost dogs and cats. You must register your pet on the app for it to be discoverable. Once a pet is discovered as missing, someone can snap a photo and they can “instantly search every shelter within 200 miles to see if your animal has been brought in.”

New at-home wellness kit helps you test your dog’s health. PETSPRY kits come with a simple device to obtain a small saliva or fur sample and get a comprehensive snapshot of your dog or cat’s baseline body functions. No need for a trip to the vet, do it all from the comfort of your home. For a limited time, you can join their exclusive pilot program and get your Canine Wellness Test Kit for only $9.95.

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No, seriously, it’s cold. But not all dogs can handle the snow. Did you know… there are pups with smooth coats, double coats, wire coats, curly coats, long coats and no coats (hairless). As you know, each dog was originally bred for a purpose - some for working with us and braving harsh temperatures and others simply for companionship. Which coat is your dog?

If the weather is too harsh or your pup just isn’t meant for cold weather, here’s a fun an indoor game you can play this holiday.

How to make Golden Paste. Yes! That orange looking cube thing you keep seeing in fresh feeder's dog bowls. In our latest episode of Real Crafty, we show you how easy it is to make it.

Synthetic canine cadavers help vets save real dogs. Veterinary students at Cornell University have been practicing procedures on synthetic canine cadavers made out of tissue composed of water, salt, and fibers that are either plant-based or synthetic, like polyester. Cornell has had three artificial canines for about six months, although only one of them is the full body: the other two only simulate the animal’s abdomen. Before synthetic cadavers, vet schools had to practice on what’s known as a kill procedure, in which a vet student practices more than one procedure on a live, but anesthetized dog, which is later euthanized.

The dogs of the Dow. The pet industry is booming in the U.S., expanding at twice the rate of GDP since the Great Recession. A new exchange-traded fund, ProShares Pet Care ETF, that invests in pet-related companies -- everything from pet food to veterinary services -- began trading on Tuesday under the ticker symbol PAWZ, aiming to lure investors who want to bet on the growing sector. It's the second such animal-spirited fund offering to launch this year.

Florida voters approved an amendment to ban greyhound racing. Voters approved Amendment 13 by an overwhelming 69%, which means the state's 11 racetracks will need to close by January 2021. This will displace at least 6,000 dogs and leave thousands of people working at these tracks without jobs.

Petco pledges to throw out artificial ingredients and commits to holistic pet care. Last week, Petco announced it will stop selling pet food and treats containing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. After May 2019 customers will no longer find brands containing such ingredients on their shelves. More than 40 artificial ingredients are on its banned list.

Fatal dog experiments moving ahead despite criticism from Congress. Veterans Affairs is moving forward with invasive and some ultimately fatal experiments on dogs as part of their medical research program. The VA says the studies could help veterans suffering from spinal cord or breathing problems. The research varies across the country - in Milwaukee, research calls for removing sections of dogs’ brains to test neurons that control breathing; in Cleveland, using electrodes on dogs’ spinal cords; and in Virginia, implanting pacemakers and inducing abnormal heart rhythms. The animals would be subsequently killed by lethal injection.

U.S. Homeland Security (DHS) dogs have been infected with a parasite. A new study finds that a surprising number of dogs working for the DHS are infected with the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which causes Chagas disease, an illness that can occur in both humans and dogs. The study analyzed blood samples from 1,660 federal working dogs that aid in tasks including border patrol, search and rescue, and detecting drugs and explosives, and found that about 7% of those tested, had antibodies against T. cruzi, which indicate an ongoing infection.

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Did you know… dog pancreatitis happens the most during the holiday season? Canine pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), a painful, potentially life-threatening condition most commonly caused by overindulgence in fatty foods. If you’re not feeding table scraps regularly, this may pose an issue to your dog’s digestive tract. Pieces of meat whether they are raw or cooked is fine too as long as they are not covered in butter or salt. Read more about what you CAN feed here. Happy Thanksgiving, fam!

Witch’s Stew! Earlier this week, we released the latest episode of Real Crafty on IGTV. One of the most frequent questions we get from our members is whether or not we feed veggies and if so, how to feed them! In this week’s Real Crafty, we talk about the benefits of certain vegetables in your dog’s diet and whether they should be fed raw, cooked or pureed. We also include a fun little way to incorporate them into your dog’s diet using bone broth and leftover veggies from your own week’s meals - make your very own Witch’s Stew.

Chinese dog owners are being assigned a social credit score. The eastern Chinese city of Jinan has been enforcing a "Civilized Dog-Raising Credit Score System" to rank responsible dog owners. The system, introduced last year, gives owners a "license" with points that can be deducted if the dog is walked without a leash or causes public disturbances. The system appears to be effective, as more owners have put their dogs on a leash and cleaned up after them.

Antibiotic use can lead to resistance in dogs and humans. Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine recently shared a study concluding that prolonged use of antibiotics -- specifically amoxicillin-clavulanate -- contributes to resistant organisms in dogs and their owners. This means that antibiotic-resistant pathogens can be transmitted from companion animals to owners.

Virtual reality brings dog’s anatomy to life for vet students. The VR experience, created by an associate professor at Virginia Tech, shows up close the organs inside the skeletal system of a mid-sized dog. By moving and clicking a button, users can see layers of tissue, zoom in on certain organs, and step into parts of a virtual dog's body. One student put on the VR headset and said: "I literally stood inside the rib cage.”

Dog Mode? Elon Musk hints at a new Tesla feature. Tesla cars may soon release a special “dog mode” feature that keeps your dog cool when left alone in a parked car. A Twitter user suggested that Tesla Model 3's "dog mode" would activate air conditioning, music, and a sign for passersby that says the dog is doing OK. Musk simply replied to the request with a simple "yes,” which perhaps doesn’t guarantee it but suggests it’s on the company’s radar.

Black and yellow Labradors live longer than chocolate labs. A new study shows that chocolate labs not only have a shorter life expectancy, but that they also have a higher incidence of ear infection and skin disease. To produce a chocolate lab, both parents must have chocolate coloring in their DNA, which means the gene pool breeders pull from is limited. The pigment genes aren’t necessarily linked to shorter lifespan, but breeding for the colo may have inadvertently introduced genetic health consequences.

New technology can tell if your dog has a bacterial infection. An associate professor of chemical engineering at Northeastern University has built a test that identifies bacteria in urinary tract infections in cats and dogs. Within minutes, the technology detects “quorum-sensing molecules” that bacteria use to communicate with each other. “It would allow doctors to prescribe the right antibiotics immediately, and potentially help to cut back on the overuse of antibiotics.”

Dogs trained to sniff malaria through clothing. We’ve been fighting a global war against malaria and detecting 1 person infected among thousands is no easy feat. Research presented at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene annual meeting found that dogs trained to detect the smell of malaria parasites in children's socks correctly identified infected samples 70% of the time, and in uninfected samples 90% of the time. At the moment, the research is only at the proof-of-concept stage but offers a non-invasive alternative to finger-pricking thousands of uninfected people.

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And don’t forget to get out there and exercise your civic duty -- make sure to vote on the Tuesday, November 6th!

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Did you know… dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses? Compared to only 6 million in our noses? When we inhale, we smell and breathe through the same airways. Dogs have a fold of tissue just inside their nostrils, so when they inhale, they can actually separate smelling and breathing. And when dogs exhale, the spent air exits through the slits in the sides of their noses, allowing dogs to sniff almost continuously. Dogs have been trained to use smell to detect explosives and drugs, and to diagnose some forms of cancer and diabetes, and now… malaria.

Robot Dogs are taking over. The company has now unveiled the latest version of its Spot robo-dog, and it wants to put it in the workplace. Spot can autonomously navigate construction sites while using a specialized payload for surveying work progress. A camera located at the end of its extendable arm even enables Spot to do additional inspection work.

Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem is suing a vet for castrating his dog without consent. In the complaint, Haslem alleges that when he took his “show dog quality” Cane Corso named Juice to LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital, veterinarian Marcus Uris surgically removed the rope — and then neutered Juice for no apparent reason. The Miami Heat forward is seeking considerable damages. The lawsuit claims the castration made Juice “too tame” and nullified the $30,000 he had spent to train him as a watchdog for his family. The complaint also said Haslem was planning to breed the dog and “stud Juice out” to other breeders.

We are loving your entries for our #realx Challenges. It turns out, teaching your dogs new tricks isn’t just for poops and giggles. It gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your pup, works that little noggin of theirs and helps you build a better bond with your dog. It also gives you a chance to win your pup some free treats. Win-Win. Last week we had a #treatlimbo challenge and not only did winners get free treats, ALL entries received a new chew we have in testing - turkey wings.

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Check out our latest challenge #tricktheirtreats

How do dogs process words? A new study at Emory University focuses on the brain mechanisms dogs use to differentiate between words. Preliminary results suggest that dogs have at least a basic neural representation of meaning for words they have been taught, so you can see them differentiating words they have heard before from those they have not. Dogs tend to show more interest in an unknown word than a known word, but because they know you want them to understand you, they look for other clues (gazes, hand signals, etc.) to try harder to figure it out.

Since humans don’t want junk food anymore, let’s just feed it to our dogs. J.M. Smucker Co. is doubling down on pet food as consumers move away from mainstream processed foods. The maker of jams, Folgers coffee and Jif peanut butter is unveiling four treats Tuesday -- including two under the Milk-Bone brand -- to beef up its pet-food unit, now the largest division by sales. The company said it aims to generate $100 million in incremental sales this fiscal year, partly driven by new treat offerings. #gross - Please don’t help them.

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UC Davis study on human cancer and differentiation to dogs. Anpac Bio-Medical Science has liquid biopsy technology that can detect more than 20 human cancers with a single blood test. Studying at least 186 dogs in a blinded clinical trial, Anpac Bio and UCDSVM are investigating its ability to identify cancer in blood samples from dogs confirmed with sarcomas or carcinomas versus healthy control blood samples from dogs of similar age and breed.

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Did you know… over 75% of dogs over the age of three suffer from periodontal disease? Canine periodontitis is a bacterial infection of the mouth. It starts with plaque and mildly inflamed gums which can worsen to gum disease (gingivitis), and can end with severe infection (periodontitis), ultimately resulting in bone and/or tooth loss. But that’s not the worst of it - if bacteria get under the gums and into the bloodstream, they can impact different organs and cause conditions like kidney and gastrointestinal disease, and diabetes.

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🕊Peace pups. Last week Pyongyang sent two rare Pungsans, Korean hunting dogs, to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, as a token of the growing friendship between the two countries. Dogs have historically been a symbol of thawing ties between the Koreas. In 2000, Kim Jong Il gave two Pungsan puppies -- named Uri and Duri -- to Kim Dae-Jung. The South Korean leader returned the favor with two Jindo dogs named Peace and Reunification. Resolving world conflict, one dog at a time...

The world's first anti-doping dog. Sweden's Sports Confederation says Molly is the world's first anti-doping dog, introduced to the job last spring in a bid to broaden the country's efforts in curtailing the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport.

Dog accurately detects early-stage lung cancer. Dr. Guirao of Barcelona, Spain, has proven that a trained dog — a cross-breed between a Labrador retriever and a Pitbull — was able to detect any stage of lung cancer. The dog, named Blat, was able to recognize lung cancer in exhaled gas. The study showed that it is possible to use a trained dog to identify malignant pulmonary nodules with a specificity of 99% and a sensitivity of 97%. “The canine sense of smell has a higher biosensor concentration than the best technology available at the moment.” This could prove useful in the development of lung cancer screening programs. Blat was trained based on positive reinforcement through a reward-based method aimed at the association of smell patterns.

3-D printing technology used to replace the majority of this dog’s cancer-ridden skull. Patches, a nine-year-old dachshund had a brain tumor the size of an orange that grew through her skull and would have been fatal if not treated. A veterinary surgical oncologist at an Ontario university used 3-D printing, also known as rapid prototyping technology to create a custom-made titanium skull cap for Patches, who is now cancer free.

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Did you know… dogs neutered/spayed before they go into puberty grow unnaturally taller than those neutered after puberty? Studies show that the removal of estrogen-producing organs too early can delay the closure of growth plates, causing dogs to grow taller/bigger than usual. This can predispose dogs to joint issues later in life. For small or medium sized dogs, the general recommendation is to neuter the dogs between 6-8 months of age. But for large breed dogs, holding off until ages 2-3 lowers the risk of joint disease.

Dogs reportedly keep dying after being groomed at PetSmart. Over 30 dogs have died after being groomed at PetSmart stores across the country since 2015, according to an investigative report last week. The report also says the company offered heartbroken owners non-disclosure agreements in exchange for hush-money payments. This was an independent investigation by NJ Advance Media and here is Petsmart’s response.

Well-behaved dogs may have happier owners. While this may not seem surprising, a new study that looks at links between how dog owners perceive their pet’s behavior when they are away, suggests there can be a negative spiral whereby stressed owners do not respond well to their dog’s misbehaviors, causing more stress or anxiety in the dog. “Owners with higher levels of stress may not have a relaxed relationship with their dogs, which can contribute to their annoyance about their dogs’ behavior, so they spend less time with them, increasing the anxiety in the dogs. In turn, a dog’s behaviors may annoy the owner and may be a source of stress for him or her, which affects his or her perceived happiness.”

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Are cranberries and beets in your dog food just a new marketing strategy? Animal nutritionists have discredited the “exotic ingredients” like beet pulp and cranberries found in expensive pet foods as a marketing strategy designed to impress human owners while doing little if any good for dogs at all. While what’s good for us is probably good for our dogs, our anatomy isn’t quite the same. Veterinarian, Karen Becker explains our co-evolution with dogs and more importantly why processed foods aren’t good for either of us. This TedTalk is worth a listen. #backtothebasics

Shelters might be getting the breed wrong. Using genetic testing, scientists have identified breed heritage in over 900 shelter dogs. They found widespread genetic diversity: 125 breeds in the sample and an average of three breed matches per dog. This means that only 10% of shelter staff have accurately identified breeds up for adoption. They also found that just 5% of the shelter dogs were purebred, even though it is commonly assumed that up to a quarter of dogs in shelters are purebred.

Gene therapy stops dog vision loss. Scientists funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI), which is part of the National Institutes of Health, have reported a novel gene therapy that halts vision loss in canines suffering from a blinding condition called autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa (adRP). Gene therapy introduces genetic material, like shRNA, into cells to compensate for abnormal genes or to make a beneficial protein. The strategy could one day be used to slow or prevent vision loss in people with the disease.

CRISPR gene editing fixes muscular dystrophy in dogs. Are humans next? Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have reported to have successfully used CRISPR to correct the genetic defect responsible for Duchenne muscular dystrophy in four beagles bred with the disease-causing gene. It’s the first use of CRISPR to treat muscular dystrophy in a large animal. The team “fixed” the mutated dystrophin gene in four dogs by splicing out an offending section of the gene using CRISPR. CRISPR” (pronounced “crisper”) stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. Try saying that 3 times fast!

A new technique could help dogs detect illegal ivory and rhino horns. The system, introduced by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) charity TRAFFIC and the Kenya Wildlife Service, is being trialed at Kenya’s Mombasa port, the biggest wildlife trafficking hub in Africa. The technology is called Remote Air Sampling for Canine Olfaction, or RASCO. RASCO helps make searches faster and allows dogs to do their sniffing in climate-controlled rooms, instead of outside in the hot weather for prolonged periods. They can work detecting ivory in at least 2,000 containers a day. Dogs are trained to sit and smell air that is suctioned out of a shipping container then passed through a filter to detect rhino horn, ivory and other illegal wildlife products.

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Did you know… dogs have 18 muscles in their ears that allow them to tilt and rotate them toward a sound they hear? The dog ear's shape allows the sound to be heard more accurately. The hearing ability of a dog is dependent on breed and age, though the range of hearing is usually around 67 Hz to 45 kHz, much higher than humans at 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Just like humans, some dog breeds' hearing ranges decrease with age.

Virtual reality treatment for dog phobia in children. Aimed at children aged 8-12 years, the virtual therapy entails assessments and an intensive three hour treatment whereby participants are exposed to multiple types of dogs wearing a virtual reality headset. “A fear of dogs is one of the most common phobias among the 10% of children who suffer from them… There are effective treatments for this phobia but unfortunately they can be difficult to deliver for clinicians given that the live stimuli – dogs – are needed.” Using virtual reality is an innovative alternative treatment for older children to be exposed to a range of several different breeds of virtual dog at once.

High-tech heart surgery helps dogs live a longer life. Misty, a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees mix with a congenital heart defect, was saved by minimally invasive surgery at Colorado State University. The procedure is similar to human heart valve replacement surgeries performed in some of the country’s top hospitals. Colorado State's vet hospital is the one of the few surgical centers in the world that performs this type of surgery. "We're able to give them treatment that either cures or dramatically improves their heart condition. And that means they have more energy, they have more time with their family."

Bronx man files $5 Million lawsuit against Rachael Ray's dog food brand. In the $5 million class action lawsuit, Bronx resident Markeith Parks argues that it is deceiving for Nutrish to market its food as natural because it contains the “potentially harmful” herbicide: glyphosate. “The Products at issue are not ‘Natural.’ Instead, the Products contain the unnatural chemical glyphosate, a potent biocide and endocrine disruptor, with detrimental health effects that are still becoming known,” the complainant alleges. The chemical, which is often used in weed killers such as Roundup, was found by tests done by an independent lab.

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Why this fish is the new dog food craz. Because the Asian carp is an invasive species, Chicago has been struggling with ways to fight the rapidly breeding and destructive fish for years. There doesn’t seem to be much interest on the side of humans and popular seafood restaurants, but carp will be the main source of protein for the year-old startup BareItAll Petfoods.

"Bad" dogs more likely to die young. Conducted by investigators at the VetCompass Programme at the University of London Royal Veterinary College, the study analyzed 250,000 dogs that died under the age of 3. From the data, the investigators were able to estimate that dogs that possess undesirable behaviors, such as aggression, running away, fighting, over-excitability, or barking, are more likely to die at a younger age compared with dogs considered to be more well behaved.

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Instant Pot teams up with YaDoggie. Called YaDoggie Fresh, it’s “human-grade” fresh dog food that is specifically designed to be cooked in an Instant Pot. The fresh product comes in turkey and salmon, takes 20 minutes to cook using the Instant Pot. YaDoggie says their food formulas were designed by a licensed veterinary nutritionist and are 100 % grain free, but their fresh food formula does contain rice and baking powder.

Did you know… “ground scratching” is when your pup kicks dirt into the air after peeing? “It appears to occur equally in males and females, but only around 10% of dogs do it.” It isn't exclusive to dogs; wolves, coyotes and other mammals, like lions, do it, too. Ground scratching in domestic dogs is often accompanied by urine marking on a nearby tree or clump of grass, which mirrors the territorial marking behavior seen in coyotes and wolves. Moreover, dogs also appear to secrete special marking fluids from their paws.

Did you know… fleas and ticks vary in prevalence across the US? That means that some dogs are more at risk that others. Did you also know that over the counter flea prevention can cause seizures and other health issues?

Here’s a natural DIY spray: 1 spray bottle, ¼ cup apple cider vinegar, 1 cup water, 10 drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oil. Mix and spray twice a day!

Dogs rush to help when owners cry, study suggests. The research, published in the journal Learning & Behavior on Tuesday, showed how dogs moved faster, on average, to open a door to reach their owners when the person made crying noises than when he or she hummed the tune "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Findings could help pave the way for better evaluating what influences canines, especially service dogs, to help their human companions in times of need

Colombian cartel has a $70k bounty on a drug sniffer dog. Sniffing out almost 10 tons of cocaine has made Sombra, which means shadow, the target of Colombia's most powerful criminal organisation, the Urabeños. The six-year-old is now working outside of the gang's sphere of influence, at Bogotá airport, and in addition to her usual handler, police are deploying her with extra officers to ensure her safety.

New Maine law requires owners of dangerous dogs to pay $100 fee. The law also requires the dogs to wear a special tag, which is included in the fee. The definition of a dangerous dog, according to the law, is: a dog or wolf hybrid that causes the death of or inflicts serious bodily injury on a person or a domesticated animal that is not trespassing on the owner’s or keeper’s premises at the time of the injury or death.

People using fake service dogs to face fines under new Hawaii law. Under Senate Bill 2461, a person can be fined anywhere from $100 to $500 for bringing an untrained animal into a private space under the pretense of a disability. The problem of fake service dogs has been a growing problem in the islands, and the presence of untrained pets posing as service animals has resulted in legitimate service dogs being attacked by untrained animals.

Genetic study reveals why some dogs are athletic and other dogs are feisty. New research has identified a suite of significant genetic differences between athletic, sport-hunting dogs and small feisty terriers, revealing strong selection on multiple genes that play roles in cardiovascular function, muscle development and neuronal function.

Wisconsin man suffers rare blood infection from dog saliva. Greg Manteufel suffered a rare blood infection after harmful bacteria from a dog’s saliva seeped into his bloodstream, causing sepsis, or blood poisoning from bacteria. Capnocytophaga canimorsus is a bacteria commonly found in dogs and cats. It’s present in the saliva of most healthy dogs and is usually not harmful to humans. But in rare cases, the bacteria can poison the blood and cause death. To save his life, doctors had to cut his legs from the knee down, and then his hands.

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Grant to help low-income pet owners afford vet care. The University of Tennessee College of Social Work Program for Pet Health Equity has received a $2.8 million grant to support the research and development of AlignCare—a just-launched 3-year nationwide project that will provide community-based financial support to selected low-income families to help their pets receive health care when they need it.

The grant was awarded by Maddie’s Fund, which funds projects to move toward a no-kill nation where every dog and cat is guaranteed a healthy home or habitat.

FDA announces investigation into dog food. On July 12, the FDA announced the beginning of its investigation into certain ingredients that may be linked to canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. Ingredients like peas, lentils, other legume seeds or potatoes are on the list. Cases of DCM in dogs suspected of having a link to diet can be reported to the FDA’s electronic Safety Reporting Portal. For additional instructions, see “How to Report a Complaint about Pet Food.”.

Ever wonder why kibble companies put coloring in their dog food? In 2015, Mars Inc., the world's biggest pet-food company, conducted home visits and consumer panels that revealed people felt guilty feeding their pets the same food every day and were more likely to buy pet food that reminded them of their own meals. They compared the aroma and aesthetics of against those of human ready meals from Campbell Soup Co. to create their new line of wet dog food this year. They even had their food photographed in crock pots for advertisements, to evoke images of home-cooked family meals.

The fact is your dog can’t even see all of those vibrant colors on the label or bits of kibble. All those artificial colorings and flavors are all done in the name of marketing.

The most hygienic bowl on the market? The antimicrobial HERO Bowl, made from recyclable polypropylene, claims to have 24-hour protection from a technology that works constantly to reduce microbes, such as bacteria, mold and fungi, by up to 99.99% on the protected surface. It's the first of its kind and is made from some seriously clever proven tech that prevents the build-up of up to 99.99% of microbes, including bacteria, mold and fungi. Read more here.

America’s first dogs vanished after Europeans arrived. The earliest dog remains found in North America were buried nearly 10,000 years ago in what is now Illinois. Essentially all the dogs, outside of the European ones, came from the same Siberian origin population, just at different points in time. But it was the European wave of immigrants that spelled doom for American dogs. According to the largest-ever study of ancient and modern dog DNA, sometime after the 15th century, these ancient American dogs disappeared. European colonists — and the canines they brought with them — all but wiped the early dogs’ genetic signature from Earth, though nobody seems to know why. The most shocking development is that researchers found a relative of America’s original dogs that persists in a bizarre form: a sexually transmitted cancer descended from the tumor of single dog that lived thousands of years ago.

Dogs trained to save beehives. In Maryland, a state employee is training dogs to inspect hives for harmful bacteria - American foulbrood - that can decimate beehives. Unlike human inspectors, dogs don’t need the hives opened up to check them for foulbrood. They can trot by, sniffing at the comb, and tell if the bacteria have killed off any larvae. Four people working full-time cover less than half of what a dog can.

Criminal probe into dog food with chicken feathers. A federal criminal investigation into companies accused of supplying pet food ingredients adulterated with chicken feathers and other lower quality poultry parts has expanded, and a former Texas state employee who once investigated mislabeled food has pled guilty to adulteration/misbranding of food. While still employed by the state, Gregory McKinney formed and ran a company called Superior Commodities LLC to “replicate” practices he’d once investigated, his plea agreement says. launches an online pharmacy. Chewy, an online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products, purchased by PetSmart for $3.3 Billion in the largest online acquisition ever, has recently entered the pet medications market with its own online pharmacy. PetSmart’s physical store locations also include Banfield Vet Hospital and its rival Petco has its own in-store vet center as well.

Nestlé in talks to buy Canadian pet food maker of Orijen & Acanda for $2 Billion. Nestlé owns all Purina pet food brands, Merrick, Beneful and Friskies among others, and is currently under pressure from investors—activist investor Dan Loeb, in particular—to fix its overall corporate strategy. Champion, too, is currently under fire. Consumers from California, Minnesota, and Florida filed a class-action lawsuit early this year for “false advertising” and “feed law” violations, among other charges. Champion issued a statement that they would not be commenting on rumors or speculation in the market.

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Tele-vet care for $10/month? A new subscription service will now let you chat with a vet from your smartphone for $10 per month. This telemedicine vet care plan is the latest from Fuzzy Pet Health, a subscription vet care service providing in-home vet visits to subscribers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. So while in-home pet care may take time to properly scale, on-demand vet Q&A is something that can be offered nationwide.

Wild Dog Alert. A new camera with built-in facial recognition software and satellite communication has been designed to help farmers better protect livestock. The technology sends real-time messages when wild dogs are detected on your property.

Did you know… the most common trigger for dehydration in domestic dogs is a fluid loss from the urinary and/or GI tract (diarrhea), but the second most common and entirely preventable cause of dehydration is being left outside in hot weather without water. If you were anywhere in the US last weekend, you know it was HOT AF! Make sure to keep your pups hydrated! Here’s a lifehack from our friends at @hava_heart

Dogs can detect agricultural diseases early. Study shows dogs can sniff out laurel wilt-infected avocado trees well in advance. Laurel wilt disease has had a devastating effect on the avocado industry in South Florida in past harvest seasons. Early detection can be instrumental in deterring a widespread infection. The use of scent-discriminating dogs has shown to offer the avocado industry legitimate signs of hope in their fight against the spread of the disease throughout their groves.

Dog Parker becomes DogSpot, fights to stay in NYC. Brooklyn startup DogSpot, which recently changed its name from Dog Parker, is preparing for a national expansion, even as it fights to remain in its home city. DogSpot had to take all of its doghouses off the street in February after being found incompliant with DOT regulations. At its peak, DogSpot had over 50 doghouses outside Brooklyn stores with over 1,000 customer accounts. Legislation that would allow DogSpot to continue operating was introduced to the NYC Council last month, but it could take 6-8 months for the bill to pass.

Freshpet tricks people into eating dog food. In a video made by Freshpet, taste testers from the UK, including young children, had three meaty meals placed in front of them by a chef experimenting with a range of recipes. But what they weren't told was the meal placed in front of them contained dog food. Some described the meat as a "good texture" and "very good flavor," others said "there's something different about it but I love it." But when the chef revealed that what they were eating was dog food, their faces dropped in disbelief.

Lawsuit filed against 6 pet food companies for misleading packaging. In a recent lawsuit, Wysong Corporation, a Michigan-based pet food retailer, alleged that six of its competitors were deceiving customers by placing photos on bags of kibble that were not accurate representations of included ingredients. For example, a bag of pet food might include an image of freshly cut lamb chops, when in reality the pet food only contains leftover trimmings. The defendants named in the lawsuit were APN, Inc., Big Heart Pet Brands and J.M. Smucker Company, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Mars Petcare, Nestle Purina Petcare and Walmart. Overall, it was ruled that the products in question were dog food, and common sense dictates that consumers would not expect dog food to be made from the same cuts of meat that people eat.

Mars expands pet-care business with purchase of AniCura & Linnaeus. AniCura has 200 animals hospitals in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Together with Britain’s Linnaeus, Mars is working to build out its veterinary business, which is currently concentrated in North America with brands including VCA, Banfield and BluePearl. The deal is worth 1-2 billion euros.

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No, killer dog flu is not the next human pandemic. On Tuesday, researchers reported that they identified a new strain of dog flu, called H1N1, in dogs from southern China. If H1N1 rings a sickly green bell, that might be because a pandemic of swine flu went by the same name in 2009. A flu-ridden dog may have a runny nose, lose his appetite, become lethargic, and run a fever; basically, the same symptoms that a person has when they catch the flu… but it’s not likely you’ll ever catch the flu from your dog.

Police training dogs to sniff out thumb drives and phones. It’s a lesser-known use for K-9 detection dogs, but there are at least 17 of these training Electronic Storage Detection (ESD) programs used by police/FBI in the US. Specifically, dogs are looking for the chemical compound triphenylphosphine oxide, which can be found in all gadgets that contain memory. They say electronics are harder to sniff out than bombs, drugs, humans, or flammable liquids. In particular, Labrador retrievers tend to have the excellent snouts that are required for the job. But do tech-sniffing K9s violate the fourth amendment?

We can now keep African wild dogs safe. A unique conservation effort in South Africa could result in groundbreaking research about the wild dog. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the African wild dog – or painted dog as it is also known – is Southern Africa’s most endangered large carnivore species with only 6 600 individual dogs still left in the wild. In addition to tracking and collaring these wild dogs in Kruger Park, conservationists will get a complete digital picture of movements and life cycles, giving us an “x-ray of the brain of the wild dog community” which has never been possible before.

4 military dogs receive the nation’s highest honor. Four veterans were honored with Medal of Courage awards on Capitol Hill last week. The four recipients were: Jag, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever who served with the Army for seven years.

Taba, a 9-year-old Dutch shepherd who served as an Army Special Forces multipurpose canine.

Summer, a 7-year-old Labrador retriever who served in Afghanistan and is now a member of a TSA K-9 team for the Amtrak Police Department in Washington, D.C.

Taker, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever who served with the Marine Corps in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dogs born in the summertime are more likely to suffer heart disease. According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania, exposure to fine air particulates or outdoor air pollution during early pregnancy has been linked to cardiovascular diseases in dogs later in life. Overall, dogs have a 0.3% to 2% risk of developing heart disease depending on breed. The research team found that risk climbs to the greatest level in dogs born in July, who has a 74% greater risk of heart disease than would typically be expected. The canine heart is a very close model to the human heart, and we (dogs and humans) spend so much time together that we are exposed to similar environmental effects - learning more about what causes heart disease in dogs can shed some light what may cause heart disease in humans.

You can now rent a drug-sniffing dog for $200/hour. Metro K9 Detection Services in Kansas City, Missouri, rents out dogs trained to detect narcotics like marijuana, PCP, cocaine, heroin, and MDMA in your home or other residential locations. They’re not associated with law enforcement and market their services to parents that suspect their teens of doing drugs. The company’s owner says most parents administer the sweep while their kids are not at home. Many just flush the drugs and “never say anything.”

The 2nd annual Drone vs. Dog Trials is over! The initiative was established in 2017 by the Muresk Institute to give high school students opportunities to advance the agriculture industry with technology. Drone pilots race farm dogs for the time by successfully navigating obstacle courses. The student pilot who completes the course in the fastest time wins a drone for their school! Drones have beaten dogs for the second year in a row, but it’s a fun event for everyone participating.

Bitcoin scammers demanding ransom for lost dogs. Last week, Patty Howell’s basset hound, Happy, went missing and she posted on FB about it. Soon after, she received a threatening text message demanding $600 worth of bitcoin in exchange for the safe return of the lost dog. The bitcoin scammer, who told Howell he was using a burner phone to avoid identification, demanded that Howell send the bitcoin ransom within five days, otherwise they would “sell it or kill it or whatever.” The only problem was, between the posting and text message she got, Happy had already come home. Sadly, several North Carolina residents have been targeted by this scam.

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Russia is killing thousands of dogs to 'Clean Up' before World Cup. In what local authorities describe as an attempt to make Russia more media- and visitor-friendly, horrifying executions of dogs are taking place. Sochi Dogs Rescue was founded during the 2014 Winter Olympics for this exact reason, and is working hard to keep this from happening - they have adopted more than 300 pups in the US so far! You can help raise awareness or make a donation to help Sochi Dogs keep saving homeless dogs. And check out the characters available for adoption!

Did you know… the play bow first evolved in canids as a form of communication? Dogs will "bow" in the middle of playtime to show that they're having fun and wish to continue, or when a session has paused to signal they want to pick it back up. Prior to domestication, playtime as puppies prepared dogs to hunt as adults. Wild canids, like wolves, foxes, and coyotes, tend to reserve this behavior for members of their own species, but pet dogs often break out the bow for their humans—or anyone else who looks like they might be up for a play session. Nowadays, playtime is crucial to their social, cognitive, and physical development. It’s an opportunity for them to interact with their own kind and learn important behaviors, like how to moderate the strength of their bites. The play also requires the animals to react quickly to new circumstances and assess complex actions from other dogs.

Stray dogs have allegedly killed 6 children in northern India. In just a week, six children between 5 and 12 years old were killed by strays while more than two dozen other children have been injured in attacks. A team of scientists in India is investigating as parents have stopped sending their children to school as they believe there are “killer beasts” killing their kids. Vigilante dog-catching squads have started shooting and strangling animals, while local authorities have recruited police officers and a team of expert monkey catchers to apprehend the strays.

Your Instagram #dogs are training Facebook's AI. An artificial intelligence experiment of unprecedented scale reveals Facebook using 3.5 billion public Instagram photos to train algorithms to categorize images. Thanks to transfer learning this could help with identifying and removing offensive, violent or extremist content.

Vaccines will not give your dog autism. The British Veterinary Association felt compelled to respond to pet owners’ fears that their dogs developed “canine autism” as a result of vaccines or who refuse routine shots over worries about side effects. Though there are valid concerns to over-vaccination, autism is certainly not one of them.

Nestle Purina acquires majority share in a U.K. based dog nutrition business. Nestle sees the advantage to acquiring a direct-to-consumer subscription service with home delivery. Nestle’s CEO said: “Personalized pet nutrition, along with direct-to-consumer subscription services, is expanding rapidly and this move underlines our focus on investing in high-growth categories and acting on consumer trends.” The news comes just days after Amazon launches “wag” dog food exclusively for its Prime members.

A lawsuit filed against a non-profit selling fake “diabetic alert dogs” for $25k each. Filed by the attorney general of Virginia, the lawsuit claims that Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers (SDWR) advertised highly trained diabetic alert dogs able to “detect low/high blood sugar levels through scents in skin and breath; retrieve food and medications; and even dial 911 in an emergency,” but the pups they sold lacked basic pet training and weren’t even housebroken. The complaint alleges that SDWR violated the Virginia Consumer Protection Act by deceiving consumers, as well as illegally encouraging them to solicit charitable donations.

Did you know… Omega-3 is called an essential fatty acid because neither our bodies nor our pups’ bodies can produce it itself? This means that all omega-3s must come from diet. Fatty acids you’ve heard of - eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA) contribute to healthy brain function, a healthy heart, and joints. The most beneficial omega-3 fats occur naturally in oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and anchovies. You can find anchovies in the new box.

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A bone for emotional support. Wickedbone, an interactive bone-shaped smart toy for dogs, contains what it calls an “emotional system” that allows the device to react to your dog’s emotions. It ranges from bored, mad and sleep to content and going crazy. Critics wonder if it would last more than a few minutes with a large dog. The Wickedbone was fully funded on Kickstarter under 24 hours with over $38k pledged to date.

Harvard startup wants to reverse aging in dogs. A world renown synthetic biologist is behind a new company that plans to reverse aging by using gene therapy - the process of adding new instructions to your DNA. Rejuvenate Bio, co-founded by George Church of Harvard Medical School, has tested gene alteration on at least 4 beagles and the university has filed a patent on “genetic means of aging control” in multiple species. Rejuvenate will first try to stop fatal heart ailments common in spaniels and Doberman pinschers, amassing evidence that the concepts can work in humans too. Lab research already provides hints that aging can be reversed.

Google Lens can now identify dog breeds. The Google Photos app is now able to use Google Lens to identify cat and dog breeds in photos. The new breed identification skill seems to work well for purebred dogs, but is more hit or miss for mixed breed dogs. In addition to the Lens update, you can also label your pet to easily find photos you’ve saved them and create movies and photo books with the option of ordering a copy.

This AI thinks like a dog. Kiana Ehsani at the University of Washington and colleagues have gathered a unique data set of canine behavior and used it to train an AI system to make dog-like decisions. The team investigated how to act like a dog, how to plan like a dog, and how to learn from a dog. Their approach opens up a new area of AI research that studies the capabilities of other intelligent beings on our planet. Plus, there’s a whole lot we can learn from dogs - such as guiding people who are visually impaired, finding lost individuals, or sniffing out drugs and other contraband.

This 3D printed implant saved this dog’s life. In the first known procedure of its kind, a 3D printed titanium implant was successfully used to replace hard tissue lost from tumor removal from the maxilla (upper jaw) in a seven-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. The implant was designed with medical CAD tools and additively manufactured providing a patient-specific implant (PSI) that is seen more commonly in human cases. Additive manufacturing is defined as the process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer.

Why more dogs die on United than on any other airline. 75% of animal deaths on U.S. commercial airlines last year occurred on United Airlines. The airline says there’s one simple variable to consider: United accepts higher-risk dog breeds that other major U.S. carriers do not allow. These “higher risk dogs” are known as brachycephalic, or “short-nosed” breeds, which include bulldogs, boxers, pugs, Boston terriers, Shih-Tzus and others, have more compact airways, which tends to lead to respiratory issues. American and Delta have refused these breeds for years.

Mars Petcare announced the launch of Pet Insight Project. The Pet Insight Project is a three-year study of more than 200,000 dogs across the United States to discover links between pet activity, behavior, and health. By using its subsidiaries to track data -- Mars owns Whistle, pet tracker and activity monitor, and all Banfield Pet Hospitals -- the idea is to map relevant patterns of pet behaviors and movement with illness.

An investigation uncovers “rescue” organizations purchasing dogs from breeders at $5/piece. A major report from “The Washington Post” has identified 86 rescues and shelters which misled Americans about where they got their dogs. Dog owners who thought their dogs were “rescued” from abuse or mistreatment were actually dogs raised in healthy circumstances, purchased at auction, and then shipped away to rescues and shelters. The owner of the largest commercial dog auction in the U.S., Southwest Auction Service, says that “Rescue generates about one-third, maybe even 40 percent of our income.” Whoa. 😳

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Did you know… next week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week? The number of postal employees attacked by dogs nationwide last year was 6,244 (500 lower than the year before). The top five cities for dog attacks on Postal Service employees are Houston, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Cleveland and San Diego. This year, the USPS has deployed technology to let carriers know in advance if an address has a dog.

Our similarities are also why we look to dogs to help us with cancer research. In the U.S., cancer claims 1 of every 4 human lives each year and is the leading cause of death in domestic dogs. However, because of the similarity of some of our cancers, treatments that work in humans sometimes work in dogs, and vice versa. Comparative oncology is a new field that integrates cancers seen in veterinary patients into more general studies of cancer biology and therapy, studies the similarities between naturally occurring cancers in pets and cancers in people. Scientists at Colorado State are studying 3,000 golden retrievers, the breed with the highest rate of cancer - finding a cure for one of us can mean cures for both of us.

We're so close with dogs, even our poop looks similar. A new study suggests that our microbiomes and those of dogs have striking similarities and they may be better subjects for research into human nutrition than the more commonly used mice or pigs. The sharing of resources and domestication of dogs in early modern human history may be why dog digestive systems are so similar to humans’ today. And we continue to mirror each other—obesity rates in dogs have risen as ours have. This is why gut health is so important.

Wolves in Europe have dog DNA. An international study shows that about 60% of Eurasian grey wolves carry small blocks of domesticated dog DNA - suggesting that wolf-dog hybridization has been happening for centuries! Despite the evidence of hybridization, the wolf populations have remained genetically distinct from dogs, which means that such cross-breeding does not diminish distinctiveness of the wolf gene pool if it occurs at low levels.

The results could have important conservation implications for the grey wolf, which is a keystone species – meaning it is vital to the natural balance of the habitat it occupies.

Raw Feeding Blog finalist for an International Blog Award. Aimee Jurenka, founder and curator of The Lazy Raw Feeder, has recently been announced as a finalist for the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards. The Lazy Raw Feeder is a collection of easy tips and tricks for feeding a raw diet to dogs, without it taking over a person's life. Perfect timing to close out National Raw Feeding Week! Our friend, Kimberly of has round up your favorite fresh food feeders and put together a series of videos and interviews to celebrate our biologically appropriate diets. Are you a raw feeder? Join the #feedreal movement and celebrate with us!

Company to offer on-demand video consultations with veterinarians raises $500K. Chances are you didn’t even know this service existed! Based in Canada, Healthy Pets is a telemedicine service that officially launched and announced $500K CAD in seed funding after appearing on the Dragons’ Den. Healthy Pets connects pet owners and certified veterinarians for a consultation via on-demand video, voice or instant messaging.

DC Startup wins Purina Innovative Prize plus $20K. Barkly Pets, founded in 2015, finds its customers professional, background-checked and highly trained dog walkers, currently serving Washington, DC, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,. It received $20K from Purina and a dedicated booth at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando last week. The other 4 finalists were AnimalBiome, BareItAll Petfoods, Fetch Labs Inc. and PupJoy.

J.M. Smucker acquires Ainsworth Pet Nutrition for $1.9B. Best known for the Rachael Ray Nutrish line, this is the latest in a string of large consumer goods corporations purchases in the pet care sector. The $1.9 billion deal is being offset by an estimated $200 million tax benefit. This follows General Mills $8B purchase of Blue Buffalo earlier this year. J.M. Smucker also owns Pillsbury and Hungry Jack, popular baking brands.

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OSU using sound waves and heat to cure dog cancer. Dr. Ashish Ranjan of Oklahoma State University is researching a non-toxic, non-invasive method using soundwaves and heat to target and shrink cancer cells. Dr. Ranjan recently received a grant from the National Cancer Institute for nearly $423,000.The study is seeking more volunteers to participate in the study.

Keep track of your dog during flight time. A few weeks ago, a dog died on a United flight after airline personnel forced a passenger to stuff her pet in an overhead bin. So this new service seems to be rolling out right on time. Digi-Pet features a suite of technology to monitor your furry friends en route. Sensors attached to your pet’s carrier or kennel relay details about their environment, such as ambient temperature, vibration, light levels, and oxygen in the air. The sensors transmit through a dedicated smartphone app. With a paid subscription, owners can even communicate with their pets via voice and live video streaming.

Did you know…some dogs were royalty while others were dinner in ancient Mayan culture? A new chemical analysis of bones found in a 3000-year-old Guatemalan city tells us that dozens of dogs, nearly all small and chihuahua-like had isotope levels indicating they were raised on maize-based diets. Butchery marks previously found on ancient dog bones at other Mayan sites suggest the dogs were raised for slaughter. Maize-raised dogs may have been a significant protein source for the Mayans before they domesticated turkeys, but some dogs led more extraordinary lives. A pair that lived between 400 and 300 B.C.E. had strontium isotope levels that suggested they hailed from Guatemala’s volcanic highlands and their burial place near a large pyramid suggests they might have been part of Mayan ceremonies. #royalty

Celebrate National Raw Feeding Week April 1-7! Our friend, Kimberly Gauthier of has round up your favorite fresh food feeders and put together a series of videos and interviews to celebrate our biologically appropriate diets. During this week, raw feeders around the world will unite to share the benefits of raw feeding while clearing up the myths promoted by opponents of feeding biologically appropriate diets to pets, sharing their experiences through social media posts, blog posts, videos, and more. Read more here. Are you a raw feeder? Join the #feedreal movement and celebrate with us!

Google's 'Dog View' feature. Say wha? Google Japan has made it possible for would-be travelers to take a dog-led tour through places such as Odate City, of Japan's Akita prefecture, also importantly known as the birthplace of the adorable Akita Inu dog. The feature — which is viewed through Google's Street View and is appropriately referred to as "dog view" — straps cameras attached to dog-friendly harnesses onto the backs of very good boys (and girls). In fact, each glimpse on Google Maps not only gives you a dog’s-eye view of the locations but since the cameras are affixed to the Akitas’ backs, frames filled with their adorable poofy heads. Turn around and you’ll see their floofy tails.

Mimicking a dog’s nose for gas sensors. For years, researchers have been trying to develop an artificial detector that is just as good as a canine’s nose. Now, one group reports in ACS Nano that they were able to mimic a dog’s sniffer with graphene-based nanoscrolls. The group prepared graphene-based nanoscrolls to create a uniform, unaggregated structures. The researchers then incorporated the nanoscrolls into a gas sensor, which was highly selective and sensitive, just like your pup’s nose. The team notes that this method has the potential for large-scale production.

Smart toys accurately predict whether a guide dog will make it through training. In a new project coming out of the Georgia Institute of Technology, researchers have used artificial intelligence to predict which canines have the potential to successfully complete guide dog training. The team developed a sensor-filled ball and tug toy to analyze metrics such as the force, frequency, and duration of bites the toy had undergone — the team claims the smart toy can tell them which dogs will complete their training with 87.5% accuracy. For nonprofits that dedicate their resources to training service dogs, of which less than 40% actually make it through training, this could save a lot of time and money.

Wag! accidentally leaked pet owner’s addresses and lockbox codes. A popular app that connects dog owners and dog walkers accidentally revealed the lock box codes of at least 50 users, and the home addresses of at least 100. Wag told The Wall Street Journal the posts were due to a technical glitch in the software that had exposed “certain limited personal information belonging to a small subset of Wag users,” and was reaching out to those who had been impacted. So far, no evidence the information has been “misused” and that no customers’ homes have been burglarized.

Mars unit launches $100M fund for pet care startup organization. In an effort to keep up with growing number of startups in the dog food ecosystem, Mars Inc.’s pet food and pet products arm said it will launch a $100 million venture capital fund as part of a recently announced program for pet-care products, tech, and services exclusively.

Cultured protein NOT MEAT enters the pet food market. Wild Earth, Inc., a biotech startup, announced today it is using cultured proteins to develop "clean, high-quality pet foods”. Much like biotech companies creating cultured meats for human consumption, the difference is that this is actually a vegan kibble that is made from the protein produced by a fungus known as koji. The benefits of a vegan diet for pets is debatable—though Wild Earth says its kibble contains more protein than other meat-free pet foods. But Neo.Life says that the firm really has an ulterior motive. It plans to use the pet food to normalize the technology—a kind of “Trojan horse to introduce lab-grown meat for humans.”

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The future of livestock without antibiotics. The world's biggest animal health company, Zoetis, is focusing on genetic screening and biotech breakthroughs as it considers a future without antibiotic use in livestock. The issue of antibiotic use in livestock came to a head late last year when the World Health Organisation issued new guidelines recommending that farmers and the food industry stop using antibiotics routinely to promote growth and prevent disease in healthy animals. The issue is that diseases that are not prevented by antibiotics can be passed on to humans -- but so can health issues that result from the overuse of antibiotics. Zoetis is starting its research in Australia, with genetic selection rather than modification high on the list of priorities along with prediction, prevention, detection and new treatments as part of a more integrated approach.

Did you know…dogs prefer baby talk… or do they? A study out of the U.K. set out to investigate if so-called dog-speak improves bonding between pets and humans, and specifically, whether it is useful for the dogs. For the study, the researchers designed two experiments in which humans interacted with dogs. In the first, the researchers tested adult-directed speech versus dog-directed speech (dog-directed speech is what we usually refer to as baby-talk: high pitched rhythmic speech). This first experiment revealed that the dogs strongly preferred humans who had addressed them using dog-directed speech. However, there was the possibility that it was simply the emotional tone that appealed to the dogs and that the content didn't have anything to do with their preference. So, in the second experiment, “the content from experiment one was reproduced but with reversed intonation such that the dog-related content was spoken with the intonation of adult-directed speech and vice versa. They “found that adult dogs were more likely to want to interact and spend time with the speaker that used dog-directed speech with dog-related content than they did those that used adult-directed speech with no dog-related content."

It is, however, also possible that dogs kept as pets are conditioned over their individual lifetimes to respond positively to baby-talk as this type of speech is often paired with positive events like treats, a toy, walk or affection.

Britain’s Armed Forces are being put down because they are “failing to maintain standards.” Figures released by the Ministry of Defence show that nearly 40 military working dogs were euthanized in the ten months between March and December last year. Of these six were put down due to their dangerous temperament, but a further six were destroyed because they did not meet the standards required by the military. The practice has been criticized as “cruel” and more must be done to re-home former service dogs. “These dogs are paying the price for being trained to be aggressive,” and whilst these animals are often purported to be 'heroes', once their working lives are over they are often disposed of.”

Need a Date? First, get a dog… science says. “The bottom line message that women get when they see a man with a dog: He’s capable of nurturing, of giving without receiving a lot, of caring for another. He’s made a commitment to this animal.” Have you ever been more attracted to someone because they had a pet?

Local school camp offers Robotics Pet Vet sessions you wish were available when you were younger! A nationally recognized summer program, Camp Invention focuses on creativity, innovation, real-world problem solving and the spirit of the invention while exploring various modules. This year during the Robotics Pet Vet sessions, campers will not only take apart the robotic dogs to compare and contrast the inner mechanics, anatomy, and physiology of a real dog; they will also learn about spatial reasoning and design while constructing a dog park. #happyinternationalwomensday

Barbra Streisand cloned her dog. For $50,000, you can clone yours. In an interview last week, Ms. Streisand revealed that two of her three Coton de Tulear dogs were clones. Specifically, the magazine reported that the dogs — Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett — had been cloned from cells taken from the mouth and stomach of Ms. Streisand’s late dog Samantha, who was 14 when she died last year. Even if you are not a close follower of clones, you may recall Dolly the Sheep, who was born in 1996. Since then, researchers have cloned about two dozen other mammal species, including cattle, deer, horses, rabbits, cats, rats — and yes, dogs. But science has other intentions with cloning -- puppies have been deliberately encoded with specific diseases into their DNA and cloned. Dogs share the most inheritable diseases with human beings, giving us an opportunity to learn more and possibly find cures we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Having a big breed dog shouldn’t stop you from finding a place to live. At least that’s what Colorado’s legislatures think! Colorado’s House of Representatives is gearing up for a dogfight as it tackles a bill to prohibit community associations from banning dogs based on their size or breed. “People with big dogs are having a hard time finding a place to live,” said Rep. Paul Rosenthal, D-Denver/Arapahoe, explaining why he drafted the legislation. But the bill has some HOA members worried because “some people have chosen communities specifically because of the limits they had on large dogs and removing restrictions could open communities to litigation and cause insurance premiums to rise.”

Join our discussion as we talk about dog health, wellness, natural medicine and learn about providing optimal nutrition. We’ll be kicking off our first LIVE with gut health - what it is and how to get there - and supplements like probiotics and digestive enzymes. Follow us on FB to stay up to date.

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ICYMI: General Mills moves into the pet food market, buying Blue Buffalo for $8 Billion in cash. This is not the first, and certainly not the last of cereal manufacturers to get into dog food, especially as sales of shelf-stable packaged foods continue to slow down. You may recognize some of General Mills’ other brands -- Lucky Charms, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Totino’s. Manufacturing processed food for pets and humans requires similar equipment, so it’s not difficult for traditional food companies to move into space. For Blue Buffalo, it gives a stronger distribution foothold to big-box retailers — outlets the pet food maker only began to explore last year, when it began selling in stores like Target.

Did you know…the maker of Chex cereal was also the first kibble manufacturer? In 1950 the Ralston Purina Company started using a cooking extruder to make their Chex cereal. Here's how it worked: ingredients were pushed through a tube, cooked under high pressure, and puffed up with air. This allowed Chex to stay crisp when milk was added.

At about the same time, manufacturers were getting complaints about the appearance, texture, and digestibility of dry dog food. Purina's pet food division borrowed an extruder from the cereal division and experimented with it in secret for three years. The result: Purina Dog Chow.* Before it became Purina and eventually purchased by Nestle, the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company actually started off as a horse feed manufacturer, got into cereal making and later into the dry dog and cat food.

San Diego Short Leash Social & Pack Walk. Join us every two weeks for a 2-3 mile walk with our dogs. 🐶 A pack walk establishes calm behavior and teaches our dogs to coexist in peace. Enjoy the outdoors, build a better dog with your dog. Are you in So Cal? Join us! We’ve love to meet you.

This dog opens doors! 8 years after it was first revealed to the public, the uncanny gait of Boston Dynamics’ quadrupedal robots is still unsettling. But a new video shows the company’s flagship robot, the SpotMini, crossing a new threshold – literally – as it demonstrates that it can open doors. Part 2 is even more terrifying.

Walt Disney World hotels testing dog-friendly rooms. In September 2017, Walt Disney World allowed guests evacuating inland from Hurricane Irma to bring their pets with them. That experience prompted the company, which has 28,000 rooms at its Florida location, to pilot a one-year program that designates as dog-friendly 250 rooms at four properties. There are some limits and additional costs. Only two dogs are allowed per room. Dogs cannot be left unaccompanied for more than seven hours, and guests are expected to come back to their rooms if their dog is barking or otherwise being disruptive. You should be prepared to show your dog's vaccination records, too.

On-demand pet care now available in Philly. Vetter Pet Care, operating throughout Philadelphia, parts of the Main Line and in Washington, D.C., offers on-demand pet check-ups and medical services. “Many look at their pets’ medical care as a luxury not a necessity,” and Vetter is hoping to change that.

The abandoned dogs of Chernobyl formed their own canine community. Hundreds of stray dogs have learned to survive in the woods around the exclusion zone of Cherynobl. Chernobyl is the city in northern Ukraine where the largest nuclear power plant disaster occurred in 1986. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. From 1986 to 2000, over 350,000 people were evacuated, but residents were banned from taking their pets, so many either refused to leave or reluctantly left their dogs behind. Some of the dogs survived and it’s mainly their descendants that populate the zone - they must survive harsh winters without proper shelter and often have increased levels of radiation in the fur - few live beyond the age of 6. Fortunately, these pups are helped by the Clean Futures Fund, which has set up veterinary clinics in the area and makeshift shelters to keep them warm.

Genetic similarities between dogs and people are helping cancer research. We may be closer to man’s best friend than we think. "Humans and dogs are 95% identical genetically — and the diseases that affect humans including breast cancer, prostate cancer, and melanoma are almost identical." Cancer is so common in dogs that doctors are studying them as a model for treating humans. Comparative oncology is a new field that integrates cancers seen in veterinary patients into more general studies of human cancer biology and therapy; this means that successful treatments of diseases in dogs can also be used on us.

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Can old dogs learn new tricks? New "Brain Games" may help them stay young. They're calling it "dog sudoku". Though it's not conceptually similar to the numbers game, cognitive scientists at the Clever Dog Lab have trained dogs to respond to a touchscreen, which may be used to increase a dog's quality of life by combating boredom and restlessness. During the training, dogs learned to associate an image on the screen with a food reward. "The fact that the older dogs were able to learn such abstract and sometimes difficult tasks was very encouraging," and could help with preventing or early detection of canine cognitive dysfunction.

Genetic testing tells us why huskies’ eye are blue. Over 6000 dogs participated in a research to identify the gene responsible for blue eyes in canines. Those striking blues are a relatively common trait in Siberian Huskies, but rare among other breeds in which it sometimes appears, like border collies and corgis. With DNA tests and online surveys, scientists found a genetic mutation on chromosome 18, carried by just 10% of the dogs in the study sample that was present in 100% of blue-eyed Siberian huskies. By identifying this certain mutation, breeders could potentially check for the variant in their dogs’ DNA and continue breeding only Huskies with that specific trait. Being able to crowdsource genotypic and phenotypic information can lead to key discoveries regarding not just eye color but also more complex traits, behaviors, and overall health.

Did you know… Most canines have a trait that favors new things or novelty - it’s called neophilia. Dogs get bored with old toys and are drawn to unfamiliar scents, sounds and textures. This is why the new toy is always the favorite toy.

Here’s a tip: Change the scent of your pup’s old toy - just place the toy in a big ziplock filled with your pup’s favorite treats! Leave it overnight and offer your pup their “new” toy!

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San Diego Short Leash Social & Pack Walk. Join us every two weeks for a 2-3 mile walk with our dogs. 🐶 A pack walk establishes calm behavior and teaches our dogs to coexist in peace. Enjoy the outdoors, build a better dog with your dog. Are you in So Cal? Join us next weekend, Feb. 17th, for the Coast to Crest Challenge! We’d love to meet you.

Nestle enters Indian pet care market with dog food. After selling food products in packets to millions of Indians for more than a century, Nestle SA now wants to sell packaged food for canines in the country. The Swiss packaged food maker announced it will start “premium packaged food for dogs” under the Supercoat brand. This is the first time Nestle has entered an entirely new business segment in India on its own since entering the market in 1912.

Wag raises a $300M round from SoftBank. Japanese investors, SoftBank Vision Fund, announced a $300M investment in the Los Angeles-based dog care service, Wag! Founded in 2015, Wag had previously raised $68M. The massive cash infusion from SoftBank, the sole investor in this round, will help Wag take on Seattle-based Rover, another growing tech company in the dog sitting industry. Meanwhile, Rover just announced its partnership with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

Delta changes their rules for bringing service animals on flights. Following an increase of incidents involving animals, including a dog attack last year, the idea behind the new regulations is to keep trained service animals and emotional-support animals safe from aggressive ones. Service animals receive specific training to help blind or disabled passengers, but “emotional-support animals” require no training at all. Owners of emotional-support animals that wish to fly on Delta will need to sign a statement confirming their animal can behave properly and show proof of health or vaccinations 48 hours in advance. Both service animals and emotional-support animals fly for free on Delta. Overall, the airline says it carries 700 service or support animals every day. But people have tried to fly with everything from turkeys, to snakes, spiders and even gliding possums, which are also known as sugar gliders.

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Second veterinary business allies with Petco to run in-store clinics. A Texas vet who wants to promote independent practice ownership plans to open multiple clinics in Petco stores this year. The Pet Vet is the second veterinary business to team with Petco. The first in-store clinic opened in October and VitusVet, a digital communication solution for vet practices just announced its partnership with The Pet Vet Hospital. Petco’s other 8 clinics are run by Thrive Affordable Pet Care. Petco is not the first national retailer to ally with a veterinary practice. Banfield, which began as a single, independent hospital in 1955, opened a clinic in a PetSmart store in 1994. That partnership fueled Banfield's growth into the largest practice chain, with more than 1,000 locations to date, 85% of them inside PetSmart stores. Today, Banfield, VCA and several other practice chains are owned by the same company — Mars Inc., the candy-making conglomerate.

Are raw chicken necks linked to paralysis in dogs? Earlier this week, an Australian study came out linking a bacteria in raw chicken called Campylobacter to Acute Polyradiculoneuritis (APN), a form of paralysis. It was a bit shocking to see as the sample size was relatively small (27 pups) and after reviewing the results, it’s quite important to understand the difference between correlation and causation. The bottom line is, Campylobacter bacteria can be found in both healthy and sick dogs and the symptoms of APN have been linked to many other causes including vaccinations, not just raw poultry. DNM did a thorough analysis of the study, here’s what you should know.

Meet Ruby, Co-Founder of Real Pet Food. This week, we were featured in San Diego Voyager’s Inspiring Stories. In case you missed it, check it out.

FDA to investigate after ABC7 exposes euthanasia drug in dog food. In total, 60% of wet food tested positive for pentobarbital. One brand repeatedly came back positive for pentobarbital - Gravy Train - made by Big Heart Pet Foods and owned by Smucker’s. And while the levels detected were not lethal, under federal law they are also not permitted at any concentration. So how is pentobarbital, a drug not allowed to be used on animals intended for food, getting into the food?

Which one are you?

Did you know… 2018 is the Year of the Dog, according to Chinese Zodiac. But not just any dog. In Chinese element theory, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, so there are actually 5 types of dogs! It is theorized that a person's characteristics are decided by their birth year's zodiac animal sign and element. Here are their characteristics:

San Diego Short Leash Social & Pack Walk. Join us every two weeks for a 2-3 mile walk with our dogs. 🐶 A pack walk establishes calm behavior and teaches our dogs to coexist in peace. Enjoy the outdoors, build a better dog with your dog. Are you in So Cal? Join us next weekend, Feb. 17th, for the Coast to Crest Challenge! We’d love to meet you.

Easyjet launches pet-sitting service. With many travelers struggling to find suitable accommodation for pets when they make holiday plans, easyJet has teamed up with a house-sitting provider to ease the burden on holidaymakers. The airline’s new service will give customers the opportunity to find a free house-sitter or find free accommodation as a house and pet-sitter when booking flights. Its decision follows a survey which revealed that 58% of pet owners would travel more often if they could access better pet care. Never heard of easyJet? That’s because they’re based in the U.K.

AKC adds 2 new canine breeds to the roster. The Grande Bassed Griffon Vendeen and Nederlandse Kooikerhondje… say that 3 times fast! Grand Basset Griffon Vendéens are French scent hounds known for their speed, stamina, and cheerful nature. The Nederlandse kooikerhondje goes back hundreds of years in Holland. The smallish, brown-and-white, spaniel-style dogs can be seen in some Dutch Old Master paintings. Kooikerhondjes were trained to help duck hunters and are classified as a working breed.

A dog’s greatest asset... No technology is as powerful at detecting scents as the nostrils of dogs, which have long been trained to use their superior schnozzes to sniff out explosives, cadavers, bed bugs, ants, and cancer, among other things. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has brought on its first canine employee to detect insects that eat through textiles and damage artwork. The Univ. of PA recently announced a K-9 Artifact Finders program that trains canines to sniff out illegally dug-up artifacts to help customs officers identify smugglers, especially from the Middle East.

Search dogs lead the hunt for more victims of Montecito mudslide. Dogs are a key piece of the rescue effort in almost all disasters, including the neighborhood of Montecito that was buried by mud last week. At least 15 bodies have been recovered, and the search is continuing. These search and rescue dogs trained by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. The organization rescues shelter dogs, trains them for disaster relief and provides them free of charge to first-response agencies. We are very lucky to have these working dogs among us.

Pet translator could be available in less than a decade. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, scientists are learning how to translate animals’ vocalizations and facial expressions into something we can understand. Recent advances include an AI system that listens in on marmoset monkeys to parse a dozen calls they use to communicate with each other and one that reads sheep’s faces to determine whether an animal is in pain suggest the longstanding dream of being able to converse with animals. Using an AI algorithm, we might be able to decipher what each wag or bark means.

Pet-related startups killing it at CES 2018. Petrics’ smart pet bed monitors cats’ and dogs’ weight and sleep patterns. Each bed comes with an activity tracker and thermostatic control. Owners can view the data collected via a mobile app, and it can be integrated with voice assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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Nestle gets out of candy to focus on pet care. Candy giant, Nestle is selling its U.S. candy business to Italy's Ferrero for about $2.8 billion in cash. After a review of its portfolio last summer, Nestle hinted that it might sell its U.S. business, with its eye on higher-growth areas like pet care, coffee, and infant nutrition. On top of that move, Zuke’s Pet Treats and Merrick Pet Care, which are both owned by Nestle, will merge into one business into Merrick’s portfolio.This means that the long-running Durango company, Zuke’s will be leaving for Texas and laying off nearly 75% of its employees.

Did you know… the word “pet” was first used in the 1500s to describe spoiled children? The history of pets is intertwined with the process of domestication, and it is likely that the dog, as the first domesticated species, was also the first pet. At some point, a working relationship developed between dogs and humans. Man discovered dogs were more agile, had stronger jaws, and were better at tracking prey. They proved to be quite useful in hunting and guarding duties. From human beings, on the other hand, the dogs were assured of a constant supply of food as well as warmth from the fire. There was a mutual benefit to the relationship. Indirect evidence shows dogs may have been kept as pets since Paleolithic times. In Mesopotamia, dogs that look like the present-day mastiff were shown participating in a lion hunt. Domestic pets were often depicted in the scenes of family life in ancient Egypt while hunting dogs of the greyhound or Saluki type accompany their master to the chase, and lap dogs frequently sit under the chair of their master or mistress. So what is the dog’s greatest asset? Their nose? their hunting skills? Or perhaps their hearts? ♥️

These goldens might help us find the cure for cancer. Samples from more than 3,000 other purebred golden retrievers from across the country have been collected in a biorepository to participate in an ambitious, $32 million research project that researchers hope will yield insights into the causes of cancers and other diseases common to goldens, other breeds and maybe even humans. The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, run by researchers from Colorado State University and the Morris Animal Foundation are compiling exhaustive data, recorded and reported each year by the dogs’ owners, on every aspect of the pooches’ lives: what they eat, where they sleep, whether their lawns are treated with pesticides, whether their teeth get brushed and more. Longitudinal studies like this can help researchers detect causes and effects that might be missed in other kinds of studies.

Russia’s scientists “drown” dog in an experiment with breathable liquid. Russian scientists developed a breathable liquid that is rich in oxygen and to test it, dunked a dog into a tank of liquid and held a dog under the surface. Though the dog did appear to be unharmed and fully recovered, animal rights activists and critics on social media are not happy. The demonstration was broadcast one day before Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a law meant to increase punishment for animal abuse. In response to the backlash, the scientist said that he would adopt “Nikolas” the dog, but continued to hail the research as a "breakthrough.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Not for faint-hearted

Puppies bred with medical disorders cloned. In China, a dog named Apple has been cloned into 3 different dogs with specific genomes edited to develop various diseases. Scientists deliberately encoded these diseases into their DNA so they study them more closely and possibly find cures. “Dogs share the most inheritable diseases with human beings, which makes them the best disease models to study," says Feng Chong, technical director at Sinogene.

‘Dogs’ may soon be called ‘doggos,’ per Merriam-Webster. The term “doggos” — internet speak for “dogs” — has spread across social media and gotten so popular that the dictionary deciders at Merriam-Webster have taken note. Its editors deemed “doggo” a “Word We’re Watching” in the coming year. Doggo actually originated in the late 19th century.

And in case you were wondering why some dogs poop so much… Prupas (the city’s chief vet) wrote a vegan diet higher in fiber could “lead to increased fecal bulk and frequency of bowel movements,” leading to more cleanup work for shelter staffers. ?

Now, this is scary. Under a proposal before the City Board, 33,000 shelter dogs in Los Angeles could feed a vegan diet. Proponents of a vegan diet contend not only is a plant-based diet healthier, but can also reverse the environmental effect the meat industry has had. The city’s chief veterinarian recommended rejecting the proposal, saying it could deprive dogs of sufficient protein, calcium and phosphorous. The commission unanimously voted for a feasibility study and analysis that will detail the benefits and risks such a switch would make, expected in February.

She’s mine! An Illinois law set to go into effect on Jan. 1 will allow for a judge to decide who gets to take home the family pet in the event of divorce. The legislation is intended for pets to be treated more like family and less like property. Divorcing couples instead will have to prove who will be the better owner. Alaska earlier this year became the first state to adopt similar legislation.

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KIND partners with the largest pet food manufacturer in the world. KIND And Mars, Inc., leading producer of pet food and candy, announced their partnership to bring the KIND promise to people worldwide. Mars also owns M&M’s, Snickers, Dove, Milky and Twix candy. As part of the partnership, Mars will take a minority stake in KIND. They will continue to operate independently as a privately held company with the same leadership. Did KIND sell out?

Dogs are smarter than cats. The debate is over. An international team of researchers found that dogs possess twice the number of neurons than cats, which “implies that dogs have more cognitive capabilities than cats." ?

Recap of the first PetCon. How did we miss this? Organized by The Dog Agency, a marketing and talent agency that only represents pets, the event took place in New York just before Thanksgiving. There were adoptable pets, celebrity pet meet + greets and insightful panels, by some of your favorite Instagram celebrities.

Super Sniffers at the Macy’s Day Parade. A team of Labrador retrievers have graduated from patent-pending security training at Auburn University's CVM, in part as a response to the attempted shoe-bombing in 2001. To counter body-worn bombs, Vapor Wake pups can tell the difference between a concealed firearm and multiple pounds of explosives. These dogs don't replace traditional bomb-sniffing dogs, which focus on assessing stationary objects like bags and vehicles. Instead, Vapor Wake dogs can sniff out someone wearing/carrying a bomb in a sea of thousands of people. But could law enforcement acting in good faith, be subconsciously influencing dogs to alert?

Warning about roasted bone treats. The FDA is warning pet owners of "bone treats" after dozens of dogs have gotten sick –– or died from chowing down on the processed doggie snacks. They note that illness occurred with bones that are roasted or baked, or because of other ingredients baked into the treats.

Adoptobot! The Dodo has released a new bot to help you adopt a pet. The bot will ask whether you want to learn more about adopting, help you find adoptable pets, and of course, serve up some cute animal videos. The coolest part? You can do it directly through FaceBook.

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Did you know… the wolves of Yellowstone prefer elk for dinner? Elk comprise about 90% of winter wolf kills at Yellowstone National Park. Wolves likely prefer to prey on elk over a bigger animal, like bison, because they are smaller and less aggressive. Have you heard the story about how wolves changed the ecosystem? Check out this awesome short video!

Is the neighborhood dog barking keeping you up at night? Bose’s new “sleepbuds” promise to block sleep disturbing sounds like snoring, barking dogs and road traffic through isolating ear-tips and soothing sounds.

The New Furbo sends you selfies of your dog. The Furbo Dog Camera, a treat-tossing dog camera recently announced an upgraded version that will be AI-powered - using machine learning and computer vision to detect various dog activities such as chewing, pacing back and forth, or two dogs playing together. It will also snap and send a selfie when a dog looks directly at the camera. Unlike other home monitors that send general motion and sound alerts, Furbo's smart alerts only notify users of dog-related events.

SpotMini: the headless robotic dog sure to give you nightmares. The latest robot from former Google sibling Boston Dynamics looks like a cross between something out of a Terminator movie and a cutesy Pixar character. SpotMini is a smaller version of the quadruped Spot robot, which itself was a shrunken-down version of the robotic packhorse BigDog designed by Boston Dynamics to carry equipment over rough terrain into the battlefield for the US army.

Coffee for dogs. Say wahh? Rooffee, a drink for both animals and humans, is made from Nordic wild roots without agricultural chemicals, pesticides or caffeine. It has received a bit of criticism for its name - well, because for 1. It’s not actually coffee. And 2., it sounds like “roofie,” the well-know date-rape drug. Chances it will take off are not likely. It sounds like an interesting idea, but the drink is much more like a tea, which isn’t much more novel than dog beer or bone broth.

The oldest images of dogs found in Saudi Arabia. Researchers have discover cave art dating back thousands of years and possibly displaying hunters leading dogs on leashes. "The problem with engravings is there is no reliable method to date them directly," but over 1,405 rock art panels that contain 6,618 individual animal depictions have been documented. Confirming the dates of these rock art drawings, may surpass depictions of dogs previously labeled the oldest, paintings on Iranian pottery dated to at most 8000 years ago.

Farmed fish may be A LOT better than you think. Love the Wild, a Boulder, Colorado, company offers sustainably farmed frozen fish by working directly with sustainable aquaculture farms. Their goal is to change consumer misconceptions about frozen fish — and farmed salmon in particular — in order to help Americans make healthier and more sustainable food choices. This can also help us make better decisions about the fish we feed our pups!

Fun fact: Did you know that “organic” fish is certified in the EU and Canada because the US doesn’t have any standard for it?

Pet collars go solar! A struggling solar panel installer in Australia is trying its hand at solar-power pet products. AFT Corporation installs solar panels for commercial businesses and schools and has recently partnered with Singapore-based PetBacker to develop solar-powered geo-tracking pet collars and temperature-controlled pet garments.

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The holidays can sometimes bring anxiety and stress despite it being the giving season. We’ve always encouraged getting out and being active with your dog to shake off the tension. Here a few tips to smile more, worry less… and just be more dog!

Did you know… there are dogs that sniff out weeds?? Conservation detection dogs are trained to protect wildlife and wild places. These pups have been trained to detect weeds before they even break the surface! They can also detect animals that live below ground and aquatic organisms invisible to the human eye!

Lily, a golden retriever from Georgia and Seamus, a border collie from Montana, are working together to lead the Working Dogs for Conservation team to eradicate an invasive weed from Mount Sentinel in Missoula, Montana. #weloveworkingdogs

Dogs may lower risk of childhood eczema, reduce asthma symptoms. Two new studies have revealed that exposure to dogs during early life may protect against eczema and reduce asthma symptoms in childhood.

Iditarod names four-time champ Dallas Seavey in dog doping scandal. Remember the doping scandal we mentioned a couple weeks ago? Alaska's Iditarod race committee has identified four-time champion Dallas Seavey as the musher whose 4 dogs tested positive for a banned opioid pain reliever in this year's race. Seavey denies the charge and has withdrawn from the 2018 dog sled race in protest.

Can I please have a treat, pretty please? A new study shows that dogs change their facial expressions when they know people are looking at them. A psychologist from the University of Portsmouth put together a study to better understand how dogs use their faces - the researchers found the dogs were more facially expressive when the human faced them, especially with “puppy eyes,” showing a clear change in behavior as a result of human attention.

Sony launches its new robot puppy: Aibo. Set to release in January of next year, Aibo can show love and affection, and learn from its environment to adjust its behavior with artificial intelligence. It will cost more than $1700 and also requires a wifi connection to work as it feeds information back to Sony's servers as part of the artificial intelligence technology which controls its behavior. A three-year subscription to this service would bring total costs to roughly $3400 for the first 3 years.

Petcube raises $10M in Series A Funding. A Y-Combinator alum, Petcube creates cube-shaped pet monitors that interact with your pups remotely. They’ve raised a total of $14M to date, and announced that the new funding will be used to expand new product development, marketing, and sales distribution in North America and international markets.

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People really do love dogs more than humans. A study published in Society & Animals found that people are more empathetic towards dogs than fellow humans. Shocked?? Me neither... In an experiment, 240 students were presented with fake newspaper clippings of a police report either about an attack on a person, or on a dog. Empathy levels for puppies and infants were on similar levels, while the adult person came last.

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The future is here. Google is now using facial recognition tech to identify your pets. If you have a bunch of photos of your furry friends, you can now see them all in one place. Google Photos now automatically recognizes pets via their faces — letting you search for your pups by name. The feature works on both cats and dogs ??

Did you know… there is specific dog bred for hunting fall turkeys? The Appalachian turkey dog is a combination of a setter, pointer, and a Plott Hound. The AKC doesn’t recognize the breed, but they’ve been used for years to hunt fall turkeys.

San Diego Short Leash Social & Pack Walk. Join us every two weeks for a 2-3 mile walk with our dogs. ? A pack walk establishes calm behavior and teaches our dogs to co-exist in peace. Enjoy the outdoors, build a better dog with your dog. The next one will be Nov. 4 at Lake Miramar. Are you in So Cal? Join us! We’ve love to meet you.

I think it’s time to move to Italy. Sapienza University in Rome has offered paid leave to an employee whose dog needed surgery. BUT, this was only after she filed a complaint about being charged for a “holiday” or day off. After contesting how her leave was categorized, the University agreed to give her 2 days of paid leave. If you live alone and have no one else to care for your furry family member, would you request the same?

Why wolves work together while wild dogs do not. A new study comparing domesticated dogs to wolves at the Wolf Science Center in Austria suggests that wild wolves work together much more coherently than dogs. Using a “loose string” test, which involves placing pairs of dogs or wolves in front of a cage with a tray of food in it. In order to slide the tray out of the cage, both animals had to pull on a rope simultaneously. After several tests and pairs of dogs and wolves, the wolves consistently succeeded at figuring out the test and working together to get the food. Have our domesticated dogs lost their pack mentality?

A dog has evolved to fight malaria. A recent study led by Dr. Ya-ping Zhang has found evidence that dogs developed protection against malaria in the same way that people in West Africa have. The data suggest dogs adapted to the diet in West Africa in a similar way as people, by changing the same genes involved in insulin secretion and sensitivity. And they picked up mutations that helped protect them from the intense sunlight in the tropics. Dogs can undergo similar adaptations as humans, referred to what is called convergent evolution: They've adapted to new environments by independently evolving similar traits.

Brazil offers “dog food pellets” plan for poor children. But if kibble is “so nutritious,” then why is this a problem? The product, known as farinata from the Portuguese word for flour has been dubbed "dog food" by critics - it can be eaten as pellets or added to meals. The Mayor says it could curb hunger and cut food waste, but critics have questioned its nutritional value and prosecutors have opened an inquiry into the plans. #foodforthought

Alaskan sled dogs test positive for ‘prohibited substance’. After several doped-up dogs were discovered at the 2017 running of Alaska’s famed sled dog race, the Iditarod Trail Committee’s board of directors voted late last week to change its rules in an attempt to crack down on mushers trying to gain an illegal edge on the competition.

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While we can’t wait to see those hilarious dog costumes, we’d like to remind you to make sure to keep human treats (candy) from falling into the wrong paws… they may contain artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that can be toxic to your pup.

Did you know… that almost 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer and approximately 1 in 4 dogs will, at some stage in their life, develop cancer. It’s difficult to determine the exact number because not all pets obtain medical care or even a definitive diagnosis for cancer, but dogs are getting cancer at about the same rate as humans. Some breeds have a higher incidence of developing cancer at an earlier age.

Check out the Truth About Pet Cancer Mini-Series to learn more about what we can do to prevent our dogs from getting cancer. #themoreyouknow

World’s longest dog tongue. Mochi, an 8-year-old St. Bernard in South Dakota, has set a new world record for the longest dog tongue. According to Guinness World Records, Mochi's tongue measures in at 7.31 inches (18.58 cm).

Just when you thought you had enough doggy things. IKEA just announced it’s launching a furniture collection specifically for pets. I hope it comes preassembled.

Bissell also just released a Barkbath to vacuum your pup ?

People are getting sick from a bacterial disease linked to pet-store puppies. A disease - Campylobacter - linked to puppies sold at Petland, a nationwide chain of about 80 pet stores, has sickened 55 people in 12 states, according to the CDC. Campylobacter is a fairly common bacteria among puppies and dogs, it’s unusual to see a large, multistate outbreak in humans. The disease is contracted through handling feces and then touching your mouth. The infection can cause bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and fever, but most people who get sick don’t need antibiotics and can recover within a week without any specific treatment.

Key takeaways: WASH YOUR HANDS & #adoptdontshop

Rescue Dogs At Work After Mexico's Earthquakes. After being struck by three major earthquakes in the past month, rescue workers and volunteers across Mexico have been working around the clock, with the help of local and international teams of sniffer dogs and their handlers. These search and rescue dogs have spent weeks now clambering over collapsed buildings, helping their human counterparts locate survivors trapped inside.

Everybody needs a furry friend. Lutheran Church Charities has sent K9 therapy dogs to comfort the victims and families of the tragic Las Vegas shooting last week, that killed 59 people and wounded hundreds more. The church also sent dogs to Texas after Hurricane Harvey to visit first responders and operators in the wake of the storm. #vegasstrong

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On a serious note, be wary of human treats (candy) falling into the wrong paws… they may contain artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that can be toxic to your pup.

Veterans Affairs’ conduct medical experiments on dogs, then kill them. The VA Department is tightening oversight of controversial medical experiments on dogs after an investigation found surgery failures and canine deaths in research projects at a VA facility in Virginia — findings that spurred a push in Congress to defund the experiments altogether. Invasive experiments at three VA facilities are slated to include roughly 300 dogs, including 6-month-old Beagle puppies, and involve surgeries on their brains, spines, and hearts by researchers seeking treatments for heart disease and other ailments. All the dogs will be killed when the research is complete.

Did you know… there are over a dozen different specializations for service dogs? In the wake of recent natural disasters and man-made tragedies, canines have been assisting us with search, rescue, and even therapy. In fact, our civilization wouldn’t even be here without our canine companions. Other types of service dogs specialize in the diabetic alert, wheelchair assistance, allergy alert, visual assistance, psychiatric service, mobility support, seizure assistance.

Mars antitrust remedy 'not even a drop in the bucket'? Last week, the FTC required Mars, Inc. to divest 12 veterinary clinics following its $9.1B acquisition of VCA hospitals. But that’s only 12 of the 2,000+ hospitals in the U.S. and Canada that Mars still owns, effectively giving Mars a monopoly on all every veterinary hospital in North America. The collective Mars-owned veterinary practices operate under the brand names Banfield Pet Hospitals, BluePearl, Pet Partners and now, VCA -- and is leaving some independent practitioners wondering if the FTC’s remedy will be effective at all. Further, the 12 clinics were divested among 3 companies of Mar’s choice, each of which has a history with VCA.

Singapore pet food company launches art exhibit for dogs. “This first-of-its-kind art exhibition is designed to create a positive art appreciation experience for pets as they make their way through the various art installations," the brand said. The exhibit includes a room designed to give dogs the illusion they are floating on a magic carpet through a sky full of toys and flying treats and chicken drumsticks.

Yahoo’s former VP of Mobile launches YaDoggie, a dog wellness startup. YaDoggie’s core offerings are healthy, grain-free kibble, treats and a smart scoop. The Bluetooth-enabled smart scoop, which will launch in November, connects with your smartphone to let everyone in the house know when the dog has been fed. When you pick up the scoop, an LED light will flash green if the dog needs to be fed or red if the dog has already been fed. YaDoggie’s algorithms also predict when you’re about to run out of food and then proceeds to ship it.

Dog grooming schools may be cheating you. The state of Illinois has filed a lawsuit against the Academy of Dog Grooming Arts and its owner in November, accusing them of cheating students out of $85,000 by misrepresenting that they ran a school in good standing. According to the lawsuit, the school operated with an expired permit since 2014 and allegedly hadn’t completed an application for a new one. Personally, if you can cut hair, you can cut hair - I don’t need to see a permit for that.

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Nonprofit trains dogs specifically to help disabled farmers. PHARM Dog, founded by Jackie Allenbrand, custom trains each of their dogs to partner with a disabled farmer. The acronym stands for Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri. PHARM’s dogs come in two main categories: herding dogs (usually Border Collies), and service dogs (usually Labradors or Lab-mixes), to help farmers manage their livestock and pick up dropped tools or even act as a brace for stability.

There’s an AI robot named Cozmo that can imitate your dog. Created by consumer robotics and artificial intelligence company Anki, the AI-powered toy robot is capable of learning your face and name, playing games and singing songs. The robot has been programmed with a mischievous personality which demands human interaction to unlock new abilities. Unlike other toy robots, Cozmo’s facial expressions and mood depend on how you treat him - feeding him makes him happy, shaking him makes him grumpy, and leaving him alone for too long will upset him.

Did you know… dogs can donate blood? Just like people, dogs can sometimes require blood transfusions. Anemia, cancer, surgical procedures and serious accidents are all cases in which your dog, or someone else’s, may need blood. The process of collecting blood from dogs is similar to that of humans - the only difference is canine blood is drawn from the jugular vein in the neck since this is the most accessible and least sensitive site in the dog’s body.

Dogs are helping people stay clean and sober. For many people going through recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, their dogs are the last thing they’re able to take care of. Dogs Matter is an organization that places dogs who need a temporary home with foster families and provides resources to care for the pet until their owners are ready to take care of them. Knowing their dog is ok allows people to focus on their recovery and when they’re reunited dogs help teach them a valuable lesson – “Dogs stay present in the moment. That's important for people in recovery, we try to not worry about the future as much. And dogs don't let their past define them.”

Dog Carrying Day in China -- Villager celebrate annual tradition by dressing dogs up and parading on a wooden throne. Every year the Miao people of Jiaobang village in the Guizhou province, worship a dog for saving its people. Legend has it that the first settlers in the area were saved from dying of thirst by a dog which led them to a water source in the area. A shaman leads the parade of people singing along to the beat of drums, throwing mud as part of a symbolic gesture to the god of peace, health, and prosperity. Villagers also gather in the streets to show gratitude to the dog and pray for a good harvest in the coming year.

NIH awards $4.8M to Valley Fever Center for work on dog vaccine. The $4.8 million grant for research to speed development of a vaccine to combat Valley fever, the sometimes-deadly respiratory illness caused by Coccidioides spores found in soils of the Southwest. The research goal is to test and possibly license the vaccine in dogs to protect them from contracting Valley fever. If proved safe and effective in dogs, the next step probably would be evaluation and possible approval of a vaccine to prevent Valley fever in humans.

Ollie raises $12.6M in Series A funding. Ollie, a subscription-based pet food delivery company is announcing that it has raised a $12.6 million Series A funding. This brings the company's total funding to $17 million to date with a previous round of funding of $4.4 million co-led by Primary Ventures and Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Canaan and WME. and Deliv Expand same-day delivery to 23 states in the U.S. Customers located in 33 of Deliv’s markets can shop on and select the same day or scheduled delivery for anything from 50-pound bags of dog food to bulk containers of cat litter or even pet beds.

FTC requires Mars to divest 12 veterinary clinics nationwide. Mars, Inc. recently completed its acquisition of VCA hospitals for $9.1 billion. The FTC filed a complaint that the acquisition would violate antitrust laws and substantially lessen competition for certain specialty and emergency veterinary services and likely lead to higher prices for pet owners and lower quality in the specialty and emergency veterinary services they receive. Mars has agreed to divest 12 veterinary clinics no later than 10 business days after the acquisition is complete to one of three buyers: National Veterinary Associates, Pathway Partners Vet Management Co. and PetVet Care Centers, the release states.

Acer goes dog. I’ve always known Acer to sell laptops and monitors, who knew that last year they acquired Pawbo, the company behind an eponymous “interactive wireless pet camera with treat dispensing and laser pointing capabilities? They’ve since unveiled 3 new products: iPuppyGo, an activity tracker which “keeps tabs on pets’ exercise levels, sleep patterns, mood index and health status”; WagTag, a GPS that includes sensors for “unusual barking behaviour”, temperatures and accidental impact; and Munch, a remote control treat-dispensing system.

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Stray dogs using technology to keep the streets safe. ‘Smart vests’ developed in Thailand are aiming to help stray dogs and improve safety in communities. Equipped with a hidden video camera, the vest has sensors that are triggered when the dog barks and a live video of what the dog sees is then transmitted to mobile phones via an application. The creators are hoping the vest will help locals see street dogs in a positive light rather than regarding them as a nuisance.

New Japanese robot dog sniffs out smelly feet. Do your feet smell bad? If you don’t dare to ask a friend, one Japanese startup might have the answer with a new robot dog that will sniff your feet and give you an honest answer — even fainting if the stink is especially strong. The 15-cm robot, equipped with an odor detection sensor for a nose, also sprays air freshener to resolve the situation.

Did you know… there are currency detection dogs trained to detect large amounts of concealed US dollars and Euros? Drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs are pretty common and well-known, but the first counterfeit-sniffing dog of the Secret Service, Mike, went into the field in 1997. Apparently, there are also police canines trained to sniff out counterfeit-DVDs.

Madison tech startup invents a device to keep dogs safe in cars. PAWS by O-no invented a 50-cent-piece-size device to clip onto a pet's collar that relays the temperature and humidity to smartphones via Bluetooth and an app that allows owners to keep an eye on their pup in their car.

Yeah right. surveyed dog lovers and discovered that 54% of dog people would consider ending a relationship if they thought their dog didn't like their partner. Do you agree?

Is that a direwolf? Nope, it's just a husky. Direwolves, the large and hyper-intelligent wolves found in the northern part of Westeros, are so cool on "Game of Thrones" that they're promoting new pet owners to go out and buy Huskies, who share a resemblance with the fictional wolves. The problem is not necessarily the demand for the dogs, but how much care goes into watching after them, which is prompting owners to abandon the dogs at shelters once they deal with them firsthand. GoT star Peter Dinklage is urging fans to "Stop buying huskies!" and realize the responsibility of owning a dog before they get a husky of their own and should they decide to get one, they should #adoptdontshop

Study suggests: Coddled puppies make poor guide dogs. A study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests the way a puppy's mother raises it may be the key to the dog's success, or failure. A research team at the University of PA found that puppies destined for guide dog training are more likely to fail if they're coddled by their mothers.

Five dogs turned blue in Mumbai. In the industrial zone of Taloja, India, not only are fish floating up in the local river, but dogs are turning blue. Turns out, it’s not from the chemicals in the river, but rather the dye in stagnant water on factory grounds. Supposedly non-toxic… what are your thoughts on dogs with dyed fur?

ICYMI… here’s a quick recap of our 1st National Dog Day in San Diego: If the Olympics included food marathons I'd be the first to join. Real Pet Food successfully celebrated National Dog Day at Doggy Ocean Beach, San Diego with so many treats for so many awesome pups. The pups had a blast joining us in Dog Olympics. The competition included activities such as musical sits to dog surfing and clean the plate games. The pups were worn out from so. much. fun!

Thanks to our Yoga instructor, Ashley Chen for her support and bonding lessons with our dogs. Many of us painfully realized that we are a lot more flexible than we thought.

Faith, professional dog surfer, accompanied by her handler, James, showed us humans and pups how it's done. Many of our newest #feedreal members also had a chance to brag about their pups' surfing skills. ?

After Dog Olympics, our three winners enjoyed prizes of Real Pet Food's popular mini box, a super chew, and a bag of treats. Can we get a holler for our next #CineReal event? It’s on Sunday, Sept. 10th at Liberty Station. We can't wait to see you there!

And don’t forget your treats. They’re great for meal substitutes and having quick snacks for the pups on hand. Only 7 more days to get these green lipped mussels. Available until Sept 10th, this box has: ? Chicken Heart, ? Beef Spleen, ? Green lipped mussels, ? Lamb Weasand, ? Pig Skin, ? Turkey Neck - Check out the unboxing!! **If YOU have shellfish allergy, let us know

Did you know… not all dogs naturally know how to swim? Canines generally fall into one of three categories. There are those that can swim, those that can be taught to swim and those that should steer clear of all aqueous environments. Some pups were bred specifically to retrieve waterfowl or for water rescue. Others with shorter limbs like Dachshunds and Bulldogs usually don’t have enough thrust from their short legs to keep them afloat. Small dogs, like Maltese, are sometimes good swimmers but may become easily chilled or frightened in the water, which can increase the risk of drowning. You’ll usually know right away if your pup takes to the water - it’s a good idea to invest in a pup life jacket like these two pros.

Could your dog’s food be hurting the planet? According to a UCLA study, dogs and cats in the America consume about 25% of all animal-derived calories in the US. If these pets established a sovereign nation, it would rank fifth in global meat consumption. Meat production does require land, water and energy, and pollutes more than plant-based food — creating as much as 64 million tons of greenhouse gases/year -- which is about the equivalent of driving more than 12 million cars around for a year. It’s difficult to say what alternatives there are for feeding our pets, but the environmental impact of pet food is a topic we should start discussing.

New program pairs senior citizens with senior pets. Seniors for Seniors, a new initiative from the Tails of the Free! Animal Rescue, will rescue senior animals from kill shelters and match them with interested seniors. The program intends to meet the demand of those who cannot make a potential 20-year commitment to a young pet but are still interested in having an animal companion.

Millennial mortgages are going to the dogs. Literally. SunTrust Mortgages found that one-third of millennials (ages 18 to 36) who purchased their first home, did so because it had a yard and better space for their dog. Only two factors ranked higher than dog space, according to the report, which includes more living space (66%) and the opportunity to build equity (36%).

The real health benefits of owning a dog. Just in case you needed more ammo to convince your significant other to adopt a furry friend 🙂 Having a dog around can lead to lower levels of stress for both adults and kids. They've been found to decrease the risk of asthma in children and have been linked to lower blood pressure. And researchers have also shown that dog owners are more active than those who don't own dogs, packing in more steps per day on their walks or just regular playtime. Last month, a study showed that older dog owners take 2,760 more steps per day on average compared to non-owners, which amounted to an additional 23 daily minutes of moderate exercise. #boom

New technology may soon be able to translate your pet's sounds into words. At least this is Amazon’s prediction in the next decade. A Northern Arizona University study that has used artificial intelligence to decipher the calls of prairie dogs, found that they have “a sophisticated communication system that has all the aspects of language.” This means we may be able to further develop technology to translate dogs barking, cats meowing and cows mooing into words, so we can finally understand what they’re saying.

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ICYMI… here’s a quick recap of our 2nd full moon pack hike: The full-moon pack hikers are back, and this time, with actual ambassador wolves! This past Sunday our #feedreal group hiked up the mighty Cowles Mountain of San Diego. Dog parents and pup lovers all tuned into the event’s guests, Kimmi and Damu, her beautiful hybrid wolf.

Kimmi’s non-profit organization, Project Wildsong aims to build bridges between people and wildlife to show the benefits of conservation. Learn more about the project at

The dogs certainly had a blast meeting a relative ancestor of theirs and so did the 100+ RSVPs who had a chance to have a Q&A with Kimmi and learn more about hybrid wolves. And in continuing with the tradition, we culminated our hike with a champagne toast at the top of the mountain ?

After a long hike, I think we all need a break and just watch a movie. Tune in for our next event on Sunday, August 20th for Animal Planet II, Mountains.

Dog harness that can signal messages for help from passersby. A research group at Georgia Tech has been equipping dogs with active sensors that a dog can bite, nudge or tug to activate a signal or screen message. Imagine a service dog tugging at its harness and a message sounds: "My owner needs help — please follow me." Meanwhile, scientists at North Carolina State are working on a smart harness that monitors dog activity to detect stress and anxiety, that will eventually help dogs communicate through computer translators.

Dogs could sniff out Parkinson’s disease years before symptoms appear. Researchers at Manchester University are trying to discover which odor molecules are linked to the disease so that dogs can be trained to spot the illness. Dogs’ ability to detect prostate cancer and changes in blood sugar levels were discovered a few years ago and testing has been underway. It’s estimated that the part of the brain we use to analyze odors is 40x larger in dogs.

A pet pharmaceutical company sold for more than $100M to Zoetis, the world’s biggest animal healthcare company. Nexvet, founded in Melbourne, Australia, develops pain medication for pets using monoclonal antibodies, which are commonly used to treat human cancers. Zoetis, based in New Jersey, was spun out of US pharmaceutical Pfizer in 2013. It’s unclear what this means for animal healthcare and the future of pet pharmaceuticals, but it’s clear that “people are now willing to give their pets the same level of care that they would give themselves.”

Apparently, paid pet-sitting without a license is illegal in NYC. According to long-established city regulations, anyone offering pet-sitting for pay must be licensed to board animals and do so in a permitted kennel, not a home. A seemingly trivial rule has only come to light as app-based companies like Wag and Rover become more popular - and it comes as no surprise that Rover is fighting to get the law overturned. Only 2 violations have been cited thus far, with fines starting at $1,000.

Rover raises $65M to expand internationally. The Seattle-based pet-sitting start-up wasn’t looking to raise more cash, but venture firm Spark Capital (who’s invested in companies like Slack, Twitter, Oculus, Warby Parker and Trello, kept knocking. The company plans to use the funds to fuel international expansion, drive more marketing, and launch new services for pet owners and sitters.

New evidence suggests dogs all descended from late stone age wolves in Europe. Previously, it had been thought that dogs came from two populations of wolves living thousands of miles apart. Researchers recently analyzed the DNA sequence of skulls and fossils of 5,000-7,000 year-old-dogs (found in Germany and Ireland) and were able to determine that the genome of a modern dog was very similar to the genome of these ancient dogs, suggesting a single origin of wolves domesticated into our household pups today.

Scientists find key 'friendliness' genes that distinguish dogs from wolves. A study, published this week in the journal Science Advances, found that structural variations in three genes on chromosome 6 are correlated with how much canines socialize with humans. An analysis of DNA from two dozen animals revealed that these genes look very different in dogs than they do in wolves, which explains why dogs are a bit more willing to cuddle than wolves.

So-Cal Peeps - CineReal presents its first screening: Planet Earth II. Join us for a special outdoor presentation of the first episode, Islands. Like all of our events, this one is dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your canine critics, since wildlife documentaries such as this one are often visually captivating to them, too! We'll also be hosting our own Yappy Hour at 7:30 pm with special guest Zoe Sandor of Zoe's Dog Training and to keep things fun and interesting, we’ll also have some trivia throughout the evening with some great prizes, including our highly-anticipated new Super Chews. Click here for details.

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Did you know… dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses? Compared to only 6 million in our noses... When we inhale, we smell and breathe through the same airways. Dogs have a fold of tissue just inside their nostrils, so when they inhale, they can actually separate smelling and breathing. And when dogs exhale, the spent air exits through the slits in the sides of their noses, allowing dogs to sniff almost continuously.

Want to keep your dog hydrated?? Earlier this week, we made the most amazing bone broth for ourselves and our pup, and many of you asked for the recipe. It takes a tiny bit of work to get everything you need, but the benefits are far too good to pass up. Bone broth is full of minerals and calcium, protects joints, helps maintain a healthy gut and builds a strong immune system. Plus it’s great for rehydrating during these summer days.

Here’s what you need: a pressure cooker or slow cooker; strainer.

Ingredients (dog version):

• 3 lbs of gelatinous bones (feet, femurs, bones with marrow) we used beef bones and 1 hind pig foot (you can also use chicken feet or lamb marrow bones, but whole pig feet work the best). • Water • Apple cider vinegar (about 3 tbsp) • 3 Garlic cloves (optional; safe in small doses and great as mosquito/flea repellant for dogs)

Instructions: Place all bones in a pressure cooker or slow cooker, cover with water and add a splash of apple cider vinegar (to help draw the vitamins and minerals out). Pressure cook for 2 hours or slow cook overnight. Strain the bones and put the broth in fridge. Once it cools, it should be jelly like*, skim off the fat and Voila! You can reuse the bones for a 2nd batch - add water and ACV, and cook for 3 hours in the pressure cooker or 12 hours in the slow cooker.

*Jelly means you’ve got lots of gelatin in there and that’s what helps with your and your dog’s joints. Not so jelly? That’s ok - just add more apple cider vinegar the next time. There are still lots of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you’ve drawn out of those bones!

Serve at room temperature for your dog and hot for yourself

Human version: Add 1 whole onion (quartered) or 1 bunch of green onion stalks, 1/2 a head of garlic and 1 tsp. of freshly ground black pepper and any other herbs you’d like.

Your dog’s disease could be cured by gene therapy. For decades, gene therapy has been envisioned as a way to cure disease by introducing new genetic material into people’s DNA. Successful treatments in humans are moving closer to FDA approval. Dominik Faissler, a veterinary neurologist at Tufts University is studying gene therapy for canine degenerative myelopathy with the goal of eventually helping people. He has so far treated five pet dogs with the disease. Researchers are also using gene therapy to treat dogs with hemophilia, a bleeding disorder in both canines and people that are caused by a genetic mutation.

Marijuana treatment for noise anxiety in dogs. Animal shelters tend to see an increased influx of runaway pets around the two holidays - the 4th of July & New Year’s Eve. To quell dogs’ anxiety to loud noises, many dog owners are giving their pups a squirt of marijuana extract made mostly of cannabidiol (CBD), a component of the cannabis plant that, unlike THC, doesn't induce a high. This definitely isn’t the last time you’ll hear about cannabis-based veterinary products, as the marketplace is rapidly increasing.

A new device to help train sniffer dogs. Dr. Ong, of MIT has invented a type of mass spectrometer, that lets sniffer dog handlers check instantly whether a dog has correctly identified explosive material or not. This could both speed the process of training and, if deployed in the field, permit a suspicious object which a dog has nosed out to be double-checked by technology, and to have its precise explosive characteristics logged instantly.

Need to have your dog at your wedding? There’s an app for that. LOL. Well, surely it’s coming soon. Pawfect For You is a full-service chauffeur and pet care provider for couples on their wedding day that provides accommodations such as dressing a pet up in wedding attire, a bath or coordination with a groomer and even ceremony coaching.

Near infrared goggles developed to detect cancer cells in dogs. Recently, a University of Illinois engineer developed high-tech glasses (goggles) that help surgeons visualize cancer cells. The goggles detect radioactive tracers that cause the cancer cells to glow blue. Dr. Laura Selmic and Dr. Viktor Gruev are collaborating on a clinical trial to help detect cancerous cells in lymph nodes, which are an indication that cancer may have spread beyond a tumor found in a dog’s head or neck.

Real Pet Food’s Buck Moon pack hike. Last Sunday, marked our very first #feedreal movement community pack hike! Joined by over 40 participants and dogs, we hiked the Black Mountain trail, here in sunny San Diego, where pups fell in line harmoniously as a pack and as we enjoyed beautiful views of the full moon and a champagne toast at the top! Learn more about building a better bond with your dog & stay up to date on our next full moon hike and other events -- Join the #feedreal movement community group!

Only 4 more days to get that green gold! Our current box, available until Sunday, July 16th only, has green tripe patties, pork kidney, salmon, duck feet, lamb gullet and beef trachea. Check out the unboxing!

Tips to help your dog cool down. If your dog appears to be overheated, here are some tips to help cool down:

• Get to shade. • Apply cool (not ice cold) water to inner thighs, stomach, and paws. • Give small amounts of cool water. • Avoid cold or ice water, or submerging into a pool - this could be too much of a shock to their bodies. • Once their panting has calmed down, encourage movement to circulate cool blood and feed a hearty bone broth to quickly help rehydrate. See below ??????

A few ways to prepare for this Independence Day: Stay cool & secure. If staying indoors, keep your home cool, doors secure and a safe place for your pup, such as a crate, accessible. Stay calm. Your pup feeds off of your emotions. If you’re good, they’re good. Try playing music or leaving the TV on to drown out the noise outside. Stay close. If going outdoors, do not leave your pup unsupervised, even in a fenced yard — frightened dogs, startled by loud fireworks and firecrackers, are more likely to jump fences to try and escape the noise. Stay ready. And if you don’t plan on being home with your pup, make sure your pup’s ID tags and microchip are up-to-date.

Dog's leg saved by bone technology for landmine victims. Vets at the University of Glasgow have saved a dog's leg from amputation using bone-growing technology originally designed to help landmine victims. Bone chips mixed with a special formula were placed in her leg and the dog is now on the way to a "full recovery".

Your dog could call 911 in an emergency. Georgia Tech is using infrared technology to help dogs learn to communicate outwardly when their owners need help.

NY commuters are carrying dogs of all shapes and sizes in HANDBAGS. The NY subway recently began enforcing a new rule that pets must be ‘carried’. You gotta love their creativity. New Yorkers will figure out a way no matter what!

Bone-sniffing dogs to hunt for Amelia Earhart's remains. Nearly 80 years ago, on July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan took off on one of the last legs of their around-the-world flight. Despite many attempts, no one has been able to find them. Four border collies named Berkeley, Piper, Marcy, and Kayle - trained to alert on the scent of human bones - will be sent in on an expedition to see if they can uncover Earhart and Noonan’s remains.

Mad at your significant other? Try looking at puppies. A recent study shows that looking at photos of cute animals next to your significant other could help develop more positive associations with your partner. This research, funded by the Dept. of Defense in part to help families dealing with long separations during deployment, suggests these findings this could lay the groundwork for understanding how various attitudes could be influenced by this type of conditioning.

Did someone say green tripe? This next box is out! And we’ve got green tripe patties, pork kidney, salmon, duck feet, lamb gullet and beef trachea. Check out the unboxing!

Pro Tip: We hope it never happens, but if your pup does get lost… Bring an item of clothing covered with your scent and set it down in the last place you saw him or her. Pups are likely to go back where they last saw you and will easily pick up your scent if they’re not too far. Just bring some sausages or some of our treats 🙂

Google sells robot dog company Boston Dynamics to SoftBank. Boston Dynamics' robots, which include the dog-like Spot, the six-foot humanoid Atlas, and the sprinting Cheetah, have become sensations on YouTube but have failed to become marketable products and Alphabet put the business up for sale last year. The size of the deal was not disclosed but is believed to be over $100m.

Dog flu spreading the southeast US. So far, 12 dogs in Florida and 2 dogs in NC have tested positive for a strain of dog flu virus known as H3N2, and many other dogs in central and north Florida are suspected to have it as well. Most dogs recover within a few weeks, but the virus is easily passed around - when dogs a cough, they can spread the virus up to 20 feet - most often in kennels and grooming parlors. Nearly all dogs exposed to the virus become infected, but only 80% show symptoms. There is no evidence that H3N2 canine influenza virus infects humans.

June marks the official start to hurricane season in some parts of the US. Not all of us are lucky enough to live in sunny California, but hey! We have earthquakes, ok?! Here are some tips to be prepared and keep your pup safe.

Do you even lift bro? L-carnitine, a widely used recovery supplement for humans, has demonstrated positive health effects on performance, muscle mass and recovery of working dogs. The research, sponsored by Lonza, a pharma & biotech manufacturer of Carniking, which is a “special grade of L-carnitine”, found that Carniking contributes to higher lean muscle mass, improved muscle recovery, and less oxidative stress during vigorous exercise. Note, the research conducted over a 2 year period analyzed 96 labrador retrievers and no other breeds.

Uber for Pets. Now your pet can have its very own chauffeur. Patrick’s Pet Care is launching its “Pet Force One” van today that will take pets to places like the vet, groomer, and airport. Unlike Uber or Lyft, Patrick's new offering doesn't require owners to join the pets for the ride. They say their lift has pet-friendly climate control, private transport spaces for animals, filtered water dispensers, and other features.

You can now travel the world free by pet-sitting. I’m sorry, did you say dream job? It’s true. It’s like air-bnb and had a baby. Several companies, including TrustedHousitters, Hecktic Travels and Mind My House, now enable animal-lovers to stay free at homes around the world in exchange for pet-sitting. There is no money exchanged. You’ll need to create a profile, go through a criminal background check and pay a membership fee to the site -- but then you’re free to travel either by going off to pet-sit in another city or by leaving your pet behind with a trusted sitter staying in your home. #winwin

Drug kits & pension for police dogs. I’d never thought about it, but drug sniffing dogs bare the risk of inhaling powerful opioids on a daily basis. Law enforcement officers are now carrying Naloxone, a drug that has already been used for years to reverse overdoses in humans, in the case of an accidental overdose. In other news, California Assembly’s next proposed budget includes $100,000 to provide retired CHP police dogs with a $2,000 retirement plan to help pay for medical costs.

Thoughts behind the head tilt. The cutest thing ever, but why do they do it? There are no peer review studies available, but a couple of scientists hypothesize that head-tilting might help dogs see and hear us better.

Made-to-order dog food gets bigger and bigger. The Farmer’s Dog announced last week that it closed a $8.1M Series A round led by Shasta Ventures. “People are becoming better educated about what goes into pet food and simultaneously becoming more knowledgeable about the power food has on health,” says co-founder, Jonathan Regev.

Independent study to compare the levels of AGEs in processed and fresh food pet diets. CANWI, started by veterinarians Karen Becker & Donna Raditic has announced an ambitious project to look at the role of dietary AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products), which have been associated with chronic and degenerative diseases, aging and even cancer, in processed pet foods. AGEs, aka glycotoxins, are a result of a non-ezymatic reaction between reducing sugars and proteins or lipids, created during high heat food processing, are very common to modern day diets. Preliminary data suggests some pet foods may contain over 122 times the AGEs found in processed human foods! Although the announcement points out that this is one of the few “independent studies” not funded by a pet food manufacturer, it should be noted that at least one of the founders of the organization has their own line of pet foods and supplements. Nonetheless, a study like this could be really helpful in understanding how cooked and fresh pet foods differ, a question many pet owners have been asking for years.

Pro tip: Keep a holistic first-aid kit on hand just in case whether traveling with your pup or leaving him/her at home with someone else. Our 3 must-haves include: Colloidal silver - an antibiotic essential for treating scratches or surface wounds Slippery elm bark powder - a natural source of fiber for diarrhea or upset tummies Calendula - an antimicrobial herbal essence great for soothing open wounds & infections

Did you know… it’s foxtail season? A foxtail plant is a diaspora or grass-like seed cluster, mostly found in the Western US that appears during the dry, warmer months. Their seed heads are tough and can work their way into virtually any part of your dog - from the nose to ears, eyes, skin and even between their toes. They can migrate and embed themselves under the skin or in nasal passages or other cavities including the eardrums, genitals, and brain. Make sure to examine your pup closely for pointy foxtail ends in their coat or between their toes. What do you do? Avoiding grassy areas altogether is obviously not an option 🙂 So after play or hikes, make sure to examine your pup closely for pointy foxtail ends in their coat or between their toes and when possible, give a good brushing.

Speaking of treats… Here’s what’s in this month’s Real Pet Food box : pork heart, beef spleen, yelloweye rockfish, chicken feet, lamb trachea and beef backstrap.

Does your pup have an allergy? Let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate 🙂

Dogs don’t have the muscular makeup to smile like we do. So, when they bark it’s their way of communicating with us. They’re usually trying to get our attention, maybe to tell us they are in distress or there’s someone or something outside, or maybe because they want some more treats 🙂 As you learn how to communicate better with your dog, you build a stronger bond.

Wolves have finally returned to Denmark. After two largely wolf-free centuries, researchers say that a pair of the wolves has moved into west Jutland, and that cubs are almost certainly on the way. Wolves, which once roamed all over Europe, were eliminated from the Western part of the continent thanks to centuries of hunting, much of it state-sanctioned. Looking forward, the Danish government has begun setting up a wildlife management plan, funding wolf-proof fences and compensating farmers for lost animals. Ever wondered how wolves affect our ecosystem? Check out what happened at Yellowstone!

Dogs are the new must-have office accessory. Nowadays, you’re as likely to find a dog in the office as you are a pot plant or watercooler. For startups particularly, including Google, Zynga & Amazon, allowing dogs is an easy, cheap way of attracting and retaining millennials - they are using animal magnetism to reduce stress in the workplace and hang on to staff. Around 8% of US employers allow dogs at work and the number is only rising. Would you love to bring your dog to the office?

BBC Two series, “Trust me, I’m a vet” gets slaughtered by fresh food proponents. Last week, the first episode aired claiming that a raw diet “trend” could be bad news for humans. The comments on the BBC video posted to facebook were filled with harsh criticism of biased journalism and inadequate research funded by a kibble corporation, Royal Canin. BBC responded to the allegations with more detail behind the methodology of the research and stood its ground as an independent reporting agency. Veterinarian Nick Thompson, President of the Raw Feeding Society shot back claiming bacteria is everywhere, including cooked or processed foods, and these are simply unfounded, unscientific scare tactics that can be resolved with good hygiene practices. What's your take?

You can now control your underground dog fence with your phone. The first “connected fence” of its kind, the DogWatch SmartFenceTM syncs with a mobile app that provides pet owners with information about their hidden fence system and displays hourly updates of your dog’s activity. Using FM radio-frequency technology, hidden fences transmit a signal from an underground wire to a receiver collar worn by the dog, allowing your dog to recognize the signal and stay within the fence’s boundaries. Technology these days...

Just 4 more days to get this box! This month’s Real Pet Food box has turkey gizzard, lamb lung, whole smelt, beef aorta, duck wings and pig ears. Does your pup have an allergy? Let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate 🙂

Your dog may actually “feel” what you’re feeling. A recent study investigating emotional contagion, a basic component of empathy defined as emotional state-matching between individuals and dogs, found that dogs react completely differently to neutral sounds, and demonstrate more negative reactions like whining and yawning when reacting to emotional sounds. Dogs also showed many more negative behaviors when hearing negative emotional sounds from both humans and dogs than they did positive sounds. This suggests that they can tell the difference between and relate to your happy and sad sounds.

Did you know… dogs have just a tenth of the concentration of color-capturing cones in the back of their eyes that humans have? Dogs, like most mammals, are dichromats -- which means they have two types of cones in their retina for color perception and we, humans, are trichromatic, having three cones. So our pups can only see two colors: blue-violet and yellow, and blends of these colors. Although the rest of their world seems a bit gray, they are more sensitive to motion and able to see better than us in low lighting.

Work work work. Dogs live to please us, and some are bred to love work. Give them a job helping people, and the rewards go both ways. Here are nine dogs who do amazing work every day.

Dog owners could face new penalties in Washington state if they tie up or “tether” their dogs. Gov. Jay Inslee has signed legislation that would penalize dog owners for leaving their dogs tied up for a reckless period of time without access to food, water, and shelter. Seems like common sense to us, but only about 20 other states have similar laws in place. Consider talking to your local congressperson if you don’t see your state listed.

Largest family dog tree shows how canines evolved into more than 150 modern breeds. In a study at the National Institutes of Health, researchers analyzed the genetics of 161 modern dog breeds, and their wild relatives, the wolf and the golden jackal, identifying 23 clusters (clades) of dog breeds that are all similar to each other. You can now tell where different dog breeds came from - and the diseases they are prone to.

What dogs actually mean when they look guilty. According to a new write-up in Psychology Today, dogs offer an "apology bow" when they look guilty, stemming from pack rules and behavior of their wolf ancestors. “As social animals, they crave harmonious integration in the group and neglect or isolation is painful for them,” so bowing down is basically asking to be back on your good side.

PetSmart announces the acquisition of for $3.35 billion. The largest e-commerce acquisition to date (bigger than Walmart’s deal for, it’s a smart move by PetSmart to offset its dwindling in-store sales by extending its reach to online consumers, but many of Chewy’s loyal customers see it as selling-out to the big corp and that it’s only a matter of time before their service changes and it loses it’s “wow” factor. Other business partners, including Tuffy’s Pet Foods, maker of NutriSource, Pure Vita and Natural Planet brands, immediately responded to the news by announcing it was parting ways with Chewy. What do you think?

Match dot com for finding your next dog. About 4 million dogs per year are handed over to shelters and rescues because people so often choose dogs that don’t fit their lifestyle. Though several other online services match people with pets, the founders of How I Met My Dog say they take things to a new level with a more detailed, science-based questionnaire that narrows the number of dogs that meet a human adopter’s lifestyle and expectations.

This week we are celebrating of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (which was on April 30th). Each year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes. Consider adopting or fostering a dog in need of a home and little love ♥️ #adoptdontshop

Here’s what’s in this month’s Real Pet Food box: turkey gizzard, lamb lung, whole smelt, beef aorta, duck wings and pig ears.

Does your pup have an allergy? Let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate ?

Puppies. Because it’s National Pet Month. And, because...puppies.

A new study finds that wolves may be ‘redomesticating’ themselves into dogs. The study looks at how changing the diet of predators could affect their size and social behaviors. As wolves have been increasingly dining on livestock and human garbage instead of their wild prey, the study suggests they may be repeating history and perhaps becoming a new breed of dog. But given today’s industrialized societies, bringing wolves closer to humans may actually cause conflict with disastrous consequences for both. Fascinating!

Rat-borne disease killing dogs in New Jersey. Veterinarians in the state say they have seen a rise this year in dogs who have contracted leptospirosis — a bacterial infection that is transmitted through rat urine. At least 3 dogs died and 2 others were sickened by the disease. There is a vaccine and once antibiotic therapy begins, the level of the organism in the urine decreases quite rapidly. Dogs may be exposed to the infection after lapping up puddle water, so take heed during outdoor walks or at dog parks. Symptoms in dogs are marked by fever, loss of appetite and urination problems.

'Extinct' mountain dogs rediscovered in the wild. The New Guinea highland wild dog was thought to have gone extinct, but researchers have finally confirmed the existence of a healthy, viable population in the Papua province of western New Guinea. Thought to be among the rarest species of canine, DNA evidence suggests that the New Guinea highland wild dog is among the most primitive canines alive today and it may be a key ancestor of domesticated dogs.

Researchers are developing sensors to track how guide dogs react to potentially stressful situations. Whether they’re guiding a visually impaired person or working as an assistance dog with someone who has autism, guides are required to operate in tense situations and manage complex scenarios. Using a range of sensors — for detecting parameters such as motion, temperature, respiration, and ECG — will allow for a better understanding of each guide dog’s health and level of stress.

Remember that viral video if a United Airlines' passenger being forcibly removed from the plane last week? More people have been scrutinizing the airline's actions - by sheer number, United has had more "pet incidences", which refers to injuries, deaths, and losses, than any other major airline. There have been 4 injuries and 9 deaths.

The dog sitting and walking monopoly. The Seattle-based pet-sitting and walking site has agreed to acquire DogVacay in an all-stock deal. The move marks an end to competition between the two firms, which together did more than $150 million in bookings last year. Both companies charge a 20% fee to connect pet owners to vetted sitters online, and offer related services like dog walking. Meanwhile, Wag, another competitor on the block quietly raised $19M in series A and B funding.

It’s National Pet Month. Reward your pup with the freshest, most nutritious, delicious treats on the market. Here’s what’s in this month’s Real Pet Food box: chicken hearts, beef liver, mussels, lamb weasand, pig skin, turkey neck. Got a shellfish allergy? Let us know and we’ll be happy to replace them with something else.

Patrick Stewart is in LOVE with his foster pit bull. But you can’t watch their sweetest moments without smiling. #adoptdontshop

America's most popular dogs for 2016 revealed. Take your best guess. Yup, that’s right, the labrador retriever snagged the No. 1 spot for the 26th year in a row! The rottweiler was No. 8, its highest ranking in almost 20 years. The german shepherd and golden retriever scored spots No. 2 & 3.

Dog drones lead the fight against dog poop., a Dutch dog website, and its partner Space53, an international test center for drones, developed two Dogdrones (Watchdog and Patroldog) to find & collect dog poop. Watchdog is an aerial drone that uses thermal imaging to detect dog poop and GPS technology to guide Patroldog on the ground to collect the poo. Pretty cool, huh?

Nip/Tuck for Dogs. From facelifts to testicle implants, pet plastic surgery is transforming our dogs' health. Because of how they were bred, some dogs are prone to health issues, such as Shar-Peis that have droopy eyelids that scratch their cornea or pugs, that commonly suffer from brachycephalic syndrome, which occurs when the roof of the mouth is too long for the length of the animal's muzzle, causing difficulty in breathing. Surgical advances and technology could be key in helping adoption rates.

Doggy Days at Interior. While there’s still no First Dog in the White House, a first for the U.S. in 150 years, Secretary Ryan Zinke of the Dept. of Interior has announced the start of “Doggy Days at Interior,” a new program that will make Interior the first federal agency to go dog-friendly! In case you didn’t know, the Interior Dept. protects America’s natural resources and heritage, honors our cultures and tribal communities, and supplies the energy to power our future.

New Zealand dog diet study a wake-up call for dog nutrition. In only the 2nd study of its kind in the world, an independent analysis found that high meat is easier for dogs to digest. Some other highlights of the study found that dogs on a high meat diet had: smaller poops and better fecal health, higher levels of the bacteria associated with protein and fat digestion, demonstrating that a dog’s gut is biologically designed to digest high meat diets and that more nutrients from a high meat diet can be absorbed.

They’re here! Our brand new New Zealand green-lipped mussels are the star of this month’s Real Pet Food box: chicken hearts, beef liver, mussels, lamb weasand, pig skin, turkey neck. Got a shellfish allergy? Let us know and we’ll be happy to replace them with something else.

[Pro-tip] You may have a natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifier sitting in your pantry. Turmeric. Yes, seriously. When our pup is suffering from itchy skin, we make homemade Golden Paste help decrease inflammation and reset his gut. My father is Indian, so I’ve been eating turmeric-based curry my entire life, but only recently found out about the amazing benefits. Here’s an easy recipe.

Blue Cross Tap Dogs raising funds. The Blue Cross, a rehoming organization in the UK, has equipped its Tap Dogs with Paypal’s contactless card reader (in their vests or coats) to accept donations by card or smart device phone or watch. Tap Dogs are behaviour assessed Blue Cross event dogs that regularly visit events to raise awareness of many different aspects of pet welfare.

Modern Medicine Behind Rise in Pet Health Care Costs. While opportunities for high-tech treatments give pets the chance to live longer and healthier lives, there are corresponding costs associated with the latest and the greatest in veterinary care. Last year, the most expensive claim was for a 3 y.o. female French Bulldog diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease—which can cause pain, nerve damage, and even paralysis—as well as pneumonia. This sweet girl ended up needing a CT scan, MRI, and spinal surgery amounting to a $44,296 bill. Stomach issues and skin conditions are 2 of the top health issues seen in dogs.

A robotic pet sitter could be watching your dog. Pebby has introduced its smart robotic pet sitter system, which allows owners to monitor, interact with and entertain their pets anytime, anywhere in the world. The robot is combination of a smart collar and Wi-Fi controlled “ball” that follows pets around, tracks their activities and sends key insights about their behavior and health to the Pebby companion app. It houses a 720p wide-angle/fisheye video camera, built-in LED lights for "Night Vision" mode, built-in speakers and a laser toy that is safe for humans and pets.

Dogs Use Deception to Get Treats, Study Shows. But are you surprised, really? The study, published in the journal Animal Cognition, was led by Marianne Heberlein of the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Experimental Studies at the University of Zürich. Dogs were observed engaging in deceptive behavior to maximize their chances of getting treats.

Dogs for rent. “Buying” a pup from your local pet shop can actually turn into an insanely expensive lease. Lending companies, such as Wags Lending, are now in the business of providing financing for “high-end” pet purchases. Unlike credit cards and installment loans, which are subject to usury laws in many states, closed-end leases face no caps on how much a financing company can charge. Ouch!

California proposes tax credit to offset vet expenses. Assemblymember Devon Mathis of Visalia, CA, is proposing to create a tax credit amounting to half of what a taxpayer incurs in certain veterinary costs for their dog or cat each year, not exceeding $2,000. Those costs can include, but are not limited to, vaccinations, annual check-ups, surgeries and drug prescriptions. Last year, Americans likely spent nearly $16 billion on vet care alone. Don’t underestimate what your local representatives can do for you!

Another pharmaceutical company joins the pet food industry. Petlife Pharmaceuticals, Inc has announced it will be acquiring Dr. Geoff’s Real Food for Pets, pushing forward the new trend of “nutraceuticals,” which are foods purported to provide extra health benefits. The term is not defined under U.S. law, but is widely used for marketing purposes. This may be a surprise, but this isn’t the first company to cross food and pharma. What do you think about a pharmaceutical company owning your dog food manufacturer?

Financial assistance for pet owners on the rise. Vetary, Inc., the leading online pet care marketplace, and financing solution, announced that it will expand its coverage in partnership with FinWise Bank in Q2’17. Through this partnership, pet owners will be able to apply for timely financial assistance from their mobile devices, and veterinarians will be able to offer financial solutions directly at the point of sale. Vetary also intends to offer tools that will help consumers to research treatment and veterinarian options and provide a straightforward alternative to finance veterinary services.

Did you know… George Washington LOVED dogs and had a knack for naming them? George would ride out with his dogs to hunt foxes sometimes two or three times a week. Sweet Lips, Tipsy, Taster, and Drunkard were the names of just a few of his pups. I reckon he may have been tipsy when he was naming them 🙂