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Episode #46 by Real.Dog/Box

Did you know… dog pancreatitis happens the most during the holiday season? Canine pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), a painful, potentially life-threatening condition most commonly caused by overindulgence in fatty foods. If you’re not feeding table scraps regularly, this may pose an issue to your dog’s digestive tract. Pieces of meat whether they are raw or cooked is fine too as long as they are not covered in butter or salt. Read more about what you CAN feed here. Happy Thanksgiving, fam!

No turkey for you! You’re right, we left turkey off our menu this month because we know lots of pups will be holding out for leftovers at home. But don’t worry, we’ve got a surprise in store for you next month! Available until Dec. 2nd, here’s the current lineup and unboxing: 🐄 Beef Green Tripe Chicken 🐑 Lamb Spleen 🐟 Whole Smelt 🦆 Duck Feet 🐖 Pig Skin 🐄 Beef Backstrap 🐶 Super Chew this box: Rolled Cow Skin

Looking for a great gift to give this holiday? Let us do the work for you. We can pack and ship a box of treats for you, and even include a little gift note. Text us to send a gift anytime!

U.S. Homeland Security (DHS) dogs have been infected with a parasite. A new study finds that a surprising number of dogs working for the DHS are infected with the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which causes Chagas disease, an illness that can occur in both humans and dogs. The study analyzed blood samples from 1,660 federal working dogs that aid in tasks including border patrol, search and rescue, and detecting drugs and explosives, and found that about 7% of those tested, had antibodies against T. cruzi, which indicate an ongoing infection.

Fatal dog experiments moving ahead despite criticism from Congress. Veterans Affairs is moving forward with invasive and some ultimately fatal experiments on dogs as part of their medical research program. The VA says the studies could help veterans suffering from spinal cord or breathing problems. The research varies across the country - in Milwaukee, research calls for removing sections of dogs’ brains to test neurons that control breathing; in Cleveland, using electrodes on dogs’ spinal cords; and in Virginia, implanting pacemakers and inducing abnormal heart rhythms. The animals would be subsequently killed by lethal injection.

Petco pledges to throw out artificial ingredients and commits to holistic pet care. Last week, Petco announced it will stop selling pet food and treats containing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. After May 2019 customers will no longer find brands containing such ingredients on their shelves. More than 40 artificial ingredients are on its banned list.

Florida voters approved an amendment to ban greyhound racing. Voters approved Amendment 13 by an overwhelming 69%, which means the state's 11 racetracks will need to close by January 2021. This will displace at least 6,000 dogs and leave thousands of people working at these tracks without jobs.

The dogs of the Dow. The pet industry is booming in the U.S., expanding at twice the rate of GDP since the Great Recession. A new exchange-traded fund, ProShares Pet Care ETF, that invests in pet-related companies -- everything from pet food to veterinary services -- began trading on Tuesday under the ticker symbol PAWZ, aiming to lure investors who want to bet on the growing sector. It's the second such animal-spirited fund offering to launch this year.

Synthetic canine cadavers help vets save real dogs. Veterinary students at Cornell University have been practicing procedures on synthetic canine cadavers made out of tissue composed of water, salt, and fibers that are either plant-based or synthetic, like polyester. Cornell has had three artificial canines for about six months, although only one of them is the full body: the other two only simulate the animal’s abdomen. Before synthetic cadavers, vet schools had to practice on what’s known as a kill procedure, in which a vet student practices more than one procedure on a live, but anesthetized dog, which is later euthanized.

How to make Golden Paste. Yes! That orange looking cube thing you keep seeing in fresh feeder's dog bowls. In our latest episode of Real Crafty, we show you how easy it is to make it.

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