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Did you know… dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses? Compared to only 6 million in our noses? When we inhale, we smell and breathe through the same airways. Dogs have a fold of tissue just inside their nostrils, so when they inhale, they can actually separate smelling and breathing. And when dogs exhale, the spent air exits through the slits in the sides of their noses, allowing dogs to sniff almost continuously. Dogs have been trained to use smell to detect explosives and drugs, and to diagnose some forms of cancer and diabetes, and now… malaria.

Whoever smelt it, dealt it! 🐟 Our October box is coming to a close and we’ve got a new combo coming out on Monday, November 5th. This month, we are bringing a NEW treat to your pup’s menu. We’ll have lamb spleen as our organ of the month. Let us know what you think!

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🐄 Beef Green Tripe Chicken Heart 🐑 Lamb Spleen 🐟 Whole Smelt 🦆 Duck Feet 🐖 Pig Skin 🐄 Beef Backstrap 🐶 Super Chew this box: Rolled Cow Skin

Haven’t signed up for this month’s box yet? Here’s the line up ending on Sunday, November 5th: Chicken Heart, Pork Kidney, Pollock, Beef Aorta, Duck Neck, Pig Ear, Super chew: Lamb Femur. Sign up now!

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Dogs trained to sniff malaria through clothing. We’ve been fighting a global war against malaria and detecting 1 person infected among thousands is no easy feat. Research presented at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene annual meeting found that dogs trained to detect the smell of malaria parasites in children's socks correctly identified infected samples 70% of the time, and in uninfected samples 90% of the time. At the moment, the research is only at the proof-of-concept stage but offers a non-invasive alternative to finger-pricking thousands of uninfected people.

New technology can tell if your dog has a bacterial infection. An associate professor of chemical engineering at Northeastern University has built a test that identifies bacteria in urinary tract infections in cats and dogs. Within minutes, the technology detects “quorum-sensing molecules” that bacteria use to communicate with each other. “It would allow doctors to prescribe the right antibiotics immediately, and potentially help to cut back on the overuse of antibiotics.”

Black and yellow Labradors live longer than chocolate labs. A new study shows that chocolate labs not only have a shorter life expectancy, but that they also have a higher incidence of ear infection and skin disease. To produce a chocolate lab, both parents must have chocolate coloring in their DNA, which means the gene pool breeders pull from is limited. The pigment genes aren’t necessarily linked to shorter lifespan, but breeding for the colo may have inadvertently introduced genetic health consequences.

Dog Mode? Elon Musk hints at a new Tesla feature. Tesla cars may soon release a special “dog mode” feature that keeps your dog cool when left alone in a parked car. A Twitter user suggested that Tesla Model 3's "dog mode" would activate air conditioning, music, and a sign for passersby that says the dog is doing OK. Musk simply replied to the request with a simple "yes,” which perhaps doesn’t guarantee it but suggests it’s on the company’s radar.

Virtual reality brings dog’s anatomy to life for vet students. The VR experience, created by an associate professor at Virginia Tech, shows up close the organs inside the skeletal system of a mid-sized dog. By moving and clicking a button, users can see layers of tissue, zoom in on certain organs, and step into parts of a virtual dog's body. One student put on the VR headset and said: "I literally stood inside the rib cage.”

Antibiotic use can lead to resistance in dogs and humans. Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine recently shared a study concluding that prolonged use of antibiotics -- specifically amoxicillin-clavulanate -- contributes to resistant organisms in dogs and their owners. This means that antibiotic-resistant pathogens can be transmitted from companion animals to owners.

Chinese dog owners are being assigned a social credit score. The eastern Chinese city of Jinan has been enforcing a "Civilized Dog-Raising Credit Score System" to rank responsible dog owners. The system, introduced last year, gives owners a "license" with points that can be deducted if the dog is walked without a leash or causes public disturbances. The system appears to be effective, as more owners have put their dogs on a leash and cleaned up after them.

Witch’s Stew! Earlier this week, we released the latest episode of Real Crafty on IGTV. One of the most frequent questions we get from our members is whether or not we feed veggies and if so, how to feed them! In this week’s Real Crafty, we talk about the benefits of certain vegetables in your dog’s diet and whether they should be fed raw, cooked or pureed. We also include a fun little way to incorporate them into your dog’s diet using bone broth and leftover veggies from your own week’s meals - make your very own Witch’s Stew.

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