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Did you know… there is specific dog bred for hunting fall turkeys? The Appalachian turkey dog is a combination of a setter, pointer, and a Plott Hound. The AKC doesn’t recognize the breed, but they’ve been used for years to hunt fall turkeys.

The future is here. Google is now using facial recognition tech to identify your pets. If you have a bunch of photos of your furry friends, you can now see them all in one place. Google Photos now automatically recognizes pets via their faces — letting you search for your pups by name. The feature works on both cats and dogs ??

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People really do love dogs more than humans. A study published in Society & Animals found that people are more empathetic towards dogs than fellow humans. Shocked?? Me neither... In an experiment, 240 students were presented with fake newspaper clippings of a police report either about an attack on a person, or on a dog. Empathy levels for puppies and infants were on similar levels, while the adult person came last.

Cat vs. Dog. Do you have a cat AND dog in your home? Tune in this Saturday evening at 10pm to catch the premiere of Cat vs. Dog on the Animal Planet - featuring one of our partnered trainers, Zoe Sandor of Zoe’s Dog Training!

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Petcube raises $10M in Series A Funding. A Y-Combinator alum, Petcube creates cube-shaped pet monitors that interact with your pups remotely. They’ve raised a total of $14M to date, and announced that the new funding will be used to expand new product development, marketing, and sales distribution in North America and international markets.

Sony launches its new robot puppy: Aibo. Set to release in January of next year, Aibo can show love and affection, and learn from its environment to adjust its behavior with artificial intelligence. It will cost more than $1700 and also requires a wifi connection to work as it feeds information back to Sony's servers as part of the artificial intelligence technology which controls its behavior. A three-year subscription to this service would bring total costs to roughly $3400 for the first 3 years.

Can I please have a treat, pretty please? A new study shows that dogs change their facial expressions when they know people are looking at them. A psychologist from the University of Portsmouth put together a study to better understand how dogs use their faces - the researchers found the dogs were more facially expressive when the human faced them, especially with “puppy eyes,” showing a clear change in behavior as a result of human attention.

Iditarod names four-time champ Dallas Seavey in dog doping scandal. Remember the doping scandal we mentioned a couple weeks ago? Alaska's Iditarod race committee has identified four-time champion Dallas Seavey as the musher whose 4 dogs tested positive for a banned opioid pain reliever in this year's race. Seavey denies the charge and has withdrawn from the 2018 dog sled race in protest.

Dogs may lower risk of childhood eczema, reduce asthma symptoms. Two new studies have revealed that exposure to dogs during early life may protect against eczema and reduce asthma symptoms in childhood.

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