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Episode #57 by Real.Dog/Box

Did you know… the FDA just approved the first genetically engineered fish? Massachusetts-based AquaBounty Technologies has said American supermarkets could begin selling the much-debated fish by the end of next year. The company modifies Atlantic salmon with added genes from other fish to grow about twice as fast as conventional salmon. AquaBounty's salmon is the first genetically modified, or GMO, animal to be approved for human consumption and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has signed off on the fish as safe to eat. The genetically modified salmon is also approved for sale in Canada.

We’re not sure what the means for dog food, but we do know that omega-3s are essential to add into your dog’s diet for healthy skin and coat.

Worry-free dog treats. Available until July 14th, here’s the current lineup: 🐖Pork heart, 🐄 Beef spleen, 💚 Green-lipped mussels, 🐔 Chicken feet, 🦆 Duck neck, 🐄 Beef trachea Super Chew: 🐮 Rolled cow skin

Sneak peek at the next box? We’re thinking it’s time to bring the elk back.

Want to give the gift the best treats ever? Subscribing members can text us anytime to send a whole gift box 858-348-5954. We’ll include a handwritten gift note and ship to any address in the US.

If you’re chronically stressed, your dog could be too. According to a new study of stress hormones in dog owners and their pets, owners that experience long-term stress and anxiety can pass it on to their pups. The study recruited 33 Shetland sheepdogs and 25 border collies, and their owners. To discern stress levels in both species over a period of several months, the team measured concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol in the dogs’ hair and fur. The result was an owner with a high amount of cortisol in their hair also had a dog with a high amount of cortisol.

Dogs saving habitats by finding rare turtles. A retired schoolteacher has trained his hunting dogs to find rare turtles at risk for extinction. Counting the creatures will help conservationists manage the land better. Once the dogs track them down, volunteers scoop the turtles up and check for ID markers, track the turtles and hold on to some for further research. Over three days, the dogs can find a total of 137 turtles. While this may seem like a lot of effort for a relatively minor species, conserving them provides habitat and food for other animals in our ecosystem and slow the spread of pests and diseases.

New app to identify vicious dogs? Sounds legit. Police are using a phone app to verify their suspicions of “banned dog breeds” in Gallatin, Missouri. After receiving a complaint of a neighbor owning “pitbulls” which is banned dog breed in Gallatin (along with Rottweilers), police officers took photos of dogs and ran them through a doggy facial recognition app called “Dog Scanner”- they were identified as pitbulls and taken from their home. Although the town law allows for these restricted dogs breeds to be euthanized, they say they spent months to rehome these pups elsewhere.

A new “bio-scoring” tool gives vets a clearer way to treat dog mammary tumors. "Mammary gland carcinomas are the most common tumors in intact dogs around the world," yet current prognostic tools, which provide information about the tumor stage -- how large or dispersed it is -- and grade -- how likely it is to grow quickly -- don't always give veterinarians or owners clear picture of how a tumor is going to progress, and what treatments might be most appropriate. A new "bio-scoring" system, devised by a team led by Karin Sorenmo, a veterinary oncologist at Penn's School of Veterinary Medicine, equips clinicians with a more reliable prognosticating method.

Climate change could threaten dogs with diseases pushing into new parts of the US. As if this year's storms, floods, and heat waves weren't enough to worry you, some experts fear climate change is expanding the distribution of diseases that can sicken or even kill dogs. Though diseases in dogs are not tracked as intensively as those in humans, veterinary epidemiologists and biologists said Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a bacterial disease that can cause fever, joint pain, and vomiting, is moving into California and Texas. Heartworm disease is spreading beyond its traditional home in the South and Southeast and Lyme disease is affecting dogs as far north as Canada.

‘Puppy dog eyes’ evolved so dogs could communicate with us. When meeting a person’s gaze, dogs often raise their inner eyebrow muscle to make their eyes look larger and more appealing. That’s no accident, a new study says. Centuries of domestication have radically reshaped a dog’s eyebrow anatomy, making their faces—and emotions—easily readable to people. Further study is required to investigate more about our reactions to puppy dog eyes—and why we can’t resist being taken in.

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